Bringing Your Shorts to YouTube: Easy Steps for PC Users

YouTube has introduced Shorts. The app is currently available in its fully functional version for users in India. Despite being available on both the Android and iOS platforms, YouTube Shorts’ functionality is restricted because it is still in its beta phase for the rest of the world.

With that said, the steps for uploading a short movie from your PC or smartphone to YouTube Shorts are outlined in the following sections.

How to Upload a Short Video on YouTube from a PC?

Actually, posting brief videos to YouTube via a computer follows the exact same steps as posting other types of regular video content. Your videos must, however, adhere to a few rules in order for the streaming service to recognize them as YouTube Shorts directly. These customs consist of:

The duration of your videos must exceed 60 seconds.

Ideally, the aspect ratio should be 9:16 while shooting them in portrait mode.

You need to include “#Shorts” (without quotation marks) in the title or description.

Step 1: Select a Short Video to Upload

Use your preferred web browser to start YouTube on your PC. Make sure you are logged in. Then, click the Create (Camera) icon in the top-right corner of the website. In the Upload Videos window, select a short video from your PC and upload it to the portal.

Step 2: Mark the Video as Short

how to upload a short on youtube

Steps to follow: On the Details window that pops up, type #Shorts into the Title or Description field; choose your favorite radio button from the Audience section; optionally select a thumbnail from the pre-selected images under the Thumbnail section (or upload a custom picture from your PC); and click NEXT. Click NEXT after selecting your desired elements and choices in the Video Elements window.

Indicate “YouTube Shorts Video” in the title and description.

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Step 3: Publish the Short Video

To adjust the time at which the short film should be broadcast automatically, click Schedule or your favorite radio button under the Save or Publish part of the Visibility box. To post the video clip from your computer to YouTube as a brief video, click SAVE at the end.

In summary, other than the prerequisites mentioned at the outset of this post, posting a YouTube Shorts movie from a desktop computer is identical to uploading a conventional YouTube video. You should definitely try our video editor Filmora, which is the perfect option for YouTubers if you prefer to edit videos for YouTube Shortson on a computer. Click the link below to start the free trial version.

How Can I Upload a Quick Video on the YouTube Mobile App?

Comparing the approach on a PC to the YouTube Shorts upload process from the mobile app, the latter is more involved. While using the app, you may add music and text, record a new video or upload an already-existing one, upload it immediately, and edit it. A detailed explanation of each of these approaches is given below:

Remark: Regardless of the platform or device you use, the rules for making and posting short movies to YouTube are the same.

Method 1: Upload an Existing Short Video

Note: Prior to downloading moving on, confirm that the target video is on your smartphone and that you have downloaded, installed, and registered into the YouTube app.

Select a Video to Upload

how to upload a short on youtube

Using the YouTube app on your Android or iOS smartphone, open it, tap the + (Create) icon at the bottom, select Create a Short from the bottom-up Create box, tap Upload in the lower-right corner of the screen that appears, and choose and upload a 60-second portrait video that you recorded from your device’s storage to the app.

Add Details

Press NEXT on the next screen, then utilize the Text and Music icons in the bottom-left corner to add a caption and background music to the video, respectively. Finally, press NEXT again in the top-right corner from there. Click Select Audience to select your desired audience after giving the video a name and the #Shorts tag in the Title field on the next screen.

Upload the Video

The brief video can now be uploaded to YouTube by selecting UPLOAD in the upper-right corner.

Method 2: Record a Short Video and Upload

I will avoid going into too much detail here because I have already covered how to record and upload YouTube Shorts videos.

Notably, if you are outside of India, you won’t see the Create a Short option.

Record a YouTube Shorts video

Choose Create a Short from the menu when you hit the + (Add) button in the YouTube app. Notably, if you are outside of India, you won’t see the Create a Short option.

The program will then begin recording the video when you touch the Record button. You may adjust the pace of the video and the duration of the countdown meter by using the pace and meter icons, respectively.

Currently, you can record a video by tapping the Record button at the bottom, and you can stop recording by tapping it again. A 9:16 aspect ratio is optimal, but make sure you record the video in portrait mode. To get to the following step, tap NEXT in the lower-right corner.

Add Text and Music to the Short Video

Select NEXT from the top-right corner of the window that appears, then use the Music and Text buttons in the bottom-left corner to add a background song and a caption to the movie.

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Upload and Post the Short Video

To upload a short video to YouTube, just enter its name in the Create a Title section of the Add details window, include the #Shorts tag, pick the target audience by tapping pick, and then press UPLOAD in the upper-right corner.