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Even though I’m a little bit late, I’m just getting into Demon Slayer. The anime, which first aired in 2019, has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially because of the movie Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train, which just recently appeared in the United States after premiering in Japan back in 2020. (It also dethroned the Mortal Kombat reboot, no less, at the box office).

Since I discovered the show so late, I binge-watched the entire first season, and I’ve since determined the top ten episodes of the entire run.

This list may not be to your taste. However, if you’re eager to see the show for yourself, it’s currently available on Netflix along with other anime. In fact, one of my kids’ claims that the program is even BETTER than Attack on Titan was the sole reason I started watching it in the first place.

They are completely different series, after all, so I wouldn’t fully agree with that judgment. However, I will admit that I absolutely liked this outstanding first season and am eagerly anticipating Season 2, which is reportedly coming out THIS YEAR.

Here are my recommendations for the top ten Demon Slayer episodes, though, till then. Minor plot spoilers coming.

10. “Master Of The Mansion”, Episode 22

I’ll only briefly mention a truly amazing Demon Slayer narrative arc that encompasses an entire demon family. Even I was uncertain whether any of the heroes would live through this arc’s challenges to Tanjiro Kamado, and I won’t reveal whether they do or not. merely see the series).

The “Master of the Mansion” episode follows that amazing path. While Tanjiro is still recovering, he has also been acting in a way that is “Against Corps Rules,” which is the episode that came before this one. As a result, he is currently receiving some sort of retribution. This episode is one of the greatest since you can see his responses to the punishment.

In this episode, numerous new demon slayers are also presented to us. You see, in this dimension, the only ones preventing demons from annihilating all of humanity are demon slayers. We’ve only come across a few of the lesser slayers so far.

The top tier of the Demon Slayer Corps. is shown to us in this episode, and they’re all rather bizarre. When we first meet Maui, he’s this incredibly egotistical goofball rather than some menacing demigod, it kind of makes me think of the movie Moana.

Gyoumei Himejima, the slayer who is perpetually crying, is my favorite. He undoubtedly has a fascinating past, but for the time being, he is just the slayer who calls out to me.

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9. “Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri”, Episode 25

Demon Slayer’s first season actually has strange pacing that some viewers might not appreciate, but I thought it was rather good. What I’m trying to say is that the first season’s climax really occurs many episodes before the final episode, which immediately follows Mugen Train.

In this way, the show is similar to Castlevania, which typically reached its peak in the penultimate episode and left the season finale to wrap things off. In contrast, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just packed the last episode, leaving very little possibility for plot development.

We get to watch Tanjiro’s training come to fruition in this fantastic episode. He was seriously hurt, and he’s healing with some unusual activities. We see the outcomes, though, and they’re fantastic even after being put through the wringer. This episode serves as the season’s halfway point, and at this time, we believe Tanjiro is prepared for whatever the movie has in store for him.

8. “Final Selection”, Episode 4

This is similar to an episode of The Hunger Games, but instead of hunting each other, potential demon slayers are left in the woods to battle demons for their lives. It really is as intense as it seems!

Observing all the widely diverse monsters is one of Demon Slayer’s greatest thrills. And in this episode, for the first time, we get to witness one that is truly abhorrent. We also get to witness Tanjiro put the skills he acquired from his teacher, Urokodaki, who has a connection to one of the remaining demons in the forest, to good use. As I have stated, intense!

7. “Muzan Kibutsuji”, Episode 7

Nobody understands how a monster has been stealing young women, but it has been happening. However, Tanjiro’s research reveals that one of the demons might have picked up some tips on how to transform into a liquid from Alex Mack. I adore you if you understood the reference.

This is a really exciting episode because we get to see Tanjiro’s water-breathing techniques put to the test in a way that feels totally original. This is especially true considering that Tanjiro eventually finds himself in water, which might not be the best place to trap a water-breathing demon slayer.

We also get a glimpse of Muzan, the major adversary of the show, who unmistakably resembles Michael Jackson during the “Smooth Criminal” era. Hoo!

6. “You Must Master A Single Thing”, Episode 17

You can’t help but adore to despise characters like the Zenitsu with the blonde hair. He is not a bad guy or anything of the such. Simply put, he is so afraid of everything that you sometimes want to slap him silly. However, after learning about Zenitsu’s past, which involves an elderly guy who would never give up on him, we come to appreciate him in this episode.

One of the episodes that truly cemented my love for the show was this one. It took a character I didn’t like and, in true Breaking Bad fashion, completely transformed how I saw him. But unlike Walter White, who I initially liked before coming to hate, Zenitsu made me want to give him a bear embrace. Because Demon Slayer has that kind of strength.

5. “Something More Important Than Life”, Episode 13

In this episode of Zenitsu, too, he defends something (or someone) very important to Tanjiro. The problem is that Inosuke, a new character wearing a boar’s mask, is the one who Zenitsu is defending from. Yosuke is whooping Zenitsu’s blond-haired ass, which is particularly odd considering that demon slayers aren’t meant to harm other demon slayers.

Because there are so many various character dynamics present, this is a fantastic episode. How Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tanjiro react to each other’s extremely disparate personalities reveals a lot about them, which makes each character seem more genuine and fascinating. I adore this program!

4. “The Boar Bares Its Fangs, Zenitsu Sleeps”, Episode 12

This episode, which comes before “Something More Important Than Life,” is entirely action-packed. In a constantly moving mansion, Tanjiro and Zenitsu have torn apart as a demonic figure lurks nearby, flipping the building by pounding a drum on his chest.

But the reason I adore this episode is that Zenitsu does something so awesome that, when I saw it, I almost fell off the stair machine at the gym. Even for an anime as unusual as Demon Slayer, there is a hint in the episode’s title that you don’t really grasp until he actually pulls it off. Nevertheless, it is incredibly original.

3. “Hinokami”, Episode 19

This episode is a part of the fantastic family storyline I previously highlighted. Tanjiro finds himself in a spider-infested wilderness where demon slayers are behaving strangely, fighting one another and resembling zombies.

We quickly discover the source of everything wrong in an unassuming character who believes that using violence to get what you want is the best way to achieve love. Of course, Tanjiro disagrees, as is clear.

This episode totally amazes me. Tanjiro has really dug deep to get through this one because he is on the verge of death. The most explosive, bombastic scene in the entire first season is when Tanjiro puts everything he has to achieve his victory after an awesome flashback of his father dancing in the snow with fire. It’s fantastic.

2. “Sabito and Makomo”, Episode 3

Tanjiro encounters two strange young guys wearing masks while practicing to split a boulder in half, which is his final test before being chosen. But do they really exist as they seem to? No, is the response. They are not, though. But just what they are is what places this episode so highly on this list.

With the first two episodes of Demon Slayer, I was a little unsure, but this was the one that really captured my interest. It resembles Harry Potter somewhat. I despised the first movie, and I didn’t even bother with the second one.

However, I ended up watching the third film and became utterly enamored with the series. This episode’s plot is nearly poetic, it’s extremely sad, but it also gives Tanjiro strength. It’s the series’ best episode, in my opinion, although the best episode of the first season is another one.

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1. “Against Corp Rules”, Episode 21

My heart is so broken. In this episode, we learn the demon’s history and the motivations behind all the actions he took during this terrifying arc in the spider forest. However, I don’t want to reveal any more because doing so would ruin the surprise.

Okay, let me elaborate a little. Because of what he has in the box on his back, Tanjiro differs from other demon slayers in that he empathizes with them.

In past episodes, we would catch glimmers of the demons’ lives before they turned into demons, but this one really goes inside the mind and heart of one of the demons, and it just really gets me, especially in that final shot of him before he disintegrates into so much ash. Even though Demon Slayer is simply a cartoon, this episode actually brought tears to my eyes. So excellent.

What do you think? Those are the top ten episodes of Demon Slayer from the first season. Participate in the poll below. And be sure to look at our 2021 Summer TV calendar for even more fantastic shows to binge on. because it’s hot outside and occasionally really cool to watch TV indoors in the air conditioning.

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