Hum to Search Google: How To Use Google to Hum for Song Searches

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Have you ever had a song with words you don’t know stuck in your head? Not familiar enough with a song’s lyrics to easily search for it online using the words alone? You can find a solution on Google. By humming or even whistling, the Google Search app can recognize a song, making it simpler to find new music. You may do this immediately on your iPhone or iPad.

The finest music detection software available might be Shazam, however not everyone is actively listening to a song they like, so the iPhone or iPad hack to utilize Siri to find out what music is playing won’t work in that case.

Many people, even those who are not familiar with the words, hear a song in passing and end up with it stuck in their heads. Given how frequently this happens, Google’s Hum to Search feature unquestionably wins. We’ve never seen anything like it before.

Let’s explore this useful function and discover how to hum to find songs on your iPhone and iPad using the Google app.

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How to Hum to Search Songs with Google

There are two items you’ll need before you begin. Since we’ll be utilizing the Google app, you obviously need to have it set up on your device, but you also need to download the Google Assistant app. Once finished, simply carry out the subsequent actions:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Search app, and then tap the microphone icon to the right of the search field.

hum to search google

2. Now, as shown in the screenshot below, you can discover the “Search a song” option beneath the dots. To continue, tap on it.

hum to search google

3. This will direct you to the app’s specific song search page. You only need to hum a phrase or a verse from the song you’re looking for right now.

hum to search google

4. The three closest matches are displayed as shown below once the app has successfully identified the song. The first result is typically the most accurate.

hum to search google

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You Can See that Google Has Made It Really Simple to Search for Songs Simply by Humming. when Did That Happen?

Simply tapping the music will launch a Google search for it, which can reveal all of the song’s lyrics. In order to verify that this is what you were actually listening to, you can compare.

It’s vital to keep in mind that if Google has problems distinguishing your humming, it might not provide any results. Three of the approximately ten tracks we tested the app on were not recognized. As long as the song is well-liked, you should often get the outcome.

Are you unable to locate the Google app’s “Search a Song” option? The absence of the Google Assistant app on your iPhone or iPad is indicated by this. Since you don’t even need to open the app on your device, we’re not sure why you need Google Assistant. But you may also try stating “What’s the name of this song” after tapping the microphone button to start the search.

Perhaps in the future, Siri will get this feature as well, although right now Siri can detect music playing if you hear one you like.

By using the Google Search app, maybe you were able to find new music without even knowing the correct lyrics. Do you believe this feature should be included in Shazam and Siri as well? Please feel free to share your individual viewpoints and offer insightful criticism in the space below.

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