Hypervolt Go: Does It Possess the Capabilities to Go the Distance?

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Recently, Hyperice unveiled the Hypervolt GO, which formally launched the tiny is the “new black” massage gun trend.

The Hypervolt GO defies the maxim that bigger is better by doing the exact opposite, unlike the Hypervolt and the more potent Hypervolt Plus. The Road is designed to meet a need for portability and convenience for people on the go with a 30% smaller footprint and half the weight.

It’s difficult to comprehend the necessity for a tiny massage gun like the Hyperice Hypervolt GO when the all-powerful Theragun Pro is the gold standard recovery tool for serious athletes.

Does the Hypervolt Go’s Diminutive Stature Stand up To the Hype?

The Hypervolt GO has been put through its paces over the past week. Even though we enjoyed some of its brand-new features, the GO, unfortunately, had enough flaws to be put on our list of “not recommended” products.

hypervolt go



  • Compact size
  • excellent construction
  • features five massage heads and a carrying case.
  • superior battery life
  • 365-day warranty


  • lower than average global amplitude (8mm)
  • Massager Hypervolt GO
  • Alte of Our Hypervolt GO #1

In brief, we don’t suggest the Hypervolt GO. Instead, take a look at the Ekrin BANTAM. It fulfills every expectation for the Hypervolt GO. Use the discount code “MASSAGEGUNFIGHT20” at check out to receive 20% off.

Introducing the Hypervolt GO

After months of rumors, Hyperice has finally launched the Hypervolt GO, its first miniature massager. The news has not particularly surprised us. We predicted that Hyperice would eventually enter the ranks given the current trend of massage guns getting smaller. It’s not unreasonable to suppose that Hyperice’s response to their direct rival Theragun Mini is the Hypervolt GO.

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What Is It?

The Hypervolt GO uses the whole DNA of the original Hypervolt and reduces it by 30% while making very minor design changes. The physical size decrease also results in a price reduction. The cost of entry into the Hypervolt ecosystem is now $199, making it more “affordable” than ever.

Even with the slight design modifications, the GO is still very much a Hypervolt. On the hand, the GO has a high premium feel, similar to its competitors. The distinguishing silicon-clad handle, the distinctive soft-touch exterior finish in black, and the green battery ring light have all been ceremoniously handed down.

The Person Holding Hypervolt Go

The smaller size does come with some sacrifices, just like other micro massage guns we’ve lately examined. You will be let down if you anticipate receiving the same quality percussive massage as its older brethren.

So, while it’s not a full-sized Hypervolt, the GO may still be able to satisfy your demands if used appropriately.

Hypervolt Go Pros/Cons

hypervolt go

The Hypervolt GO has a lot going for it, but there are also a few obvious exclusions you need to be aware of. Before making a purchase, consider the following:

Let’s Begin with The Advantages

Clearly, its main selling point is portability. Given that it’s roughly 1/3 the size of other massage guns and weighs just 1.5lbs, you will undoubtedly be more likely to tote the GO around over a full-size one.

Buying the GO makes sense whether you want a massager for those long days working from home or someday to take on trips. The Hypervolt GO is the ideal take-anywhere item for the knots and muscular kinks brought on by daily life.

The Hypervolt GO is equally as pleasant to hold thanks to the Ekrin B37’s ergonomic handle’s 15-degree slant. Even while it may not seem like much, the handle’s small tilt encourages a wrist position that is more organic and natural when using the tool. In the end, reduced arm and wrist fatigue from prolonged use will result from this.

The power/speed button’s placement on the handle, continuing with the design, is great. Because it’s so practical, we hope more manufacturers will do the same. Instead of being on the back of the device like the previous Hypervolt versions, this button is placed right at your fingers.

Let’s talk about power lastly. Is the GO’s motor strong enough to meet your massage needs despite its small size? Certainly, perhaps.

There is little doubt that the GO has a slight advantage over other mini massage guns, such as the Addsfit Mini, LifePro DynaMini, or the Ekrin BANTAM. Right away, it is noticeable that the percussion is a little stronger. But that doesn’t mean the other, more affordable options aren’t potent enough.

The massage guns Reno, Hypervolt GO, Ekrin, Addsfit, Lifeprodyna, and Given all the drawbacks of purchasing the GO, which we’ll cover next, if we had to choose, the BANTAM would be our top choice.

Now onto The Negatives

We really wanted to love the Hypervolt GO, but we were unable to do so in the end. It’s the strongest tiny massage gun we’ve tested so far, as we just indicated. Why then not suggest it? To begin with, it is annoyingly loud.

What we discovered is that, when first powered on, the GO mainly complies with Hyperice’s claim that it operates quietly. However, the massage head becomes a rattling mess as soon as you begin pressing down on it. Although we can’t say for sure if our test unit was flawed, it appears that more pressure makes the internal rotating shaft knock against the plastic body. It’s unsettling and makes you fear that it might break.

hypervolt go

Physically, there isn’t much about the GO that we dislike besides the noise. It looks fantastic. Great feeling. Overall, our group gives it a thumbs up. Unfortunately, there are still a few minor issues that are important to note.

We’ve complained a lot about this in the past, but we detest the Hypervolt GO’s absence of a carrying case. Hyperice never includes a case with its massagers, in contrast to every other brand on the earth, including Theragun. Instead, a premium $49 upcharge will get you that tiny accessory. That is simply ridiculous.

Paying extra for something that ought to be included merely feels wrong, similar to how the airline industry levies luggage fees.

The Hypervolt GO only comes with two massage head attachments, which is the other complaint. Perhaps this is due to cost considerations. A flat head and a bullet head are included in the box. I’m done now. For us, a ball head—possibly the most comfortable massage head—would have been a welcome addition.

The cost is the last drawback, completing the list. We are unable to support that at the price of $199. In this situation, it’s simply too pricey compared to what you either receive or don’t get. We could think of several options at that price point that offer more value for your money. you ask, do you like it? The Ekrin B37, the DynaSphere, the above M3 Pro, the adds fit MAX, and the TaoTronics all provide greater value despite not being “small.”

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Do You Want to Buy It?

Mini massage guns are not intended to replace full-sized massagers on an equal basis. Of course, their size is a limitation, but it’s also a major selling factor.

This portability void is intended to be filled by the Hypervolt Go. The GO is available to fit that area if you want something that you can travel with and that can fit in a tiny bag. Although it has sufficient percussive power, it cannot replace the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus.

In the end, we believe Hyperice made a few too many concessions to the GO. They would have a true competitor if they reduced the price by $50 to $75 and addressed the noise concerns. However, we believe that you would be better off exploring elsewhere as is.

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