If I Block Someone Can I Still Text Them on Iphone or Android?

Unsolicited marketing calls have been coming in a lot lately, so I’ve been attempting to block any number that seems like it might be a marketing team trying to sell me something. I intended to stop all communication with them, including text messages, but I wasn’t sure if disconnecting their number would stop them from contacting me as well.

So I decided to check online to see if blocking these numbers also prevented me from receiving any messages from them. I learned more about how blocking a number truly works and how successful it is by reading through a number of user forums and program promos related to blocking.

At the conclusion of this post, which I wrote with the aid of my extensive study on blocking contacts, you will be able to determine whether or not blocking a number on your phone also prevented texts from that number. I am grateful for the many hours I spent researching blocking contacts.

Generally speaking, you won’t be able to receive texts from numbers you block on your phone. If you haven’t blocked them previously, they must send messages to you using a third-party messaging provider. Read on to learn how to block someone entirely on any mobile device and how blocking functions.

Does Blocking A Number Block Texts?

Depending on the model of your phone, messages may also be blocked by the blocks you make by choosing the person from your list of contacts.

Blocking a number on an iPhone through the Contacts app will prevent the device from communicating via any of its built-in features, such as FaceTime, iMessage, SMS messaging, and calls. On Android smartphones, blocking a number only prevents incoming calls and SMSs; all other channels remain unobstructed.

One by one, you will have to individually ban them from each social media platform you use if you want to fully ban them. This implies that you will have to block the person on all four of your accounts—Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram—in order to prevent them from contacting you on any of these networks.

Therefore, you will need to ban the individual from all of your social media accounts, not just the ones in your contacts list, as your phone is unable to manage the people you ban from other social media platforms.

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How Does Blocking Affect Things?

When you block someone on your phone, your phone is the one doing the blocking because calls and texts from the blocked number still reach your phone. Therefore, your phone will prevent any calls, messages, or texts that you receive on the built-in SMS, calls, and video calling apps.

Although they can still contact and message you when the number is blocked, neither the call nor the message will reach you. If they leave a voicemail, you will not be informed, but you may still view and remove them if needed.

Almost all third-party messaging apps operate in the same way, notifying you—the recipient—of any messages or calls. In order to enable people to use blocking more efficiently, it should be understood that blocking functions are essentially the same everywhere.

How to Block Text on iOS

It may be necessary for you to manually block the number from the Messages app if you’re still receiving texts on iOS from the blocked number.

if i block someone can i still text them

In order to execute this:

Open Messages.

To block a contact, tap the dialogue that is currently taking place.

Press the info button after tapping the contact at the top.

Select “Block this Caller” after swiping down.

In order to prevent them from contacting you through any other social media platform, you can also block them there.

How To Block Texts On Android

if i block someone can i still text them

The procedures listed below can be used to block messages on an Android device:

View Messages.

In order to block a contact, tap and hold the conversation.

Confirm the prompt by tapping Block.

Later on, you can unblock them by locating the Spam & banned areas in the app’s settings.

When you block someone, do they know it?

Regardless of the platform, the best thing about blocking a number is that the recipient won’t ever be aware of it unless they know how to look for it.

If you are questioned later, you can blame network problems or software defects for any communications that were not sent to you. Conversely, calls will ring at first, but midway through they will sound a line busy tone.

Similar circumstances apply to video calls, which will not connect at all if the recipient blocks your number. Once you do, these services will block the person in question without informing them. They’ll have to send you a message to find out whether you unblock them as well. They won’t be informed either way.

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If the individual you blocked manages to get through to you, you can also use third-party blocking applications. Since Truecaller and Hiya have huge community-contributed phone number databases, I would choose them for this.

They’re completely free to use and can prevent missed calls or texts on your phone. For some services, there’s an extra premium subscription that just enhances the already-available basic functionality.