iHeartRadio: Everything You Need To Know About iHeartRadio! [Complete Information]

The streaming music industry is highly competitive, with numerous services fighting for your attention by providing superior sound quality, extensive song libraries, and user-friendly interfaces. iHeartRadio, a freemium service that has been around since 2008, offers a wide variety of music to its users by combining live radio, curated artist channels, and podcasts. Despite not having several features that rival services do, such as Hi-Res Audio or the ability to rewind live radio, iHeartRadio is a reliable choice for music streaming.

Exactly What Is iHeartRadio?

iHeartMedia, Inc. operates the free iHeartRadio streaming radio, podcast, and broadcasting platform. Initially launching in April 2008, it has been around ever since. For iHeartMedia’s radio network in the United States in 2019, iHeartRadio is the overarching brand, collecting not only the roughly 850 iHeartMedia stations locally spread around the country but also the hundreds of stations from other media firms (with companies such as Cumulus Media, Cox Radio and Beasley Broadcast Group also using this service).

The service features more than 250,000 podcasts, a Music recommender system, on-demand access, and the ability to create digital playlists with music heard during live broadcasts. There is a monthly cost to access the on-demand options. Smart speakers, digital automobile dashboards, tablets, wearables, smartphones, virtual assistants, TVs, game consoles, and more than 2,000 more devices are just some of the places you can listen to iHeartRadio.

Beginning with the 2011 iHeartRadio Music Festival, iHeartRadio has produced nationally recognized signature events. In addition to the iHeartRadio Music Awards, the company also hosts the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina, iHeartCountry Festival, iHeartRadio ALTer Ego, the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour around the country, the iHeartRadio Wango Tango, and the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball. Regularly scheduled intimate concerts are held at the iHeartRadio Theaters in both Los Angeles and New York.

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Radio Platform


Provides users with the ability to search for an artist and then create a playlist or “user-generated” radio station, in addition to providing access to over 750+ live streams of radio stations across the U.S. Only the second option is relevant to a TuneCore musician, and even then only if they are connected to at least 30 other musicians at the moment.

This correlation was found by analyzing user activity on music recommendation websites including Rovi, All Music, Echonest, and Gracenote, as well as the artist’s own popularity and fan base. (TuneCore distributes to Gracenote but is not affiliated with the other two sites; nonetheless, you may submit an artist profile to either of them if you so choose).

WARNING: iHeartRadio’s current distribution model does not ensure that your music will be searchable or that you will be able to establish a personalized station on their service. With iHeartRadio, your song could be included on a station that someone else has made. This wouldn’t prevent them from performing at venues with specialized sound systems.

Go Live Time


iHeartRadio content publication time is 3-7 business days.

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iHeartRadio Regions

At the moment, iHeartRadio is only accessible within the United States.

Making Money With iHeartRadio

Does iHeartRadio make money off of your songs?

Pay Rate (How Much iHeartRadio Pays You):

A subscription to iHeartRadio Plus or iHeartRadio All Access powered by Napster costs money.

Based on the conditions of TuneCore’s master agreement with iHeartRadio, you will receive a monthly payment for each paying subscriber who listens to your music (this often does not include streaming during a free trial period). Your monthly compensation will vary based on the number of paid subscriptions you have and how often your song was streamed.

Plays for Money

The Radio service’s earnings will be reported to Sound Exchange. As a result, if you want to collect royalties from iHeartRadio’s Radio service, you won’t find them in your TuneCore account; instead, you’ll find them at Sound Exchange, where you’ll need to register an account. Sound Exchange is offering free registration to everyone interested.

The Bottom Line

Although it lacks Hi-Res Audio and other capabilities that its competitors have, iHeartRadio’s combination of live radio, personalized stations, and podcasts makes for a great listening experience.