Instagram Comments Are Not Appearing for Some Users Because It Is “gone” in 2022

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Instagram Comments Are Not Appearing

After Instagram’s 2022 update, which included a few new features, users have complained that the comments are “gone,” since the app no longer displays them beneath the photos.

With the recently released Notes, which enables you to connect with your close pals using text and characters only, the photo-sharing site has given its users a nostalgic vibe.

Additionally, Instagram is experimenting with more features, making its service more exclusive to its users by allowing them to select a select group of people to view their activity.

But the app’s original feature, the comments, which have always been present on Instagram, seems to have vanished overnight. What users have to say is as follows

Instagram Comments Not Showing in 2022

Many Instagram users have reported problems with comments on their photos not appearing as of Wednesday, December 14.

It appears to be a bug rather than a deliberate attempt to prevent users from reading the comments. The comments area has occasionally experienced similar problems in the past.

Instagram hasn’t yet resolved the issue with the comments as of this writing.

Follow Instagram Communications on Twitter for any updates on the problem. The platform keeps its users informed about its features and any problems that can affect them.

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Users Say the Feature Is Suddenly ‘Gone’

Users can only view Instagram posts; they cannot read the comments left on them. Instagram photographs serve a function, but comments are just as crucial to keeping us interested and preventing the platform from becoming monotonous.

What the hell happened to my @instagram, I tweeted? There are no longer any of my pals, only superstars, and advertisements. to the a, and then, a lop a and

Instagram Comments Are Not Appearing

Another joked, “I just use Instagram since I can’t see my comments there.

I’m not seeing any comments under posts in my @instagram feed, complained the third user.

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How to Get the New Update

If you haven’t downloaded the most recent update, your app might malfunction.

The Android and iOS app stores both offer the most recent version of Instagram.

For some users, the features might be implemented a bit later. So, monitor it over the course of the following few days.

Instagram Comments Are Not Appearing

If the updates are completely unavailable, you might reside in an area where they haven’t yet been made available.

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