Instagram’s Rumored “Profile Song” Feature Has Led to Funny My Space Memes.

Instagram's Rumored "Profile Song" Feature Has Led to Funny My Space Memes.

Users can’t help but notice how similar it is to MySpace’s “profile song” function, which Instagram is rumored to be working on. People’s reactions in the form of related memes did not take long.

Social networking apps are continuously developing new features and updates to keep consumers interested in the service.

Therefore, the fact that there is a buzz about a new feature being added to Instagram is not surprising.

Instagram Reportedly Adding Profile Song Feature

There have been reports that Instagram will roll out a feature where your profile song will play every time someone visits your profile.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a Twitter user, was the one who first broke the news about this. With the description “#Instagram is working on the ability to add a song to your profile,” he posted a screenshot to his page.

Instagram's Rumored "Profile Song" Feature Has Led to Funny My Space Memes.

When he attempted to alter his profile, the choice was presented to him. The screenshot demonstrates that you can choose to add a caption to the song you’ve chosen.

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My Space Memes Take Over the Internet

If you’ve ever used MySpace, the concept of a profile song won’t likely surprise you because the platform has offered this function since its beginnings.

In fact, since the speculations that Instagram might incorporate the same started to circulate, people have been sharing jokes about MySpace. Below are some examples of these:

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What Happened to My Space?

MySpace was established in 2003 and gained popularity among users as soon as people started making their own accounts and using the platform to express themselves.

However, the introduction of Facebook dealt it serious damage. People quickly flocked to Facebook because it was the newest social media platform at the time and had more features.

In the end, Twitter and other platforms emerged, and MySpace lost its once-large user base. Nevertheless, the website does still exist, even though it is no longer a social media platform. They concentrate on writing the most recent articles regarding the music business instead.

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