How Can You Install Git on A Windows System?

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As centralized systems like Subversion and CVS are gradually being replaced by distributed version control systems, more and more developers are switching to SaaS-based version control platforms like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

Naturally, since each of these systems is based on Git, in order for developers to work with them, they must first locally install Git on Windows or Linux machines.

This Git tutorial will show you how to set up Git on Windows. The DVCS tool will then be successfully installed, and we’ll check it using the five fundamental Git commands that every developer should know.

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How to Install Git on Your Windows Machine?

You must first download and install GIT before using it on a Windows PC. The most recent GIT version is available for download from this page. Run the installation that you downloaded. You can learn more about the software’s license in the new window that will be opened as a result of this. To continue, click Next.

You should select a location to install the software in the following stage. “C: Program FilesGit” is the default location. Click Browse and provide an alternative folder name if you want the software to be installed in a different location. When ready to continue, click Next.

How can you install GIT on a Windows system?

The name of the Start Menu folder where the shortcuts for the application will be stored is requested from you in this phase. This is typically left at the default setting, but you can modify it if you’d like. When you are prepared to move forward, click Next.

Using Git from Git Bash alone is the suggested selection on the following page. To avoid issues with any other services on your computer, choose a different option only if you are confident in what you are doing. Select the Use the OpenSSL Binary option and then click Next on the following screen.

It is advised to select the Checkout Windows-style, Commit Unix-style line endings option during the subsequent installation step. In the following step, select the Utilize MinTTY option to use GIT with the integrated MinTTY terminal. The Windows command prompt tool is not advised because it was not created to be used with GIT; nevertheless, selecting the other option will enable you to use Git commands with it.

In the final step, keep the default settings selected and click Install to begin the software installation. The progress bar that appears will show you where it is in the process as it begins. A confirmation message will appear once the installation is finished.

All done! You may now manage your projects on your Windows computer using GIT.

Steps to Install Git on Windows

To install Git on Windows, follow these steps:

1. Go to and download the executable Git file.

2. Run the installation file with Administrator rights

3. Pick a proper installation place, such as C: toolsgit.

4. Install the standard parts, such as Git GUI Here and Git Bash Here.

5. Select the default Git editor of your choice. Notepad++ is suggested.

6. Permit Windows PATH entry for Git

7. Accept the standard line ending conversion for compatibility with Unix and Windows.

8. Make the additional selection to allow system caching.

9. Press Finish to finish the installation.

10. Make the decision to launch a Git Bash shell and begin using Git!

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Try out The Windows Git Installation:

The five fundamental Git commands that every developer should know can be used to verify the validity of your Windows Git installation. These fundamental Git commands are:

  • init
  • add
  • config
  • status
  • commit


In order to manage source code and communicate with SaaS-based solutions like GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket, the DVCS tool must be correctly configured and installed on Windows.

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