How to Watch Every Jesse Stone Film in Chronological Order?

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Do you enjoy watching detective and mystery films? The Jesse Stone series is definitely worthwhile to watch if you are.

However, if you’re unsure of where to begin or like to watch them sequentially, I’ve got you covered. For a detailed explanation of how to view the Jesse Stone movies chronologically, continue reading.

Robert B. Parker is the author of the mystery book series Jesse Stone. These films, which star Tom Selleck in the title role, are a must-see for anyone who likes criminal dramas. But it can be difficult to decide where to start with nine films in the series.

Be at ease; I’m here to assist. I’ll now demonstrate how to watch each Jesse Stone film consecutively so you may see them all without missing a beat. Read on!

Why Watch the Jesse Stone Movies in Order?

The Jesse Stone series is a need if you enjoy detective fiction. The TV show and movies are based on Robert B. Parker’s books, and they follow the career of a former police officer turned private investigator Jesse Stone. The fact that this series is different from other crime dramas is fantastic. The plots are captivating, and the characters are well-developed.

However, the fact that you can watch them chronologically is even better. Why? because each film builds upon the one before it. You will lose out on important story developments and character development if you watch them out of order. Therefore, gather some popcorn and get ready to see all the Jesse Stone movies at once!

The Jesse Stone Movies in Order of Release Date

It’s difficult to know where to begin with the Jesse Stone mystery film series adaptations because there are so many of them. Let’s take a closer look at each section’s release dates and how you can see them in chronological order.

  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage (January 15, 2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Stone cold (February 20, 2005)
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (April 30, 2006)
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change (May 22, 2007)
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (March 1, 2009)
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse (May 9, 2010)
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (May 22, 2011)
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit Of The Doubt (May 20, 2012)
  • Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise (October 18, 2015)

Movies Starring Jesse Stone in Chronological Order

This list provides a detailed analysis of each movie that star Tom Selleck has appeared in. You can watch the movies in the order they were released because of how it is set up.

1. Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Rating on IMDb: 7.2/10

The cast includes Britt Robertson, Viola Davis, Stephen Baldwin, Saul Rubinek, and Tom Selleck.

The second movie in the Jesse Stone series, based on Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone books, is titled Jesse Stone: Night Passage. Steven J. Brandman served as both the producer and the director of this movie, Robert Harmon.

The 2006 film tells the tale of a Boston police investigator who is posted to a small Californian community. The majority of the film is set at night, therefore the title. Both viewers and critics liked Night Passage, which got two Emmy Award nominations.

Despite not technically being Jesse Stone’s debut film

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2. Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Rating on IMDb: 7.1/10

Cast: Jane Adams, Tom Selleck, Reg Rogers, Vito Rezza, and Alexis Dziena

The first film in the Jesse Stone series is titled Stone Cold. Rene Ohashi shot the movie, which was directed by Robert Harmon.

In this film, the police chief of a tiny Massachusetts town is a former police officer named Jesse. He quits his job and starts working as a private investigator. As Jesse looks into a string of deaths in the area, the movie follows him.

3. Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

Rating on IMDb: 7.1/10

Cast: Orla Brady, Kerri Smith, Kohl Sudduth, William Devane, Tom Selleck, Viola Davis

The third film in the Jesse Stone series, Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise, is helmed by Robert Harmon. Jesse looks into a string of killings in the Caribbean in this film. He began an inquiry after discovering a body on the bank of a lake, and the results may surprise you.

His research led him to suspect that a nearby drug cartel is responsible for the killings. Jesse battles with his personal life while on vacation in the Caribbean because he is still recovering from his divorce.

4. Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Rating on IMDb: 7.1/10

Cast: Tom Selleck, Rebecca Pidgeon, Kathy Baker, Kohl Sudduth, Viola Davis, and William Sadler

The fourth movie in the Jesse Stone series is Jesse Stone: Sea Change. In this film, Jesse has relocated to Los Angeles from his previous position as a police officer in Boston to pursue a career as a private investigator. His connection with his ex-wife is deteriorating in this drama, thus he is terrified to develop a drinking habit.

So he began investigating the unsolved death of a bank teller who had been shot during a heist.

He quickly determines, though, that he’s not cut out for life in Los Angeles, and he returns to Paradise, Massachusetts, where he was raised. This movie was released in 2007 and was directed by Robert Harmon.

5. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Rating on IMDb: 7.1/10

Cast: Leslie Hope, Stephen McHattie, William Devane, Kohl Sudduth, Tom Selleck

The fifth installment of the made-for-TV film series starring Jesse Stone is titled Thin Ice. Tom Selleck plays Jesse Stone, the former police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, again in this film.

When the town’s new mayor asks Jesse to look into a renowned businessman’s apparent suicide, he quickly finds that nothing is as it seems. Jesse embarks on the hunt for the murderer with the assistance of his old friend and former drunken detective Healy (Stephen McHattie). If you enjoy the Jesse Stone series, you must see this film.

6. Jesse Stone: No Remorse

Rating on IMDb: 7.2/10

Tom Selleck, Mae Whitman, Kohl Sudduth, Kathy Baker, Stephen McHattie,

The sixth film in the Jesse Stone series is Jesse Stone: No Remorse. Tom Selleck returns to the role of Jesse Stone, a former Boston police officer who was expelled from the department for driving while intoxicated, in this installment.

Jesse relocates to Los Angeles to start over after spending time in treatment, but he quickly learns that life on the West Coast is not for him.

After leaving the little village of Paradise, he goes back to Boston and accepts a position as police chief. Jesse’s personal life is a disaster as usual, and he frequently spars with the town’s dishonest mayor. In the meantime, a serial killer is at large in Paradise, and Jesse is pressed for time to apprehend him.

7. Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost

IMDb Score: 7/10

Cast: Kathy Baker, Kohl Sudduth, Kerri Smith, and Gloria Reuben

Jesse Stone is attempting to reconcile his life as a husband and parent with his job as a police officer in the seventh book of the Jesse Stone series. When Jesse’s fellow policemen are slain while on duty and he is left to pick up the pieces, things start to go south.

The acting by Tom Selleck in this dark, emotional film is outstanding. Don’t miss this one if you’re a series fan.

8. Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

IMDb Score: 7/10

Cast: Gloria Reuben, William Sadler, Kathy Baker, Tom Selleck, Jeff Geddis, and Stephen McHattie

In Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt, Jesse, a former Los Angeles police officer, accepts a position as police chief in the Massachusetts town of Paradise. But Jesse’s situation in paradise is not good.

His marriage is in trouble, his drinking has gotten worse, and his department is in disarray. The mayor asks the private eye, Doug Riggs, for assistance after suspending Jesse for acting inappropriately. Doug is delighted to accept the case, but he is unprepared for what he discovers.

Robert Harmon served as the director of this 2012 film.

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9. Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

Rating on IMDb: 7.2/10

Cast: Kohl Sudduth, William Devane, Mackenzie Foy, Luke Perry, Gloria Reuben, and Tom Selleck

The ninth entry in the Jesse Stone film series is Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise. Robert Harmon served as the film’s director, and it came out in 2015.

In the film, Tom Selleck’s character Jesse Stone takes a leave of absence from his position as Boston’s police chief to work as a private investigator in Los Angeles. He receives a call from the district attorney shortly after, asking for assistance with a case, which prompts him to return to his hometown.


For those who enjoy mysteries and detective-type movies, the Jesse Stone series is the greatest. One of the strongest series setups of the nine television movies based on the characters of Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone novels is Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone.

We are aware that watching the Jesse Stone movie in the correct order can be a difficult undertaking. I’ve made a list so you can view them more easily because of that!

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