Kapwing Video Converter: Step-By-Step Instructions for Converting Videos with Kapwing Video Converter

kapwing video converter

An online video editor including recording, editing, caption generation, and trimming features is called Kapwing. The Kapwing video converter is one of those essential choices.

The converter supports a large number of video formats, and that’s even before registering or paying for the premium plan. We will learn how to convert videos in Kapwing in this tutorial.

The video you need to convert videos in Kapwing is available here. An MKV file is changed over to MP4 in the tutorial. If you don’t want to watch the video, just follow along.

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Tutorial for Kapwing Video Converter

To convert videos in Kapwing, follow these instructions:

  • To launch the video editor, click Get Started on the home screen.
  • Make sure the media section is chosen in the navigation on the left. The Add Media button is on the left.
  • To link your Google account, click the upload button or select Google Drive or Google Photos.
  • To convert a video, choose it.
  • Hold off till the video is posted (optional).
  • In the top right corner, select the Export Project button.
  • Choose MP4 from the formats menu, and then select HD (1280 x 720) from the resolution menu.
  • On the top right, select the Export as MP4 button.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.
  • The video can be downloaded by clicking the Download Video button.

The video quality can also be changed using a separate slider. Move the slider to the left to get smaller file size for the web. If the quality is not a concern, raise the slider value to download the video in the best possible quality.

Since the Kapwing movies are accessible to everyone, anyone can see them by using the link you provide. The premium subscription must be purchased if you want to make videos private. The video can also be embedded on your website.

If you sign up for a free Kapwing account, Kapwing can save your projects and data. To log in, you can use your email, Google, or Facebook account.

The following list of video extensions is supported by Kapwing:

  • MP4
  • MKV
  • M4V
  • MOV
  • QT (QuickTime)
  • WebM
  • GIF
  • AVI
  • FLV
  • WMV
  • OGG
  • MPEG

With Kapwing’s support for MP3 exports, it is possible to convert a video to audio. Follow the instructions in the section above, but instead of selecting MP4, select MP3 and wait for the download button.

Additional Kapwing Characteristics

An Online Video Editor with Various Features Is Called Kapwing. There Are Numerous Options Available, Such As:

  • Track-By-Track Timeline
  • Managing Layers
  • Text Features
  • Untold Numbers of Free Stock Videos
  • Thousands of Cost-Free Stock Photos from Unsplash
  • Various Forms
  • Emojis \s Backgrounds
  • Several Music Files
  • The Choice to Voice Record
  • A Number of Transitional Impacts
  • Recording Options for The Webcam and The Screen

Numerous Video Editing Tasks Can Be Completed with Those Features, Including:

  • Videos Are Cut
  • Video Fusion
  • Automated Creation of Subtitles
  • Set the Video’s Brightness, Opacity, Blur, and Other Parameters.
  • Put Filters on A Clip.
  • Reverse Video Cropping
  • Zoom in On Videos
  • The Corner Radius of The Video
  • Diverse Videos

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Online Video Conversion Tool Kapwing Is Simple to Use. It Is Rapid and Has No Impact on The Speed of Your Computer when Compared to Offline Converters. However, There Are a Few Drawbacks to Web-Based Solutions, Such as Poor Resolution and Internet Connectivity.

Anyway, I’m hoping that My Guide on Using Kapwing’s Video Converter Enabled You to Convert the Movie to Mp4. if You Have Any Inquiries, Do Get in Contact with Me. You Can Also Sign up For the Newsletter To remain in touch.

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