KingoRoot: How To Root Your Android With Kingo Root? [Complete Guide]


With Kingo Root, you can easily root your Android device on Windows with just a single click. There is a large range of compatible devices with which Kingo Root can root. So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to use Kingo Root to get root access on your Android device.

You can root your Android with just one click with KingoRoot since it is “the easiest and fastest one click apk.” A rooted device can be achieved in a matter of minutes with just a few easy steps. When it comes to file types, KingoRoot is an APK. This system & hardware app is available for no-cost download and installation on your Android device; simply click to root, and you’re done.

How To Root Your Android With Kingo Root


  1. Get Kingo Root, and set it up right now!
  2. The device must have USB debugging enabled.
  3. Select “USB Debugging” from the “Developers” menu in your device’s settings (if you don’t see “Developers” in your menu, tap “About” and then “Build Number” several times to get the “Build Number” option). There will be a popup that confirms your new status as a developer.
  4. Release Kingo Root.
  5. Use the USB cord to link your Android handset to the PC.
  6. Kingo Root can automatically identify your device and begin installing necessary drivers.
  7. Select Root from the menu.
  8. Please be patient while the rooting process is carried out.
  9. Select the Close button. A phone restart could happen.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of The KingoRoot App?


Although KingoRoot’s benefits are undeniable, you should be aware of its drawbacks as well.

  • Pros

  1. There’s a rooting button you can click and everything will take care of itself.
  2. Offer a choice between two Android and PC-compatible options.
  3. Your Android device is all you need to get started.
  4. Pressing the “REMOVE ROOT” button makes unrooting simple.
  • Cons

  1. You can still find it on your smartphone after you’ve rooted it.
  2. Many annoying and unneeded programs are automatically installed.

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Are There Any Alternatives For Kingo Root??

1. Magisk

By installing Magisk, you can avoid detection by security apps like SafetyNet and gain access to root privileges and other benefits.

.2. unrEVOked

unrEVOked is a program that allows you to easily root HTC devices running Android with a single click.

3. KingRoot

If you want root access on your Android device but don’t feel like flashing a custom Recovery, then KingRoot is the root tool for you. Everything from Android 2. x to Android 5.0 should be supported.

4. Superuser – ChainsDD

An Android app called “Superuser” is used to request and manage the “Superuser” (su) permission. Applications that are allowed us can make changes to nearly every aspect of the operating system.

5. Root Genius

Easily root your Android device with a single tap. A rapid root tool, Root Genius currently works with over ten thousand different Android device types.

6. One Click Root

When you root your device, you can use all of its potential features. It’s easy to disable ads, wipe out unnecessary software, gain access to previously locked features, and update to the latest version of Android. This is Android’s intended mode of operation.

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