How to Add Linktree Login in Your Instagram Account

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Have you ever read a post on Instagram with the caption “See link in bio” and clicked the link because you were interested only to find that it led to a completely different website?

Frustrating! Today, I’m going to walk you through the process of adding a Link Tree to your Instagram account so you can stop that from happening to your Instagram page. It’s quite easy!

If you use Instagram, you are well aware that your post descriptions cannot contain direct links. The phrase “see link in bio” will frequently appear in the post description. It’s possible that you have already visited an Instagram profile that uses a service like Link Tree to display a number of links in their bio.

Today I’m going to walk you through adding Link Tree to Instagram. Setting it up costs nothing and takes ten minutes.

1. Open a Linktree Account

linktree login

Start by going to To get started, you should make an account. You can start adding links once Linktree has confirmed your email address.

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You will choose a username first; we were fortunate to secure the one henryclarke. You should upload a logo to your profile after choosing a username. The icon from our brand, which is a 1,000 by 1,000-pixel square, was utilized because square images function best. You are now prepared to add some links after adding a username and a logo.

linktree login

We will include a link to the article you are currently reading as well as a link to our home page. Visit the Links link on the LinkTree to accomplish this. Click the Add New Link option, give your link a name, and then paste the URL link here. The link buttons can be moved around whatever you like by dragging.

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3. Add Linktree to Your Instagram Account

It’s time to add the Link Tree to your Instagram account profile if you are happy with the work you’ve done. Copy the link that is shown in the top right corner of the Link Tree screen.

Once there, use the new link to update your account’s profile settings on Instagram. You’ve now produced a link tree that genuinely gives the impression that you are knowledgeable about what you are doing.


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