Lost Your Fire TV Remote? What to Do Next

Occasionally, you want to watch TV but you can’t seem to locate the remote. This is especially true with the Fire TV remote, which is small and quickly disappears from view. Don’t worry if you’re searching for a temporary solution to operate your TV since you misplaced your Fire TV Stick control. There are several ways to operate the Fire TV Stick without a remote control here. Taking that into consideration, let’s examine every possibility for controlling the Fire TV in 2023 without the need for a remote or WiFi.

What To Do When You Lose FireStick Remote?

1. Amazon Fire TV App

The Amazon Fire TV app is the first item you can attempt to download on your smartphone. You may use your smartphone as your Fire TV’s remote control thanks to the app. It is free to download and compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. To use the Amazon Fire TV App, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for the app.

Step 2: Install the app on your gadget.

Step 3: Log in using your Amazon credentials.

Step 4: Your phone will identify the television. The 4-digit code that is displayed on the TV screen must be entered into your smartphone.

Both your Fire TV and smartphone need to be on the same network in order to use the app. Because the app’s UI is comparable to the Fire TV remote, you will be able to control everything by doing this.

2. Amazon Fire TV App without Wi-Fi

lost fire tv remote

There may be situations where you wish to use the app but are away from home. Creating a WiFi hotspot makes the process simple. However, using two smartphones is part of this strategy. You will use one smartphone to set up WiFi and the other to use the app. For the required settings, you can follow these instructions.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your smartphone to create a WiFi hotspot.

Step 2: Select WiFi and then Network.

Step 3: Press the “Hotspot and Tethering” button.

Step 4: Choose “Wifi Hotspot”

Step 5: Change the hotspot’s name to reflect the WiFi network that was previously associated with your Fire TV. It is also necessary for you to update the password to the one that was used on the old network.

Step 6: Turn on your TV and activate the WiFi hotspot. With the new hotspot, your TV will instantly connect.

Step 7: Install the Amazon Fire TV app on the alternate phone using the same WiFi hotspot.

Step 8: Input your Amazon credentials to gain access.

Step 9: It will connect to your TV and perform a scan. The code that is displayed on the TV must be entered.

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3. Alexa For Remotely Operate Fire TV

You can even operate your Fire TV with an Alexa-enabled speaker. Saying “Alexa, play A on my Fire TV” is all that is required. Alexa will carry out all of your directions and commands. Just make sure the Fire TV and Alexa speaker are connected to the same WiFi network.

4. Use the TV remote

It might amuse you to learn that you can operate the Fire TV Stick with the remote control on your television. Nevertheless, this capability is limited to TVs that support HDMI-CEC. This capability facilitates the connection of several HDMI devices, hence facilitating seamless communication.

Your TV passes the instructions by using the HDMI-CEC protocol, which you press with your remote. Once more, you can only use the basic functionalities of your regular TV remote control; it will not support all the functionality.

5. Use Keyboard & Mouse

lost fire tv remote

A TV remote, an extra smartphone, and WiFi access are needed for all of the techniques. Use your computer’s keyboard and mouse if none of these are available to you. Fortunately, the Fire TV allows you to utilize a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse. To utilize your keyboard and mouse as your Fire TV remote, you will need to purchase a micro USB splitter as Fire TV sticks only have one micro USB connector.

6. Buy a New Remote

Obtaining a functional Fire TV remote control is your only option if you wish to avoid using extra devices. You can use it with Fire TV devices if you have a first-generation Alexa voice remote. The remote control has excellent compatibility and is reasonably priced. There are more affordable solutions available.

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To access the Fire TV, use the remote on your Fire TV Stick. You may still use any of the aforementioned tricks to manage your Fire TV even if you do end up losing one. You may use the app exactly as the official remote. You are able to do it even while you are not at home. Using the TV remote or your computer’s keyboard and mouse are your other options. Last but not least, you might choose to replace the remote with a new one.