MemeGenerator: Everything You Need To Know About MemeGenerator.Net! [Complete Info.]

By definition, a meme is “…a cultural symbol or social notion that spreads from person to person through various means of mass communication” (source). Meme Generator is an online application that facilitates the generation of visual image memes. Specifically, a meme is a piece of media that features a viral image and two paragraphs of text, one at the top and one at the bottom. Multiple meanings and purposes can be communicated using memes (i.e. humor, politics, education).

MemeGenerator: Overview, the original online meme generator, was launched in 2009 and continues to this day to allow users to make memes without spending any money or enduring the time-consuming process of manually importing images into a computer and adding text sections. As a whole, Meme Generator is a fantastic resource for spicing up student reports, speeches, and other presentations. Its often-humorous tone can aid enhance retention of the content, and it can be utilized to highlight a crucial point by making it stand out from the rest of the material (source). Using current jargon and cultural allusions is another easy yet efficient way to make the material more accessible to the pupils.

Meme Generator Overview Video

It takes very little effort to create a meme with Meme Generator. The site’s design is simple and easy to navigate. Because the user can simply alter the image and the text while making a meme, you won’t have to stress over the aesthetics of the final product. The site’s excellent privacy features include the ability to do all actions without creating a profile, thereby protecting users’ confidentiality.

Memes can be made and posted publicly by users without profiles, and users can comment on and “like” existing memes without revealing their identities. It has the same difficulty getting started that plagues many other online resources. Meme Generator is not user-friendly for students with visual impairments since it lacks accessibility features such as the ability to add alternative text to memes.

But be sure that any external photos you utilize in your meme are in fact within your legal rights to use. Select “Search tools,” then “Usage rights,” and finally the applicable copyright description when using Google Photos, for instance, to search images (although each choice will usually yield the same results).

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SAMR Model And The Meme Generator

See how Meme Generator could work within the SAMR Model in this example:

Substitution: As an alternative to making a list of bullet points, have your students make memes to remember the essential topics from the lesson or subject.

Augmentation: Students can “like” each other’s memes and provide constructive feedback on their posts without revealing their identities by creating free accounts.

Modification: Pupils upload their memes to Meme Generator and use the comments section to get constructive criticism.

Redefinition: Teacher-created memes of the most essential topics within the study guide are used in an exam or review to draw attention to certain concepts and help students remember them more easily.

Exercises in Learning


  • Show how a significant character evolves throughout the book by juxtaposing an opening quotation with a closing one (displayed at the bottom).



  • Show us a significant theorem.


  • Give a quote that summarises the central philosophy of a historical group.
  • Share a profound saying or expression from a historical figure.
  • Making light of a historical figure’s flaws.


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  • Explain what makes a certain species tick by describing its habits, diet, environment, and so on.

Politics and Government

  • Write a short summary of the position of a political party on a certain issue.
  • Assist in getting the word out about pressing contemporary concerns.