Need a Mirror App? These Are the Best Mirror Apps for the iPhone

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If you’ve ever found yourself checking your teeth or applying lipstick in the reflection of your iPhone screen or if you’ve ever pondered downloading an iPhone mirror app, this advice is for you.

Although the iPhone lacks a built-in mirror app, using the front-facing Camera app will work just well.

How to use your iPhone as a mirror will be covered. I also have two excellent free mirror applications for you in case you insist on downloading one for your iPhone.

How to Use Your iPhone as A Mirror

mirror app

I know this advice is really clear and basic, but I’m still posting it because I don’t like having pointless or overly-required apps on my phone.

Additionally, a mirror app is totally superfluous! Using the iPhone’s Camera app as my mirror app is more than adequate for my purposes. Here’s how to utilize the iPhone’s Camera app as a mirror:

  • Unlock your camera (the fastest way is through the control center).
  • To switch to the front camera, tap the camera symbol in the bottom right corner.
  • Observe, it’s you!

The lack of magnification is the sole drawback of using the iPhone camera as your mirror app. In order to get a close-up for applying lipstick or examining your teeth, you can move your face closer to the iPhone. I’ll include the top free iPhone mirror applications below if you require a mirror that can zoom in.

Best iPhone Mirror Apps

mirror app

There are a few options if you need to get a genuine mirror app for the iPhone. My favorite mirroring apps are those I’m showcasing for free.

It’s easy to use and does exactly what it needs to do: it uses the iPhone’s front-facing camera as a mirror and lets you quickly zoom in for a closer look. The top two free iPhone mirror apps are:

Both of these mirror programs will serve your purposes well despite their slight variances.

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