Mobdro: Everything You Need To Know About Mobdro And Its Alternatives!

With Mobdro, you can stream television shows directly to your mobile device. Using a mobile device connected to a data plan or WiFi network, we can watch TV shows and other videos on the go. No, we’re not talking about a service like Netflix or HBO, where viewers can pick and choose whatever shows to watch whenever they want. Here, the customer will have access to a roster of channels that are now airing, leaving little room for discretion. This app is an attempt to bring traditional television into the 21st century. That is to say, it provides a list of channels we can tune into to watch shows that are currently airing.

The latter can be accessed via the app’s home screen’s categorization options or the manual search bar, where we can enter terms relevant to our inquiries.

These twelve categories of channels, which include topics as diverse as sports, film, television, science, video games, and animals, are culled from various sources on the World Wide Web. Please note that we cannot ensure that the signal has not been pirated, even though they are freely available to the public.

Mobdro Categories

  1. Channels: The whole lineup of available TV programming within the app.
  2. News: The latest news and updates from across the world can be found here.
  3. Series: Web-based television stations that exclusively show episodes of popular shows.
  4. Movies: Several full-length films are shown on a loop.
  5. Sports: any and all broadcasts involving professional or collegiate sports, from baseball to hockey to soccer to tennis to golf.
  6. Music: Many different kinds of music videos can be found on various channels, from dedicated music video networks to general music networks like MTV and VH1.
  7. Gaming: Entertainment centered around video games.
  8. Pets: Animals, including live zoo and aquarium cameras, as well as movies of cats and dogs
  9. Tech: a wide variety of shows and documentaries centered on electronic media.
  10. Podcasts: Using podcasts, we can listen to a wide variety of international radio broadcasts.
  11. Spiritual: Having to do with religion.
  12. Others: Unclassifiable channels can be found in the “Others” category.

You can use Mobdro in two distinct ways: the free, ad-supported “Freemium” mode, or with a subscription to the “Premium” mode, which removes the ads. By paying a monthly fee, we have access to premium features not accessible in the free edition, such as the ability to record and save video for later viewing or Chromecast compatibility for streaming content on a large-screen television.

Streaming channels are hand-picked by the app’s editors based on a variety of factors, and the app’s user interface makes it easy to browse among them using the aforementioned categories or a built-in search function. Like conventional television, its foundation is on a concept in which the viewer is forced to watch programs at specific times.

Why Doesn’t Mobdro Work?


There is a problem with the app as a whole, so users may (kind of) relax knowing that they are unable to use it at the moment. Even the official website has been out for the previous two days, redirecting users to a 404 page.

Thus far, Mobdro has said nothing about the mistake. We have asked for more details and will add them here as they are received.

Unverified IPTV services, such as Mobdro, are rife with bugs like this. An unverified app is one that cannot be found in a standard app store and must be obtained via a third-party source.

While Mobdro is still down and unusable, all users can do is wait. Alternately, you could switch to a different IPTV service.

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Find An IPTV Substitute While The Original One Is Down

While Mobdro is unavailable, there are several popular substitutes to consider.

  • Live Net TV


There are a lot of people on Twitter who are advocating for this alternative. It’s quite similar to Mobdro in that you can look through many genres of content, such as sports, movies, music, and more. It’s available for download on their website.

  • Pluto TV


If you’re looking for a free streaming app, you should check out Pluto TV. There is a website where you may watch live US TV and On Demand programming.

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  • Peacock TV


In the year 2020, we saw the debut of Peacock TV, which is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Because NBC owns it, you can find it in app stores and online.

  • Kodi


Kodi, As an alternative to Mobdro, which doesn’t have as many shows or channels, there’s the cross-platform home theatre software Kodi, which can be downloaded via app stores.