NBA App: The Best NBA Apps For Android! [Must Check]

Interacting with basketball can be done in a wide variety of ways. The vast majority of us just tune in on TV or tune in on the radio. Scores and rumours of potential trades may be viewed at the click of a mouse thanks to the prevalence of social media and the internet. Communicating with other followers is simpler than ever (or trash talk them, as the case may be). You can find a bewildering variety of basketball applications on the market today. We’re positive that we can be of assistance. Find the top Android applications for the NBA and basketball right here.

SeatGeek is also a logical option here (Google Play). Even though the corporation didn’t fund the compilation of this list, they’re still a good option for purchasing sports tickets.

These are the top Android applications for NBA fans and basketball fans alike.

1. ESPN and ESPN+


Freemium model with monthly fees of $4.99

Among basketball applications, ESPN is among the best-known names due to its popularity and prominence in the sports world. The latest news, scores, statistics, and updates are the primary draws. They are widely available for collegiate leagues, the NBA, the Olympics, and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), among others. In addition, ESPN features one of the most robust fantasy basketball services available. WatchESPN allows cable subscribers to stream live sports to their game consoles, tablets, and mobile devices by logging in with their provider credentials. Finally, there is ESPN+, an independent streaming service that features a wide range of sports, including some basketball. It would be remiss of me not to include ESPN, what with their news coverage, integration with your cable package, and their own streaming app.

2. Reddit


Pricing: Free, $3.99/month, or $24.99/year

If you’re a basketball enthusiast, Reddit is a must-have app. Numerous basketball-related communities may be found on the site, such as r/NBA, r/Basketball, r/CollegeBasketball, and r/TeamSubreddits. Fans are a great resource for information, as you can talk to them and find out the latest news and gossip. In most cases, content from several news outlets is also available. During our tests, we encountered a wide range of inputs. It’s largely based on word of mouth, but it’s a great location to meet other sports lovers. You can get the app for nothing if you don’t mind seeing some adverts. Ads can be removed and additional features unlocked with a paid monthly or annual membership.

3. The Athletic


Pricing options include free, $9.99/month, or $60/year

The Athletic is a contemporary take on a time-honoured concept. Basketball at both the NBA and college levels is among the many sports covered. There are no interruptions from commercials or other sources. Paywalls are used by The Athletic (with a free trial). As a result, it’s similar to renewing your subscription to a classic newspaper. For a set fee (either per month or per year), you have unrestricted access to a pool of authors who aren’t constrained by the needs of marketers. It’s an original thought and a refreshing change of pace. However, the firm is still in its infancy, so coverage may not be as extensive as desired. Even now, it ranks high among NBA applications.

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4. NBA Official App


Get it for nothing, price starts from $29.99 to $129.99

There’s a lot to like about the official NBA app. The standard NBA app has features such as game results, team standings, schedules, rumours, trades, and playoff brackets. Since the staff writes for the league itself, they regularly break stories before anybody else. You can set your favourite teams to receive more specialised news about the things that interest you, and the interface is generally easy to use. The official NBA streaming service can be accessed using this app as well. It’s pricey, but you get access to tonnes of features, like games from prior seasons. You can choose to watch just one team, the entire league, or a version without commercials. If you only want to listen, there is a radio version available for $9.99 per month.

5. theScore


No charge, of course.

As a sports app, theScore is top-notch for NBA followers. It includes the standard fare such as results, updates, standings, statistics, and news. In addition, you can tailor your feed to include only the sports and teams that are of interest to you. The user interface is solid for a sports news app, and the ability to personalise settings is a nice touch. The advertisements are the only serious complaint. Sometimes they can be quite annoying. It’s hard to grumble too much about a free service when there are alternatives that are considerably worse. No service is perfect, and some customers will always have complaints. For those who haven’t used a sports website as large and complex as ESPN or Yahoo Sports, this is a solid option.

6. Twitter


No charge, of course.

The majority of the time, Twitter is an absolutely horrible place to be. But that’s where all the NBA and college basketball bloggers and players congregate (well, Twitter and Instagram). The NBA, its teams, the blogs and news sites we’ve just covered, and a plethora of additional personalities are all available for your following pleasure. Similar to Twitter, Instagram is best for keeping tabs on a single player rather than an entire team or a particular personality.

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7. SofaScore


Starts at $0, and goes up to $2.99

Sports aficionados will love the SofaScore app. You can check the standings of your favourite leagues at any time. Hundreds of leagues from all around the world are covered, and its user interface is straightforward. The software provides a score graph for basketball fans to quickly and easily check by how much each side is ahead at any given time during a game. Further, a heat map indicating where players attempted shots is included. In addition to being highly efficient, the app is also quite reasonably priced.

8. Team Apps


No charge, of course.

There is an official app for each NBA team that allows fans to keep tabs on their favourite squad in a more tailored manner. The applications feature the team’s whole season’s worth of games, along with box scores, standings, play-by-play monitoring, live stats, and more. These applications make it simple to only follow people affiliated with your home team, which might be useful. Those who want to buy tickets through SeatGeek can do so, and there is also a merchandise store. It would be absurd to download an app for every team you follow, but if you only care about one, this is a great option.

9. Yahoo Sports


Prices range from $0 per month to $99.99 per year.

One of the most popular NBA and basketball applications is Yahoo Sports. It also competes with ESPN. College basketball, the NBA, the WNBA, and women’s college basketball are just a few of the sports it covers. That’s pretty much all the basketball most readers would be interested in hearing about. Schedules, scores, highlights, news, trades, and more may all be found on the site, in addition to some personalization options and notification alerts. Yahoo’s fantasy sports platform is one of the most advanced available, and it even has its own mobile app. Both are without cost but supported by advertisements.

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10. Live TV apps


Cost: Free / Undetermined

Having a cable TV subscription is now obsolete. Half a dozen live TV apps are available for subscription, usually at far lower prices. All of them should have your local channels, so you can watch your favourite sports teams. Most also include ESPN and other sports bundles so that viewers can watch more basketball games and programming. Since they all do the job adequately and personal preference comes into play after that, we can’t suggest one over another. You can find our picks for the best live TV apps by clicking the icon above, and a comprehensive comparison of the top five rivals can be found in the widget down below.