Old Cartoon Network Shows: Here’s the Best Classics of Kids’ Television from Cartoon Network

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old cartoon network shows

Let’s face it: Adult Swim is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Cartoon Network right now. Even though Adult Swim is fantastic and has its own share of classics (hello, Aqua Teen Hunger Force! ), some of the best Cartoon Network shows are really those intended for younger audiences.

We’ve picked together the top classic Cartoon Network cartoons that you’ll love just as much as your kids, including everything from crazy kids’ energy to life lessons, LGBTQIA+ visibility, horror, humor, and superheroes.

Best Cartoon Network Shows Ever

Steven Universe isn’t simply entertaining to watch for youngsters who enjoy silly, space-themed, and superpower-themed cartoons. Additionally, it features a staggering amount of LGBTQ+ representation, making it the first animated series to ever take home the 2019 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Kids & Family Program. In 2019, Steven Universe won a Peabody Award and received five Emmy Award nominations.

The majority of the other characters in Steven’s Universe—particularly the mystical Crystal Gems—are feminine, queer, or androgynous, and Steven’s mother is in a lesbian relationship, despite the fact that the lead character is a guy. All of this was planned, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar told Entertainment Weekly: The aim of the program, according to the creators, was to “really tear down and play with the semiotics of gender in children’s cartoons because I believe that’s a pretty silly idea that there would be something fundamentally different about a show for little girls versus a show for little males.”

“Since everyone is familiar with it but it doesn’t make much sense, I find it intriguing to experiment with a lot of that language. Why not have something that everyone can watch? I used to really enjoy shows that were overtly aimed toward guys when I was a young girl, and I know that the same can be true the other way around. Have something to say about how ludicrous that is as well while doing so.”

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Cow and Chicken

old cartoon network shows

Cow and Chicken Are a Surrealist and Hilarious Cartoon Network Classic from Hanna-Barbera, the Same Studio that Created Enduring Icons Like the Jetsons, Yogi Bear, and The Flinstones.

David Feiss, the Show’s Creator, Made Cow and Chicken for His Daughter. Charlie Adler Provided the Voices for All of The Show’s Major Characters (cow, Chicken, and Red Guy, the Villain Who Tries to Trick Them Into Shady Business). However, the Guest Cast Was Frequently Comprised of A-List Celebrities. During the course of The Show’s Three Seasons, Voices from Will Ferrell, Mark Hamill, and Pamela Adlon May Be Heard.

The Powerpuff Girls

old cartoon network shows

Girl Power, for Sure! the Heroic Powerpuff Girls Were Made up Of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (the Latter Voiced by E.G. Daily, Who Also Portrays Tommy Pickles in Rugrats). the Powerpuff Girls Not only Made Fun of People and Called Them Names, but They Also Paid Homage to Margaret Keane, a Famous Visual Artist Whose “big Eyes” Portrait Style Influenced Their Wide-Eyed Appearance and After Whom the Character Ms. Keane in The Show Was Named. Despite Having Abilities that Made Them Nearly Invulnerably, the Powerpuff Girls Showed that They Were Still Somewhat Susceptible to The Typical Teenage Girl Dramas.

The Feisty Female Fighting Trio Was Previously Referred to As “the Whoopass Girls” by The Show’s Writer, Craig Mc Cracken, and Professor Utonium’s “secret Ingredient” Was Originally Termed “whoop-Ass.” to Make It More Kid-Friendly, the Substance Was Changed to “chemical X,” and The Group’s Name Was Altered to “the Powerpuff Girls.”

The Powerpuff Girls Received Six Emmy Nominations Throughout the Course of Its Career, and In 1998, It Had the Highest-Rated Launch of Any Cartoon Network Show in History. a Feature Film, Live-Action Revival, and Soaring Product Sales Followed the Show’s Emergence as A Pop Culture Sensation. Even Mc Cracken Was Surprised by The Powerpuff Girls’ Success, Who Said, “i Imagined that It Would Air on Cartoon Network, that College Students Would Watch It, and That a Few Stray T-Shirts Would Be Available in Record Stores or The Rave Scene. but I Had No Clue It Would Get Such Traction.”

Adventure Time

old cartoon network shows

Although Adventure Time Was Intended for Children, Adults Enjoyed It Just as Much as Or Perhaps More than Kids Did. Adventure Time Is Set in The Enchanted Land of Ooo and Is Set in A Post-Apocalyptic Future that Clearly Has Mad Max Elements. the Bubblegum Queen, Who Is Literally a Sentient Piece of Gum and Rules the Candy Kingdom, Marceline the Vampire Queen, the Lumpy Space Princess, the Ice King, the Flame Princess, and A Robot Named Bmo Are All Encountered by Finn the Human and His Magically Shape-Shifting Best Friend, Jake the Dog, in The Course of The Animated Series.

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Are Romantically Involved, and Bmo Is Gender-Fluid. This Relationship Is only Fully Developed in The Series Finale. the Show’s Writers First Encountered Considerable Resistance While Trying to Improve the Depiction of Lgbtqia+ People, According to Writer Rebecca Sugar. She said, “We Were Told Something Along the Lines of “don’t You Understand You Work for A Company?” I Then Started to Discern the Locations of The Walls and Ceilings.

The Usage of Music and Original Songs in Adventure Time Is Another One of Its Distinctive Features. in Response to Fan Demand, Soundtracks Have Even Been Released. the Office and Star Trek: The Next Generation Casts Were Mined for Voice Actors for The Programme, Including Rainn Wilson, Creed Bratton, Le Var Burton, and Jonathan Frakes.

Throughout Its Run, Adventure Time Garnered Eight Emmy Awards and A Peabody Award. HBO Max Offers Specials from The Adventure Time Series Titled Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

Dexter’s Laboratory

old cartoon network shows

Kids and Adults Alike Appreciate the Adored Dexter’s Laboratory. Dexter and Dee Dee’s Relationship as Siblings Is Nice and Makes Their Arguments Relatable. You Can Also Pass Hours of Time by Just Trying to Figure out Where Dexter Got His Accent From. Fun as Well? the Common Themes of Parental and Parental Guardian Ignorance Are: Dexter Is Unaware that His Pet Monkey Has Superpowers and Fights Crime, Just as Dexter and Dee Dee’s Parents Are Unaware that Their Brilliant Son Has a Secret Lab Hidden Behind a Bookcase.

Teen Titans

old cartoon network shows

Teen Titans Is a Favourite Among Dc Comics Fans. the Show’s Main Characters, Teenage Superheroes Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Robin (yes, that Robin!) Didn’t Have Hidden Identities, Which Creator Glen Murakami Claimed Was Done on Purpose for The Show’s Young Audience.

“I Thought It Was Incredibly Vital that Young Viewers Could Relate to The Characters. and I Believed that The Moment You Start Giving Them Covert Identities, Youngsters Will No Longer Be Able to Project Themselves onto The Characters. and I Thought that Was Significant. I Am Aware that Maintaining Secrecy and Such Is Crucial, but We Wanted Everything to Be Incredibly Iconic “he Stated in An Interview in 2004. “oh, There’s the Robot Guy,” Etc. the Alien Girl Is There. the Witch Girl Is There. the Boy Who Changes Shapes Is There. There Is The…” Simply Put, We Wanted It to Be that Spotless. We Desired It to Be Retro Star Trek. We Simply Desired Simplicity.”

Regular Show

old cartoon network shows

A Blue Jay and A Raccoon Endure a Variety of Difficulties, from The Everyday (avoiding Job as Park Groundskeepers) to The Fantastical (hanging out With Ghosts, Going to Space). Regular Show, Which Stars Voice Actors Like Mark Hamill, Offers Amazing Tunes from Bands Like the Replacements and The Velvet Underground in Addition to Jokes that Are Appropriate for Both Children and Adults. with Only 11-Minute Episodes, It Is Deliciously Bizarre and Caters to All Tastes.

Ed, Edd N’ Eddy

old cartoon network shows

What Would You Do for A Klondike Bar? Is a Well-Known Phrase. Among Other Things, Ed, Edd, and Eddy Investigate What Three Preteen Boys Would Do for Jawbreakers. the fact that Ed, Edd, and Eddy Are Outsiders from Their Cul-De-Sac Doesn’t Bother Them as Long as They Can Plot—and Frequently Embarrass Themselves in The Process—to Collect Their Beloved Candy.

The Show Will Be Familiar to Everyone Who Has Ever Experienced Teenaged Awkwardness or Simply Had a Serious Sugar Tooth. Its Vintage-Style Animation Also Makes It One of Cartoon Network’s Most Visually Appealing Programmes.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

old cartoon network shows

Being Brave Doesn’t Imply You Never Experience Fear. It Implies Getting Over Your Fear in Order to Push Through and Do Whatever Is Necessary, Which Is Exactly What the Endearing Courage the Cowardly Dog Does. Courage Encounters Mystical Beings Like Ghosts and Monsters While Protecting His Owners, a Loving Woman Named Muriel and Her Frequently Grumpy Husband Eustace. Although Some of The More Violent Scenes Might Not Be Suitable for Very Young Children, the Show Brilliantly Blends Cartoonish Fun with Frightening Aspects.


old cartoon network shows

Chowder, a Three-Season Television Series that Won a Primetime Emmy, Centres on A Likeable Apprentice Cook Whose Voracious Appetite and Carelessness Frequently Get Him in Hot Water.

Apart from Its Lovable Plotlines, the Show Is Entertaining and Worthwhile to Watch only For the Character Names: Chowder Has a Tremendous Crush on Panini, Mung and Truffles Daal Are His Caregivers, Shnitzel Is His Rock Monster Pal, and Kimchi Is His Gassy Pet Cloud. Pay Attention to Paul Reubens and George Takei’s Cat Voice Acting!

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Johnny Bravo

old cartoon network shows

Johnny Bravo Is Excellent for Educating Both Adults and Children on How Not to Date: Living with His Mother and Making Desperate Attempts to Attract Women to Him Despite His Good Features, the Narcissistic Main Character Is Loosely Based on Elvis Presley and Partially Inspired by Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast.

Adam West, Donny Osmond, Shaquille O’neal, and Seth Green Are Just a Few of The Renowned Guest Stars Who Provide Their Voices to The Programme, Which Is Known For Its Pop Culture References. There Have Been Rumours that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson Was Supposed to Play Johnny Bravo in A Live-Action Feature Picture, but It’s Not Clear if That’s Still Going to Happen.

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