How to Return to The Previous Reddit Layout: Things You Need to Know!

Some Reddit users are dissatisfied with the new Reddit layout and are seeking a way to return to the good old days when they preferred the old Reddit layout.

If you are looking for a method to return to your previous Reddit layout, this guide contains all the information you need.

We will discuss the reasons why people favor the old Reddit layout over the new one. Following this, we will discuss how to transition between the new and old Reddit layouts using the URL. Finally, we will discuss user inquiries regarding the customization of the Reddit layout. Let’s go!

Why Do Users Prefer the Old Reddit Layout?

old reddit

Reddit has developed a reputation for being the finest website for engaging in discussions on a variety of topics. Reddit has multiple subreddits, and millions of users participate in the discussions, distinguishing it as one of the most active platforms.

Recently, Reddit released an update that altered the architecture of its interface. While some actively embraced the change, the majority of users dislike the new layout and prefer the previous one. Whether it is a reluctance to embrace change or a dislike for the new layout, there are a variety of reasons why people prefer the old design to the new one.

Take a Look at The Below Reasons

  • The new design resembles using a mobile app on a desktop. Some users believe the interface lacks a desktop aesthetic and has excessive margin space, rendering it unappealing.
  • The design is not mobile-friendly. Some users can’t help but feel irritated by the imperfect organization of the navigations.
  • Aversion to change. Not everyone embraces change when they are accustomed to the status quo. Some users are unwilling to embrace the new layout because they are unfamiliar with it.
  • Unattractive appearance. For some users, the new layout appears bulky and provides fewer customization options than the previous design. This makes it appear unattractive to them, and they cannot help but dislike the layout.

There are additional reasons to dislike the new Reddit design. Regardless of your reason for disliking the new layout, there are methods to bypass it and return to the previous design. Find out by reading on.

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How to Go Back to Old Reddit Layout

old reddit

We understand that you mourn the previous design and wish to return to it.

The good news is that it is simple to accomplish.

Follow the Below Steps:

  • Open your browser on your phone or desktop.
  • On the address bar, type “” and press the enter key.

You will be able to access the old Reddit and use it for your activities.

Reddit still provides access to the previous design. The only distinction is in the URL. By adding “old,” the former layout can be accessed. Once you have the previous layout, you can access subreddits and your profile as you did previously.

To switch to the new Reddit layout, change the URL from “” to “,” and your new Reddit layout will open.

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Reddit has a new layout interface that differs from the previous one. If you do not like the new layout, you can switch to the previous layout by modifying the URL when opening the page in a web browser.

This guide has covered the process of opening the prior layout, and you should now have access to your old layout.