Pigskin Picks: How To Play The ESPN Pigskin Pick’em? [Complete Guide]

UPDATE: If you have an account from the old site, you can create a new one and use the same login information.

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  • The Pick ‘Em Challenge Has Already Started.
  • Fresh start. There are now different norms. Updated rewards.

The Weekly 2021 NFL Pick’Em Challenge Has Begun

Pigskin Picks

On this Monday, you’ll face a whole new or different test.

You can increase your chances of winning the big prize of a $500 Visa gift card by playing more games.
Every week, a $100 Visa gift card will be awarded to the player with the greatest score.
The points earned by each participant each week will roll over into the following week, increasing their chances of winning the ultimate prize.

The Pick ‘Em Challenge Page updates every Monday with the latest rankings and winners.

Beat the rep is back for another round. Can you handle yourself in a fight with a representative from the AWC? Prove your mettle and see how your picks stack up against theirs.

Requirements And Eligibility

Pigskin Picks

In order to participate, you must first register for an account on ESPN Fantasy.

  • Every entry has to be in before the game begins.
  • Up until the start of the game, you can log in and make changes to your preferences.
  • For games that have already begun or ended, this means they will be disabled.


  • A point will be awarded for each successfully predicted game. The winners will be those with the highest totals.
  • “Tie Breaker” = Week’s total number of games.
  • While the competition resets each week, accumulated points still count toward the final prize.


The Weekly Prizes Are:

Grand Prizes: $100 Gift Cards for those who make the most accurate predictions.

  • Award for First Place: a $500 Gift Card
  • Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars in Gift Cards for Second Place
  • Prize for Third Place: A $125 Gift Certificate

To Pick Something, or Change Something You Picked,

Select the teams you’d like to have featured by clicking the corresponding radio button.
When you make your selections for each team, they will be saved immediately.
Pick the sum of all the points scored in all the games that week.
To permanently store your guess as the tie-breaker, after adding it, click the Update Tie Breaker button.

Strategy Guide

Pigskin Picks

Step 1: Make Picks

Better than ever, Pigskin Pick’em is making a comeback this season. This popular game has been completely reworked, and returning to your 2020 groups will be simpler than ever if you’ve played it before (more on that in Step 2). In case you’ve never played before, all you have to do is predict the outcomes of every NFL game in the 2020-21 season to be eligible for the grand prize pool.

This year, like in previous years, we’ll be providing three distinct game modes: Standard, Spread, and Confidence. The maximum possible score is 10 points for each correct answer. Due to the fluid nature of the pairings, they may be altered. Before you lock your picks, double-check them (lock time is indicated on each matchup card).

Step 2: Play With Friends

It’s simpler than ever to reconnect with old gaming buddies or form new ones among coworkers, relatives, or friends. After you select “Submit Your Picks,” a confirmation notice will show up, and you’ll be added back to any 2020-era user-created groups to which you belonged.

There, you’ll have the option of starting a new group or signing up for an existing one. You can still do either by accessing the “Groups” section of the menu, even if you closed the notification. Using “copy link,” you may easily send an invitation to your pals on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Step 3: Check Your Scores

If you correctly predicted the outcome of a matchup before it became final, you’d earn 10 points in Standard and Spread modes, or 0 points if the game was postponed. Your final score will be the sum of your weekly standings for the whole season.

As the scores are tallied, both your groups and the overall standings will be updated accordingly. Additionally, the “Make Picks” tab will automatically refresh, so there’s no need to reload the page.


Pigskin Picks

1. Do You Have To Pay To Access ESPN’s Games?

No! ESPN does not charge for any of the games we provide.

2. Do I Have A Deadline For Making My Selections?

At the time stamp on each matchup card, the contest is officially over. Until then, the pairing is available and you can make any necessary adjustments.

3. Where Do I Go To Make A Group Or Join One?

View the second section of “How to Play” for further information. When making a new group, you have the option of making it private and requiring members to enter a password to join, or making it public and inviting anybody who wants to join. It’s up to you!

4. When Compared To Standard Mode, What Is The Function Of Spread Mode?

Where the two scoring systems diverge is in their respective definitions of what constitutes a “winning pick.”

After subtracting the “Spread” from the “Favorite’s” actual point total, the “winning pick” in a spread scoring system is the team with the higher total (i.e. “covering the spread”). When this occurs, the “winning spread pick” may not be the team that wins the game, since they failed to win by at least the required number of points to cover the spread.

A “winning pick” is the team that comes out on top in a game that uses the normal scoring format.

5. Just What Is This “Confidence Mode,” Anyway?

In this mode, you’ll not only select options but also rate how certain you are about each one. If you assign a larger value to a pick in the “points for win” field, you will receive a higher reward for a successful prediction.

If you pick the Chiefs to beat the Broncos by 13 points (since you are quite confident in their winning), and they do so, you will receive 13 points. In the event of a Chiefs loss, you will receive no credit.

6. When Evaluating Anything, How Can I Know How Much Faith To Put In It?

Pigskin Picks

On the first screen after starting the game, select “Confidence” as the difficulty level you wish to play at. Once you’ve done so and you’re on the ‘Make Picks’ page, click the ‘Points for Win’ button on the matchup card of the game you’d like to adjust the current confidence score of (the game sets a default number for each matchup) (the game assigns a default score for each matchup).

When you click the button labeled “MOVE HERE,” a modal will open up where you may specify the number of points you want to give to that particular game. Your level of certainty that the team you’ve picked will win increases as the number rises. The modal will close once you make a selection, allowing you to modify the points for another pairing. Don’t just pick a winner without actually picking a winner!

7. Can I change the game mode for my submission after I’ve already submitted it?

Once you’ve submitted your entry, the game mode cannot be changed. Nonetheless, the ‘Make Picks’ tab’s ‘Create Another Entry’ language allows you to make up to five additional entries.

8. When will the Spreads for the upcoming week be posted?

Typically, we meet on Tuesdays at noon Eastern Time. The time shown above is approximate and is open to change.

9. In The Event Of A FORFEIT, What Will Happen To My Selection?

The National Football League has stated that in the event of a COVID epidemic during the 2021 season, a club may be required to forfeit a game if the league is unable to reschedule the contest.

If this happens, ESPN will remove the game from your schedule in standard, spread, and confidence formats without penalizing you. If a match is canceled after you’ve already selected a confidence score for it, your other picks will automatically adjust and you won’t be penalized.

10. Can I Rename My Preferences?

Yup! Select the blue gear next to the name of your preferences.

11. Is There A Way To Check If I’ve Won?

Find out who the best players are by visiting the leaderboard section. If your name appears on the screen, you absolutely slayed the game. After all the games are scored, whoever is in the first place is the undisputed champion of Pigskin. Pick’em!