PS5 Hacks: Play Station 5 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know Right Now!

The PlayStation 5 has been on the market for almost a year, yet due to its immense popularity, it remains very impossible to track down in local stores.

You can understand why in an instant. It has a futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, but what can you do with it beyond playing video games?

For those who have just purchased a PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition, we have compiled a helpful guide with all the information we have thus far.

1. Save Yourself From Spoilers

PS5 Hacks

There’s a helpful option if you’re playing an older game on your PS5 and don’t want to see visuals from later parts of the game when browsing cards and pages. Spoiler Warnings can be found in the same place as your Game Presets in the Game/App Settings.

To avoid spoilers, you may choose to either ignore all photographs or only those from the parts of the game you haven’t played yet. Thankfully, the game hint cards you’ll see when pressing the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller will respect this and refrain from revealing any plot details.

2. How To Set PS5 Parental Controls

PS5 Hacks

Any parents with kids who will be using a PlayStation 5 can implement parental settings to limit their kids’ access to inappropriate content. Content restrictions, playtime tracking, wallet spending caps, and communication feature controls are all examples of these.

You have the option of making these adjustments right at the console, or through a web browser on your computer, Mac, or mobile device. The latter can be done through Sony’s online account management. Follow that by going to Family Management. Each child’s PlayStation account can have its own individual parental settings set.

You can also access these controls through the PS5’s system settings menu. Go to your device’s Settings and look for Family and Parental Controls. Then, go to the Family Management section to access the Parental Controls.

The PS5’s settings menu allows you to make specific adjustments to the controls or select one of three predefined restriction levels: Child, Early Teens, or Late Teens and Older.

3. How To Expand Your PS5 Storage

Sony has enabled internal SSD expansion for the PS5 after several months of anticipation. In reality, it’s a very straightforward procedure.

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4. How To List Just PS5 Games In Your Library?

PS5 Hacks

You can restrict the list to only show native PS5 titles if you already have a large library of PS4 games associated with your PlayStation account or have downloaded multiple games from the PS Plus Collection.

To narrow down your options, select the filter option on the left side of the Game Library icon found in the main menu’s upper bar (has a downward around on it). Select PS5 under Platform. Playstation 5 games are now the only ones displayed in your collection. The same holds true for whichever system you choose to use.

5. How To Move PS4 Games Onto An External Hard Drive?

PS5 Hacks

To free up space on your PS4, you can copy your games and apps to external storage and then play them from there.

To begin, access Storage by scrolling to the bottom of the Settings menu. Once there, select Console Storage. Scroll over to where it says “Games and Apps” and select it.

After that, navigate to the next page and click the Items You Can Move label at the top of the screen, then select the games you desire to move and click Move.

6. How To Transfer Files From PS4 to PS5?

PS5 Hacks

You can transfer files from your PS4 to the PS5 via a local network if you currently own a PS4 and wish to use your old PS4 settings and installed games when you set up your new PS5.

Make sure the consoles are running the most recent versions of their respective operating systems before you begin. You must also make sure all of your Trophies are in sync (by pressing options when viewing your Trophies and selecting Sync with PlayStation Network).

Prepare both consoles for the data transfer immediately. For this, you can use either Wi-Fi or LAN cords to link the devices to your home network. That second option is unquestionably the faster one.

Connect both consoles to the router wirelessly, and then connect the LAN cable to each console’s Ethernet port.

Once you have everything hooked up, turn on your PS5 and go to the Settings menu. Select Data Transfer from the System > System Software menu. Follow the link.

The screen displaying your PS4 should load now. Choose it, and then, when the message “Prepare for Data Transfer” appears, turn off your PS4 by holding down the power button until you hear a beep.

After choosing everything you need to move, click the Star Transfer button.

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7. How To Ensure You Are Playing A PS5 Version Of A Game Not PS4?

PS5 Hacks

Even though both the PS4 and PS5 versions of a game were available for download, it was surprisingly finicky to make sure you were playing the next-gen version of a game in the beginning. Thanks to software updates, this is no longer an issue; a version logo will now appear next to the game on the home screen.

The PS5 option is available for download in the library if you find yourself with the PS4 version loaded by mistake. Further, Sony has made it so that the next-gen version of a game you purchase will be the one that downloads immediately.

8. How To Output Bitstream Audio/Dolby Atmos On 4K Ultra HD Blu-Rays?

PS5 Hacks

Dolby Atmos is not officially supported by the PS5, but the console can send out bitstream audio over HDMI for DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K Blu-rays. The only drawback is that you can’t find this option in the standard PS5 menus, so you’ll have to select it manually.

Only when a disc is inserted and playing is it possible to do so. When the movie or TV show loads on the main disc menu, you can access further customization options by pressing the Options button.

In the drop-down menu that opens, choose the hamburger menu (the three dots) and then Settings. Bitstream should be chosen as the audio format. Now, press the controller’s circle button twice (or the Media Remote’s back button once) to return to the film selection screen.

9. How To Make Game Presets?

PS5 Hacks

The PS5’s global settings function makes it easy to establish preferences for fresh game launches. You can tell games to always utilize Performance mode if that’s what you’re after or to start off on Medium difficulty.

Simply select the “Save Data” menu item under “Settings,” followed by “Game/App Settings,” to customize your preferences. To alter the game’s default settings, head to the Game Presets menu. These should be recognized by the majority of games, but you should verify this before progressing too far.

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10. How To Pair The PS5 Media Remote?

PS5 Hacks

The PlayStation 5 can be purchased with its very own Media Remote, allowing you to manage your favorite streaming apps and 4K Blu-ray movies with ease.

Simply navigate to “Settings,” then “Accessories,” then “Media Remote,” and finally “Set up Media Remote” to pair your Bluetooth device with the console.

In order to put the remote in pairing mode, simply hold down the PlayStation and options buttons for a few seconds, at which point the wizard will take over and walk you through the rest of the setup process. The television and, in our case, a stereo system, can both be controlled by the same remote.

11. How To Insert A Disc Into The PS5?

PS5 Hacks

This may seem like an unusual piece of advice, but a disc doesn’t go into the drive in the most natural manner if you stand the regular PlayStation 5 on its end, as it was plainly intended to be used.

Instead, you should position the console so that the disc or game’s top is facing left, toward the console’s center. Perhaps it seems clear now, but at the time, we didn’t see it that way.

The PS5 disc insertion direction makes more sense when the system is set flat (with the disc slot at the bottom of the console). Those who have the Digital Edition can ignore it as well.