Rabbit Alternatives: 10 Websites Like Rabb.it to Watch Videos with Friends

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rabb.it alternatives

Watching a movie or a show with friends, family, or a particular someone becomes impossible if you’re physically away from them. Rabbit used to be a terrific platform that made virtual movie nights feasible. But today, the site is closed and taken over by Kast. So, you have to find Rabbit alternatives.

The site had to be taken over by Kast in 2019 because of Rabb. it was suffering funding challenges. Now, Kast is trying its best to become the next great brand in the field of virtual watch parties. However, there are also other platforms that you can use to view films or shows “together” with others who are far away.

Find out about the Rabb. it ways to enjoy viewing movies and series with your favorite people, even when they are not by your side!

Sites Like Rabbit Are the Best Alternatives for Virtual Watch Parties and Movie Nights:

rabb.it alternatives

To start viewing movies and TV series with your loved ones while they are at home, look for streaming services like Rabb. it. Here are some of the top alternatives to Rabbit streaming!

1. Netflix Party

Surely everyone enjoys “Netflix and chill”? Date evenings can be a lot of fun thanks to Netflix’s huge and diverse range of movies, TV episodes, and web series. But what if you can’t reach your date’s house in time? Simply start Netflix Party! Co-watching Netflix-exclusive TV series and movies on this platform are ideal.

You can only browse the Netflix collection on this platform. You will have plenty of information to appreciate, though, given the size of the collection on this site and the frequency of updates. You can use the group chat feature to communicate with your companion while watching content in real-time and taking advantage of synchronized video playback!

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2. SyncLounge

Homebound during the lockdown? Have your and your closest friend’s plans to watch movies together been postponed a lot recently? Don’t worry about these circumstances! By playing synchronized media, you can use SyncLounge to co-watch the content that is available on Plex. But keep in mind that it is solely intended for Plex users.

To host a virtual watch party with your closest buddy in a private “room,” all you need to do is connect the Plex library with this co-watching app. Due to the app’s independence from the Plex server, the synchronized playback is of a high caliber. Instead, it makes use of its own server and lets you engage with several parties while sharing data with them.

3. myCircle.tv

MyCircle.tv is another website that might serve as one of the top Rabbit substitutes. This is a great site to play synchronized content with your favorite people if you’re seeking a co-watching platform. It enables the smooth playback of videos from many multimedia streaming websites, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube.

The members of your virtual “room” will be able to see the videos concurrently once you begin playing one on this site due to the synchronized playback. Or, you can use this platform to watch videos with friends by sharing URLs from other video websites. To communicate with the other people at your watch party, you will have access to a chat option.

3. Twoseven

Do you miss watching movies with your family on Friday nights? Being separated from family may sometimes be a terrible experience, but thanks to a platform like Twoseven, you don’t actually have to miss the times spent together. It is a co-viewing website where you may engage with your family while watching synchronized video material.

This website’s interactivity is special in its own right. This is due to the feature’s functionality for webcam use, which allows you to share real-time reactions. The website strives to provide the most lag-free real-time video viewing experiences. Top OTT services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, etc. are supported. Without a doubt, it’s a great substitute for Rabbit.

5. ShareTube

We frequently take YouTube’s status as a well-known video streaming website for granted, right? Who, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy watching amusing animal videos or discovering new dishes on Gordon Ramsay’s channel and sharing them with others? Amazing travel films, documentaries, and more may be found on YouTube. Use ShareTube to view YouTube videos with a friend.

It is a straightforward tool that enables you to play films in sync with others and take advantage of co-watching. To get everyone to watch synchronized content, all you need to do is establish a “room” as you would on most other portals of this type and distribute the YouTube URL. It also provides a lively group chat option!

6. Watch2gether

One of the well-liked substitutes for Rabbit is Watch2gether, where you may share the experience of viewing videos and listening to music with your special someone. Not only that, but you can use this website to shop on Amazon with a friend! It provides a smooth streaming alternative for movies and television shows called luxury sync playback.

Always choose the video choice with the fastest upload speed when watching shows on Watch2Gether. By doing this, you can be sure that you and your co-watchers will have the best time possible while taking in the movies and television shows. With the aid of the chat tool on our website, you can also speak with others.

7. TogetherTube

TogetherTube is a site that enables you to host a watch party and is one of the most well-liked substitutes for Rabbit. You can share videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, Video, and DailyMotion with your video-watching companion using this website. So, you can gather to view the most recent trailer or merely your favorite YouTuber’s latest video.

TogetherTube, one of the top Rabbit Alternatives, will let you build your own chat room, just like other websites in this category. In this situation, you can enjoy conversing with the person you are co-viewing with. You can add videos to your shared playlist in this chat room. To choose the next video, members can cast votes.

8. Airtime

Are you trying to figure out how to watch something with friends and family when you’re all geographically apart from one another? Rabbit shut down in 2019, breaking the hearts of those who cherished that co-watching platform. But don’t worry; Airtime is here to take the place of Rabb. it and provide you with a video-sharing choice.

You can communicate with your friends and family while co-watching YouTube videos and listening to music on Airtime. The website offers more than just uninterrupted, simultaneous media listening. Also possible is audio commentary. For a full family experience, you can add up to 10 individuals to a single chat room.

9. Meta stream

Meta stream is one of the few options available after Rabb. it is for sharing video content and having a virtual watch party. It enables high-caliber live sync playback. There is nearly no delay because the portal created its own patented technology to improve the quality of live streaming by various viewers.

In addition to controlling users, you can also make use of on-screen chat and video queueing. Although the platform supports all well-known streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., it does not permit downloading material and using webcams for audio-enabled video chats. In addition, it’s excellent for watch parties.

10. Rave

Rave is a fantastic option for Rabbit if you’re seeking one. Using your smartphone, you may access Rave and get fantastic results. It enables you to watch Netflix with another user while chatting with them. Along with other places, you can co-watch content on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive, etc.

You’ll see that the synchronized playback is of very high quality and operates without any problems. Although the website does offer video chat, it doesn’t function when a video is playing. The ability to link smartphones and co-listen to music is a fun feature of Rave. Overall, it’s a good option for viewing shared information on mobile devices.

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It used to be a platform that, even when individuals weren’t physically present, kept friends and family together through the enjoyable pastime of watching entertaining content “together.” It served as a venue for holding online movie nights. But everything came to an end when the website shut down in 2019.

The new site emerged as a Rabbit alternative once Rabb. it permanently shut down Kast, which had a strong collection. Nevertheless, in addition to Kast, there is a tonne of other websites like Rabbit that you can use to host online viewing parties where you may share movies and television episodes with people who are far away.

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