Recap of Be Real. Some Users Claim that 2022 Is “Not Working” as The App Launches Year-In-Review.

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Recap of Be Real

BeReal users are overjoyed to see their year-in-review as 2022 draws to a close, but other users don’t seem to agree with the recap and are having trouble with it.

Users of social media who prefer to keep their lives private and authentic have come to love the app.

Only highlighting the highlights of your past year wouldn’t make for a dazzling BeReal summary, so it seems sensible that your impatience to watch the genuine metamorphosis in 2022 until you receive your Wrapped film stems from curiosity. We have a couple of solutions if the recap 2022 isn’t working for you as well.

Be Real Recap 2022 ‘Not Working

BeReal summary The feature not working for some is one of the many reasons why 2022 has taken over social media.

Recap of Be Real

Users who have been waiting all year for the video to appear have resorted to Twitter to vent their frustration. While thousands of other BeReal users wait in line before some of them receive the recap, the review-in-year simply does not appear for these individuals.

Is anyone else’s BeReal recap still not working? One tweeted. waited for four hours, lol. Another person asked, “Why is BeReal recap still not working.”

Is anyone else’s BeReal year summary not working? read one tweet.

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How to Get the Year-In-Review

Get your BeReal summary for 2022 by following the procedures listed below:

  • Open the BeReal app on your device and click on your profile.
  • Click on memories and you will see all your pictures appear on the calendar.
  • Select the button on the bottom of your screen next to the calendar icon and you will be directed to the 2022 recap.

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Possible Fixes

For a variety of reasons, your BeReal summary from 2022 could not be visible. Reddit users have reported that after deleting and reinstalling the app, the feature worked perfectly.

Recap of Be Real

If you haven’t deleted your cache on your device, the recap might also not be functioning there.

Make sure the app is updated because some users have encountered a bug when trying to access Wrapped through an older version. Additionally, a constant Internet connection is essential.

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