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One of the most used smartphone apps right now is Reface, but is the program safe to use despite how entertaining it is to use? Reface, which was introduced in February 2020, is an intriguing program.

Reface scans your face after you take a selfie or upload a photo of yourself, applies cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to it, and then projects your face onto amusing images, videos, and GIFs. Reface enables you to transform into anyone or anything, including Emma Watson, The Rock, Dr. Evil, and more.

But if an app becomes popular, like Reface, privacy issues are almost immediately brought up. The issue of digital privacy has existed since the internet’s infancy. But in recent years, the issue has drawn more vehement debate.

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People are becoming more and more concerned about how some businesses, apps, and websites are exploiting all that data as more and more of their lives are lived online. It can be difficult to separate unsafe websites from those that are trustworthy in some cases.

We now come to Reface. Is it really safe to use Reface in the first place, despite the fact that it’s simple to waste hours playing about with all of the many methods to “reface” yourself in the app? Understanding the motivations behind Reface will help you better begin to respond to this query.

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The business bills itself as “an AI/ML startup evolving from a face-swapping app to a social platform for personalized content creation and infinite self-expression of the future,” according to the company’s website. Three developers and friends from Kyiv, Ukraine, founded Reface.

They experimented with artificial intelligence and machine learning models before coming up with the concept of “a super rapid and precise face swap technology.” Since its debut, Reface has attracted funding from the VC company Andreessen Horowitz and high-profile celebrity endorsements from people like Snoop Dogg and Miley Cyrus.

Other Privacy Things to Know About Reface

Reface must by necessity gather a lot of data due to the nature of what it does. Reface obtains biometric information from your uploaded images and videos of your face, as detailed in the company’s privacy statement.

Reface compiles “your speech recordings, including your voice print,” as well as “your facial geometry” throughout the process. Reface also gathers users’ names, emails, and other profile details, but only if they voluntarily submit them while making an account.

Reface claims that the use of that information is “for a range of business purposes.” Examples include determining how engaged users are with the app, tracking bugs, and, of course, marketing and advertising. Reface states that it “may utilize interest-based or tailored advertising, including through cross-device tracking,” similar to the majority of other apps.

What’s intriguing is how Reface has altered some of the provisions of its Privacy Policy. Reface explicitly stated in their Privacy Policy from July 2020: “In no way will Reface use your photographs and facial attributes for face recognition.”

However, there is absolutely no mention of face recognition techniques in the most recent edition, which was modified in October 2021. Reface modified how it stores user biometric information as well. Users’ facial data was kept on Reface servers “for a limited period of 30 calendar days after your last use of the Reface application,” according to the July 2020 Privacy Policy. Reface currently states that it “may keep biometric data for three years,” according to the most recent version.

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For what it’s worth, a Reface representative remarked in an interview with The Independent in August 2020, “Reface AI sees data protection as a societal obligation. We just use data for face-swapping; we don’t use it for anything else.”

No reason exists to think that won’t be the case in 2022 here, but does that mean Reface is secure to use? It all depends on your level of comfort. Reface probably isn’t a good fit if you’re trying to keep your data as secure as you can and not give it away needlessly.

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Although there is no reason to believe Reface is acting maliciously, some people might not appreciate having their faces scanned by an app that subsequently stores the data for several years.

Reface is secure as long as you are familiar with and at ease with how it gathers and uses your personal data. All you need to do is use Reface if you agree with its conditions and don’t use it if you find it intrusive.

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