Review of Revo Uninstaller: Features, Work, Pros and Cons!

revo uninstaller

A freeware software tool for Windows is called Revo Uninstaller. It was created by the VS Revo Group and intends to be a significantly more capable improvement to the default Add/Remove Programs feature. Revo Uninstaller’s goal is to also remove any lingering registry entries, which is the main distinction between it and Windows’ method of removing programs.

When utilizing Add/Remove Programs in Windows, the leftover registry files frequently continue to cause problems for the system. When Add/Remove Programs is insufficient, Revo Uninstaller aims to relieve Windows users of their hassle.

For managing your computer, Revo Uninstaller also includes a number of additional capabilities. These qualities consist of:

  • Programs and services are automatically launched by managers using the auto-run feature.
  • Programs’ temporary files are removed by Junk Files Cleaner.
  • Temporary files are removed from browsers using the browser cleaner.
  • Temporary files are removed from Windows using Windows Cleaner.
  • Evidence Remover – Overwrites available hard disc space to prevent file restoration.
  • Deletes files and directories so that they cannot be recovered (Unrecoverable Delete).
  • Microsoft Office’s Office Cleaner tool removes temporary files.
  • Let’s observe Revo Uninstaller at work.

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What Is Revo Uninstaller?

revo uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a well-known Windows tool that assists users in uninstalling programs with a straightforward interface and in removing leftovers that default uninstallers typically leave behind.

If your computer has a lot of installed programs, you can rearrange them, list them by icon or feature, or even search by name. To make it simpler to determine which shown windows are associated with which program, this app also offers a hunter mode. To function, Revo Uninstaller needs administrative privileges.

Pro Tip: Use a specialized PC optimization application to remove erroneous settings, garbage files, dangerous programs, and security risks that might affect performance or cause system problems.

After triggering the software’s default uninstaller file, Revo Uninstaller first checks the system for leftovers before removing it. The remaining traces are then divided into files that were left over, temporary files, and information from the Windows Registry.

The Windows and Android versions of Revo Uninstaller were created in Bulgaria by VS Revo Group Ltd.

Revo Uninstaller’s Characteristics

revo uninstaller

This program has several features and capabilities that allow you to do more than just delete apps. You should be aware of the following key characteristics:

Uninstall Programs Completely

This tool does a deep scan right away after uninstalling any apps or programs you might be using it to remove. Revo then shows you the remains so you may erase them, including corrupted registries and cached data. The program can be set up to complete the entire process automatically as well.

Hunting Mode

Windows users can delete any apps that, for a variety of reasons, are not listed in the program list thanks to a cool feature called hunter mode.

Remove Built-In Windows Apps

There is no uninstall button for the apps that came with the Windows operating system, so they cannot be deleted. Typically, Windows bloatware is simple to disable. You may simply uninstall programs that were pre-installed but are difficult to remove with the Revo Uninstaller.

Additional Features

You can use the tool to remove obstinate unremovable folders in addition to removing garbage files and your work’s digital footprints from the hard drive.

Additionally, it features a tool to remove browser extensions, a force uninstaller, an evidence remover, a history cleaner, an autorun manager, and a tool to clean up computer clutter.

How Does Revo Uninstaller Work?

Utilizing Revo Uninstaller couldn’t be simpler. It offers a highly user-friendly layout where you can view all the options you have and browse the settings with ease. Download the installer from the website and install it on your PC or mobile device to utilize this utility. After installation, you must create an account.

You have a choice between the pro version, which costs $24.95 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and the free version. The portable version is an additional option and costs $29.95.

You may access the dashboard, which contains a list of all the programs installed on your computer, after creating an account. Your system’s total number of installed programs will be displayed at the bottom.

Double-clicking on the icon of the software you wish to uninstall—such as Google Chrome—will enable you to do so. You will be prompted to decide whether to remove the chosen program. Choose Yes.

Select your desired uninstall mode next. For a comprehensive removal of all software remnants, we advise utilizing the Advanced mode. To remove the software, select Uninstall.

Click Next to continue after the software has been uninstalled. Revo Uninstaller will search through all of the program’s leftover files, including registry keys, undesirable files, and directories. It will assist you to delete them by displaying the program’s leftovers.

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Pros and Cons of Revo Uninstaller

revo uninstaller

Program remnants are entirely and conveniently removed using the Revo Uninstaller. Additionally, it effectively cleans your computer by removing deleted data from the Recycle Bin permanently. Along with the uninstall feature, it also comes with a number of tune-up utilities that can make your computer run more efficiently.

Sadly, the utility is unable to fully uninstall 64-bit applications. Also not removed are browser plug-ins and toolbars. In general, the free Revo Uninstaller enables users to rapidly and thoroughly remove undesirable apps, although it lacks some complex functions that are present in rival products.

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