Roboform: Review of RoboForm Password Manager for 2022


With 20 years of operation, RoboForm Password Manager has a sizable market share for password management software. One of the brand’s primary marketing philosophies is to update the product with new capabilities, features, and advancements.

The user base of RoboForm Password Manager does contain a sizable proportion of people who are dissatisfied with the program or who are just looking for other solutions. To give you some trustworthy solutions for all of your password management needs is what this page is here for.

Top 5 Robo Form Password Manager Alternatives for 2022

#1 – 1 Password

The best RoboForm Password Manager replacement is unquestionably 1Password. The user experience overall (including customer service) aims to a far higher standard, the user interface (UI) is noticeably more simplified, and there are more features and functionalities.

1Password, a multi-award-winning media darling, has earned praise from industry users as well as reviewers. With enterprise-grade security and a single master password to secure all of your logins, this might be the RoboForm replacement you’ve been waiting for.

2. OneLogin

OneLogin is a pure-play cloud solution that is primarily designed to provide companies with a way to manage employee access security. In addition to the single sign-on function, the product has a wide variety of integrated apps.

3. BitWarden

The open-source BitWarden application, which was published in 2016 for Android, iOS, and a few specific browsers, is a relatively new addition. The desktop versions, which made their debut in 2018 and were built on the open-source Electron platform, soon became the preferred password manager for users who believe that open-source software development is superior to traditional proprietary SDLC in a number of ways.

4. LastPass

Another bright star in the nocturnal password security sky is LastPass. It offers more security capabilities than RoboForm and is simpler to use and more customizable for larger businesses. Additionally, it helps you create stronger passwords by pointing out which of your passwords are weak or similar to those used for other logins.

5. Sticky Password

Sticky Password has the unusual feature that its developers donate money from each purchase to the effort to save manatees. Apart from that, it’s a simple but safe password manager with almost any features that might be considered a distraction.

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Why Switch from RoboForm?

  • Use a single password for all logins
  • Each web form is automatically filled out
  • If yours is too weak, recommend some strong ones.
  • makes biometric authentication possible
  • Cloud syncing and backup
  • Through Wi-Fi, devices connected to the same network can sync.
  • Cross-platform is a trait shared by all commonly used desktop and mobile operating systems.

Details About RoboForm Password Manager

Over the past 20 years, RoboForm has undergone a number of significant upgrades and changes. According to the many users who utilize it, it does assist both security-conscious individuals and businesses. It’s a great piece of software for protecting your logins as a basic security measure.

Many of its customers have noted that the UI on the desktop side is a touch difficult in comparison to the mobile OS versions or the web extensions. Its 20-year existence suggests that the majority of users find it to be an effective tool for handling numerous logins.


  • affordable password management software
  • strong form-filling and auto-fill features
  • Scalable version, ranging from a personal to a business level
  • positive feedback from users and professionals
  • Free indefinitely for lone users


  • There have been no notifications of breaches.
  • does not look for potential exposure on the dark web

The Installation and Use of RoboForm Password Manager


Now that we’ve explored the advantages and disadvantages of RoboForm as well as five fantastic alternatives, let’s have a look at how to set things up and have them operating on your desktop, mobile device, and web browser.

Installation (windows)

  • Download the executable first from the official RoboForm website before installing it.
  • Double-click the.exe file to launch the installation setup wizard and precisely choose the language and other options.
  • Check the boxes next to each browser that you want RoboForm to support by selecting the Advanced Settings tab. At this point, you can choose which Windows apps you want RoboForm to manage logins for.
  • Choose a location on your local drive to save your logins, then click Install.
  • You might need to click the Install buttons once more if you are advised to close some already running apps. The culprits are typically your browsers.
  • As part of the installation process, RoboForm will prompt you to create your login credentials. Remember that you’ll be using this master password to access the entire application, so make sure it’s both secure and simple to recall or pronounce.
  • RoboForm will now ask you once again if you want to add any further browser extensions to the list of integrations. To finish the transaction, do that and then click Next.


A. The process is very identical on a Mac, with the exception that you have to grant the installation file permission to open and complete the installation by entering your Mac username and password.

B. To access the standalone browser extension, look for “RoboForm for Chrome standalone extension” under the Chrome OS or Linux tab (for example, Chrome). Clicking it will bring up the Chrome Store, where you may choose the top-right option to add it to Chrome. Chrome will add the extension instantly after you click “Confirm.”

C. Visit the appropriate app store and follow the instructions to install the setup application for mobile devices. By following the on-screen directions, you may rapidly set up.

How to Use RoboForm?


If a website asks you to log in using a new RoboForm entry, just click the extension symbol in the upper-right corner of your browser tab and choose to Generate Generate New Fill.

  1. If you’re visiting a website where you’ve already created an account, enter your login information and click the sign-in button. A notice from RoboForm will now appear asking if you wish to add those credentials to your vault. Choose Save to save it.
  2. You can create new logins even if you don’t go to the necessary website. To add a login, click the green plus symbol to the right of RoboForm’s bottom right corner. Click Save after entering the application’s name or URL, registered email address, and password.
  3. From the RoboForm interface, where you can create new categories and change existing ones, you can easily manage your vaults.
  4. Depending on the version you are using, you will be able to use any tool that is part of that plan. RoboForm also provides a wonderful tutorial database in case you encounter any issues.
  5. We now understand how RoboForm works, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some of its key rivals and market-leading alternatives. 1Password is a serious candidate for the top spot on that list due to its simple UI and great functionality.
  6. It is also one of the least expensive password managers available, despite offering a variety of convenience and security features. To compare the two for yourself, use 1Password against RoboForm or any other RoboForm alternatives.

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Why Switch from RoboForm

The main reason why customers are likely to switch is the UI experience. It appears that there is a lack of uniformity among different platforms and devices.

Additional contributing factors include inadequate personal and business account integration, flaws with some forms’ auto-fill functionality, well-known problems with browser synchronizing, etc. While some of these issues are of a functional nature, many other issues also crop up that are more aesthetically oriented.

The inconsistent user interface is a prime example. Another example is how little knowledge there is among users of the master password idea and how it protects their RoboForm sessions from unauthorized use.

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