Samsung Data Migration: Review of Samsung Data Migrator| Advantages and Drawbacks

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What is Samsung Data Migration?

Are you trying to find a simple and quick solution to move files and folders from your PC to a Samsung SSD? The ideal solution for you, in this case, is Samsung Data Migration (SDM). An application called Samsung Data Migration was created by Samsung Electronics.

All Samsung SSD Series products, including the 980 Series, 970 Series, 960 Series, 950 Series, 870 Series, 860 Series, 850 Series, 840 Series, 830 Series, and 470 Series, are compatible with it. With the help of Samsung Data Migration, you can quickly transfer all of your data from an old storage device to a new Samsung SSD.

Additionally, you can be sure that it will operate without a hitch with your new drive because it was created especially for use with Samsung SSDs.

What Can Samsung Data Migration Do for You?

Copy information from a storage device to a fresh Samsung SSD.

Move the operating system, the applications, and the user data.

Once the operating system has been moved to a smaller SSD, conserve space.

A simple user interface to save down on PC transfer time.

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Pros and Cons of Samsung Data Migration

A useful tool that moves your data is Samsung Data Migration. We provide a list of the software’s benefits and drawbacks as well as customer feedback. We sincerely hope you will find our content useful.


  • install and usage is simple.
  • bug-free and reliable.
  • As the target drive, support all models of Samsung SSD.
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit) support


  • just for Windows systems.
  • Transferring data only to a Samsung SSD drive.

Is Samsung Data Migration Good?

Yes, it does its duties efficiently. You may quickly copy anything from an HDD onto a Samsung SSD by simply clicking once on your device to start the transfer process. Only a few limitations are listed in the user manual on the company’s official website, but if you are aware of them, they are simple to adhere to.

Is Samsung Data Migration Reliable?

Undoubtedly, Samsung Data Migration is a trustworthy tool. Data migration to a new Samsung SSD is made easier by this software. It is simple to use and reliably sends data. Your Windows-based computers can use Samsung Data Migration.

Is Samsung Data Migration Free?

Samsung Data Migration

It is true that the Samsung Data Migration software is free to use, giving it a practical option for everyone who wants to move their data. The free Samsung Data Migration software is a fantastic choice if you need to move your data.

Here are some reviews that we have compiled from communities like RedFlagDeals and Tom’s Hardware. These remarks can be used as a guide.

“I use it; it should be sufficient in the majority of cases; just make sure you’re using the most recent software version from Samsung’s website, as the one that comes with your SSD can be out-of-date.” – RedFlagDeals

The previous version I used on my 840 “worked fine for me.” – RedFlagDeals “Only in one manner can the Samsung software operate. It only copies drives made by Samsung. Your previous drive won’t receive a backup of the Samsung SSD.” – RedFlagDeals

“The Samsung SSD migration program has been successful every time I’ve used it. Get the Samsung SSD driver while you’re at it and install it. Install that first.” (Tom’s Hardware)

When I’ve used it, it will essentially copy the old drive to the new SSD, provided the latter has enough space to hold everything, and you may boot from it normally after that.

Samsung Data Migration Alternative

Samsung Data Migration Alternative

Data migration from one Samsung SSD to another is made easy using Samsung Data Migration. Samsung Data Migration does have certain restrictions, though. EaseUS Todo PCTrans should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking an alternative solution for moving data across drives or PCs.

A skilled data migrating tool that supports a wide range of source and target devices is EaseUS Todo PCTrans.Step 1.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers. Choose “PC to PC” to go to the next step.

Step 2: Verify that the transfer direction you have selected is appropriate.

Move data from the old computer to the new one that is currently in use.

“Old” – Transfer data from the current, outdated computer to a distant, modern one.

Step 3: Connect two PCs using a network by inputting the destination PC’s password or verification code. In addition, confirm that the transfer direction you selected is correct before pressing “Connect” to move further.

On the target computer’s “PC to PC” main screen, the verification code is located in the right top corner.

Step 4: After that, pick “Files” to choose which files to transfer. Choose the precise files you desire. The storage path for transferred data can also be modified by clicking the Edit icon.

Step 5: To start transferring files from one PC to another, click “Transfer.” The file’s size affects how long it takes to transfer. Take your time.

Additionally, EaseUS Todo PCTrans offers a number of unique features.

Various transferring options: EaseUS Todo PCTrans offers flexible transferring ways. You can choose to transfer files through the network connection or image file.

Any destination device is possible with EaseUS Todo PCTrans, including PCs, laptops, HDDs, SDDs from various manufacturers, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and SD cards.

Data restoration: EaseUS Todo PCTrans can transfer data from your old hard drive to the new computer while restoring files and programs from a dead, unbootable computer.

Migration setting: EaseUS Todo PCTrans is the most straightforward method for moving all of your data, including user data and software preferences, to the new PC. By not having to reset them, you will save a lot of time.

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To assist consumers in swiftly and efficiently transferring data from their old storage device to a new Samsung SSD, Samsung developed a software utility called Samsung Data Migration. A wide range of file formats, including pictures, music, movies, and documents, are supported by Samsung Data Migration.

Although Samsung Data Migration is a useful tool for data migration, it should only be utilized under specific circumstances. Users must therefore think about utilizing a different program, such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

More file formats and operating systems are supported by EaseUS Todo PCTrans than by Samsung Data Migration. EaseUS Todo PCTrans also has a trial period available before buying.

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