SketchUp Free: Mastering SketchUP 3D Shapes using the Architecture Software SketchUP

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By the end of the course, you will be able to use SketchUp Free or SketchUp Shop to model your ideas. Any current browser may run SketchUp Free/Shop without the need for download or installation.

If you’ve never used a 3D modeling program before and want to learn how to model projects in SketchUp, this course is ideal for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, hobbyist, interior designer, kitchen designer, carpenter, woodworker, homeowner, or any other type of person who wants to bring their ideas to life.

What Is Sketch Free?

sketchup free

This is always a wonderful choice if you want to use SketchUp’s features in your 3D modeling but don’t have the money to buy the application. It is a free SketchUp software, as the title would imply. You must register for an account on the official website to utilize this web-based SketchUp edition.

After finishing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create 3D shapes using the drawing tools in SketchUp to visualize your ideas.
  • To get the best view of what you’re working on, move around your model.
  • Learn how to use the Select, Move, Scale, and Rotate tools to modify your model.
  • To design models with precise dimensions, use measurements, and guidance.
  • Knowing how to structure a model with groups, components, and layers can let you separate and manipulate the model’s parts with ease.
  • To make your models stand out, use materials and colors.
  • To rapidly recall various model setups and perspectives, save scenes in your model.
  • To completely alter your model’s appearance, simply apply a different style with one click.

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How to Download SketchUp Pro for Free (30-Day Trial)

sketchup free

  • Click on the Download on the sidebar button to travel directly to the free trial page for SketchUp.
  • You must first create a profile and account before you can download the application. After deciding why you need SketchUp, go ahead and select the Login or Create Account button.
  • If you don’t already have one, you may sign in using your Google or Apple account or make one right away.
  • You must select an interest and accept the data collecting policy after creating your account. You can choose to get emails and advice. Next, select Start Trial.
  • Your new dashboard will be displayed; select My Products.
  • When you select View Included Applications, a drop-down menu containing the apps included in the free trial will appear. Search for SketchUp Pro, then select Download.
  • Click Download after deciding on the most recent Pro version for your operating system.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation procedure, then select Install.

This is the ideal course for you if you’ve never used a 3D modeling program before and are interested in trying SketchUp to model your projects, whether you’re a student, hobbyist, interior designer, kitchen designer, carpenter, woodworker, homeowner, or anyone else who wants to bring their ideas to life. Two other programs, LayOut and StyleBuilder, will also be installed on your computer as part of the SketchUp Pro package.

What Can You Do with SketchUp Free?

sketchup free

The Majority of The Sophisticated Features that Professionals and Students Require for 3-D Modelling and Design Presentations Are Included in The Sketch up Pro Plan.

With Sketch up Pro, You Get Access to All of Sketch Up’s Features, Including:

  • Computer Sketch Up
  • Web-Based Sketch-up Versions
  • Third Warehouse
  • Expanding the Warehouse
  • In Sketch Up, View
  • Forums for Sketch-up Users
  • Sefaira

The Desktop Version of The Sketch up Pro Programme Makes It Simple to Produce a Professional 3-D Model. You’ll Need the Desktop Sketch up Viewer to Share Your 3 D Modelled Components; Once You Download It, the Last Button on The Top Ribbon to The Right Will Become Active, and You May Use It to Share Your 3-D Models and 2 D Drawings with Your Colleagues.

Among Other Features, It Has Tools for Walkthrough Animations, Terrain Modelling, and Model Rendering.

Sketch up Pro Overview

Using a Patented “push-And-Pull” Method, It’s Simple to Design and Edit 2 D and 3 D Models. Anyone, from Professional Engineers and Architects to Students, Can Use Sketch Up. This Computer-Aided Design (cad) Software Allows You to Take Any Flat Surface and Extend It, Creating a 3-D Shape. Simply Select the Object with Your Mouse, and You Can Pull or Stretch It out Until You Get the Design You Want.

Sketch up Pro Includes:

  • Drawing Layout Functionality
  • Surface Rendering
  • Plugins from A Third Party from The Extension Warehouse.

Interior Designers, Architects, and Other Professionals Frequently Use
As 3-D Printing Grows More Popular, It’s Anticipated to Be a Helpful Tool for Those Generating 3-D Models for Printing, Such as Landscape Architects and Video Game Developers.

All the Tools You Need

The Built-In Tutorial that Explains What Each Tool Does and How to Use It When It’s Selected Makes Sketch up The Photoshop of The Cad Industry Because It Contains All the Tools You Need to Construct Your 3-D Model and Is Incredibly Simple to Use Once You Get the Hang of It.

The Tools Include:

Select Tool: Choose the Section of The Model that You’re Working On.

Eraser: Remove the Selected Design Component.

Draw Lines: You Can Choose to Draw Straight Lines or Freehand.

2 and 3 Point Arc: Add Arcs to Your Design.

Draw Shapes: You Can Add Squares, Rectangles, Circles, and Polygons.

Push and Pull: Strech Shapes and Lines to Create 3-D Images.

Offset Tool: Create Copies of Lines and Shapes at A Consistent Distance from The Original.

Move: You Can Move, Stretch, or Copy Design Elements.

Rotate: Change Direction, Distort, or Copy Design Elements.

Scale: You Can Choose an Element and Resize It Relative to Another Portion of The Model so You Can Properly Scale the Model.

Tape Measure: Measure Distances Between Two Points.

Text: Add Text to Your Model.

Paint Bucket: Choose Colors or Textures for Each Part of Your Model.

Orbit: Rotate the Screen to Get a 360-Degree View of The Design.

Pan: Change Your View Vertically and Horizontally.

Additionally, You May Visit the Extension Warehouse to Download No-Cost Extensions that Will Aid in The Improvement of Your Design.

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Free Alternatives to Sketch Up

Free for Educators and Students, Auto Cad Is One of The First Computer-Aided Design Programmes. It Provides a Wealth of Tools for Creating 2-D and 3-D Models and Use Realistic Rendering to Make the Models Appear Real.

Blender: Blender Is a Free, Open-Source Programme that May Be Used for Creating 3-D and 2-D Models, Animating Movies, Creating Special Effects, Interactive 3-D Apps, Virtual Reality, and More.

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