Sonos App: Getting a Better Understanding of The New Sonos Platform

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The Sonos S2 app was released in the middle of 2020, and chances are you’re already using it. You might not be, though, as the original Sonos app was renamed Sonos S1 at the same moment Sonos S2 went live.

Depending on the speakers you have in your home and their compatibility with the S2 system and app, you can determine what it means for you and your Sonos system.

Continue reading to learn all you require to update your multi-room speaker system, including information on the Sonos S2 and S1.

Why Did Sonos Change?

sonos app

Sonos said at the beginning of 2020 that it would stop supporting “old products.” This list comprised the first-generation Zone Players, Connect and Connect: Amp, Play:5, the CR200, and the Sonos Bridge.

It should come as no surprise that Sonos had to sever the cord at some point given that some of those devices date back to the early 2000s (although some were marketed as recently as 2015). Surely the hardware reaches a limit where it can no longer simply keep up with the software it is expected to handle without issue?

Incompatible Sonos S1 Hardware:

  • (5) Sonos Play (Gen 1)
  • CR200 controller for All Zone Players
  • Therefore Connect (Gen 1)
  • Connect: Amp Sonos (Gen 1)
  • Bridge Sonos

What is Sonos S2?

In addition to being the name of a more recent app with an orange icon, Sonos S2 also refers to a new operating system (through a firmware upgrade) for your non-legacy Sonos speakers.

To be honest, the app does seem fairly snazzy, and there are some fancy new software features for upgraders, such as preset groupings that you may use for speakers at specific times of the day or for events — think of “Downstairs,” “Partytime,” and similar terms.

sonos app

The Sonos S2’s support for higher resolution audio technologies for music and home cinema, however, may be the major selling point. The new Sonos Arc’s Dolby Atmos capabilities are one of the first indications of this, and Amazon Music Ultra HD is now working with Sonos as well.

Essentially, Sonos S1 is Sonos as it was. You can decide not to upgrade even if you already own all S2 compatible devices; in that case, you can continue using your Sonos speakers as they are right now. Your system will receive security updates and bug fixes, but no S2 perks.

Sonos said the following about Alexa and Google Assistant: “Given the memory and processing power constraints of our earliest products, we will cooperate with our partners to maintain your music and voice services compatibility with them for as long as we can. If we encounter a problem that is fundamental to the experience and cannot be fixed, we will let you know.”

Any new kit introduced after May 2020, including models like theirs, Five, and Sub, will not work with the S1 Controller software, according to Sonos. The 2nd-generation Beam, Move, and Roam, as well as everything else that has been revealed afterwards, are likewise incompatible with the Sonos S1.

Devices Compatible with Sonos S2:

  • Play:1
  • Play:3
  • Play:5 (Gen 2)Five
  • One (all generations)Move
  • Playbase
  • Playbar
  • Beam
  • Beam 2
  • Arc
  • Roam
  • Connect (Gen 2)
  • Connect: Amp (Gen 2)
  • Amp
  • Port
  • Boost
  • Sub (all generations)
  • IKEA Symfonisk (all models)

Can I Use Sonos S1 and S2 at The Same Time?

You can always check online by signing into your Sonos account if you’re unsure which generation Play:5 you have if your Sonos Connect is a first or second generation, or anything else.

Your gadget will display with a “Modern product” tick if it is compatible.

Can I Use the Sonos S1 and S2 Simultaneously?

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No, and yes. Yes, you may use them both simultaneously. However, even if speakers from an S1 group are compatible with S2, you cannot group them into an S2 group. When Sonos first announced the legacy split, that was what received the greatest criticism.

We now know that you won’t be able to add new Sonos speakers because they won’t be compatible if your Sonos system includes any of those legacy devices—even just one—and a number of the newest and best Sonos speakers. Therefore, you’ll either have to get rid of your old device or consign your new speakers to an S1 experience.

How Do I Get the Sonos S2 App?

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On Google Play and the Apple App Store, the Sonos S2 app, as well as the new Sonos S1 app, are both available. For PC and Mac users, there are desktop alternatives as well.

You must download a brand-new app in order to update to S2, rather than simply performing a routine app update. Although the S2 app’s icon doesn’t exactly state “S2,” you can tell you are downloading the updated version of it from its description and new tan hue.

The “old” Sonos app is still dark and is now unmistakably labelled “S1.”

Simply download the programme, then follow the instructions to update your system. Once you’ve finished, you can delete your old Sonos app because switching to S2 renders it worthless.

How Can I Upgrade My Sonos Speakers?

The good news is that Sonos recently got away with its contentious “bricking” recycling programme, which essentially saw traded-in Sonos speakers rendered unusable and bound for a landfill. You may, if you choose, upgrade your old Sonos kit using a 30% credit trade-in programme.

If you want to continue using the old speaker in an S1 arrangement, give it to a friend, or sell it on eBay, you don’t even need to send it in because it is still functional.

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