Sonos App: Everything You Need To Know About The Sonos App!

Sonos App

Possibly you’re wondering, “What is Sonos?” Sonos is an industry leader in home audio, with premium speakers that can be placed all over the house to provide high-quality sound.

Sonos stands apart because of its extensive catalog of streamed content. It is compatible with all of the major streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Audible, Stitcher, and SiriusXM. Sonos not only has the finest music, audiobook, and podcast apps, but also the best of everything else.

How Does The Sonos App Work?

Sonos App

Sonos also has its own streaming service called Sonos Radio(opens in new tab), which offers 60,000 radio stations from across the world for free in exchange for listening to advertisements. In contrast to algorithm-based radio apps, the Sonos Radio playlist is curated by a group of DJs and musicians.

Our Sonos Arc review two years ago coincided with the release of the Sonos S2 app, which features a revamped user interface and added compatibility for additional devices. Sonos has made a major foray into the soundbar market with the introduction of the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) in 2021 and the Sonos Ray in 2022.

The use of Sonos speakers within the house isn’t limited to indoors; they can also be taken outside. In our Sonos Roam review, we’ll explain why the Roam is the company’s first truly portable (and budget-friendly) speaker. Check out our comparison of the Sonos Roam and the Sonos Move to learn more about the differences between the two.

In many respects, the Sonos company is the undisputed leader in the field of whole-house audio. It enables you to play music from numerous sources in different rooms of your house, all of which can be controlled from a single device. Hands-free operation of your Sonos system is possible thanks to the Sonos Voice Assistant and other voice-controlled assistant platforms such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Simply put, Sonos provides its clients with a selection of high-quality audio and a variety of stylish speakers that can be placed in virtually any space. The process is outlined below.

How Simple Is It To Set Up Sonos Using The App?

You want to hear music from your Sonos speakers is understandable. Thankfully, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for each speaker to set up Sonos.

After connecting your speakers, use the free app from your preferred App Store. Once you click the “Next” button, it will walk you through the installation process.

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Where Can I Find A List Of Sonos-Compatible Music?

Sonos App

When compared to other WiFi-enabled speakers, Sonos has the widest selection of music streaming services available (now 66 in the UK, with more being added regularly). You can start streaming immediately after adding your account to the Sonos App.

This wide range of supported services is great for households where members have different streaming music preferences (some might use Apple Music, while others prefer Spotify), yet all can listen together on Sonos.

As demonstrated in the video below, opening the Sonos app and tapping “Add Music Services” will bring up a menu where you may select your preferred music streaming provider.

SONOS As A Radio Player

If you enjoy listening to the radio, the Sonos app comes preloaded with Radio by TuneIn, a free, subscription-free music streaming service. It’s a great addition to your Sonos speaker because it provides you access to thousands of radio stations from all around the world.

To quickly access your favorite radio stations, just search for them and add them to My Radio Stations in TuneIn or My Sonos.

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Why Is The Sonos App Superior Than Its Competitors?

Sonos App

The simplicity of its operation is astounding. Over the past decade, Sonos has diligently improved its software to make it as intuitive and intelligent as possible. They’ve taken all the suggestions and complaints they’ve received over the years and implemented them into the final product, making the app a delight to use.

Better and better at making decisions every day. The app evolves with you thanks to regular, free software updates, which may include new features like your favorite streaming service or improve the speaker’s overall performance.

You can set automatic updates to take place when you’re not likely to be using the Sonos app, such as in the middle of the night. That way, you may keep on rocking out without interruptions from the latest updates.

Sonos may be used by everyone in your home. To instantly connect to your Sonos system, all your guests need to do is download the Sonos app and use your WiFi network. The Sonos app can be installed on as many devices as you choose.

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Can I Play Music From My Own Apps On Sonos?

Sonos is committed to letting you explore other music services, so they’re always collaborating with them to bring you native app compatibility.

If a user prefers the Spotify app’s user interface or sound quality to that of the Sonos app, for instance, they need not download the latter.

Native app support is available to all Tidal subscribers.

Alternatively, if you own an Apple device and a Sonos speaker that supports Airplay-2, such as the One (Gen 1 and Gen 2), Beam, Play:5, or Playbase, you can cast ANY audio from your Apple device to the speaker.

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