How to Use Spotify Premium Duo: A Quick Guide

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Couples that enjoy music should consider Spotify Duo. So, everything you need to know will be explained in this essay.

For your listening enjoyment, there are numerous music streaming services currently available. Spotify offers premium subscriptions, as do the majority of streaming services. Additionally, Spotify Duo is one of its most intriguing initiatives.

As a new option for couples that enjoy music, Spotify introduced Spotify Duo in July 2020. (or friends living at the same address). Duo offers distinct accounts for each of you while allowing you to share a Spotify subscription.

Any music-loving couple will find Spotify Duo to be the ideal music subscription package. Therefore, we’ll explain how to use Spotify Duo in this article.

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What Is Spotify Duo?

For two people who live at the same address, there is the Spotify Duo subscription package. Your roommate can listen to her Metallica playlist while you listen to your Eminem playlist because you each have your own Spotify accounts.

spotify duo

The only thing you share with your friend is the plan; you don’t exchange login information. Your premium account will have a reduced monthly fee than if you had two separate Spotify premium accounts because you will be on the same plan.

The price for Spotify Duo is $12.99 USD per month, with comparable costs in other nations. Spotify will confirm that you and your co-member reside at the same address.

If you are joining a Duo account, you must reside with the primary account holder of the premium plan. You also need to already have a Spotify account in order to join up for Spotify Premium Duo.

How to Subscribe to Spotify Premium Duo?

You become the plan manager when you become Spotify Duo’s first user to join up. This means that you will be in charge of paying the subscription price, deciding where to send mail for the account, and having the final say over whether to add or delete the other member.

To start a Spotify Duo account:

  1. Check out

spotify duo

2. To begin, use the Get Started button.

3. Click the Buy Spotify Premium Duo button after filling out all the required information and verifying its accuracy.

spotify duo

After that, adhere to the instructions to invite your companion to your Spotify Duo plan.

If you wish to participate in the Duo plan but are not the plan manager, you must sign into your Spotify account or establish one if you don’t already have one.

By going to the Spotify Duo invitation page, the plan manager can invite you to Spotify Premium Duo. The invitation to join can come via WhatsApp or email. Following your sign-up, you will receive an email or a WhatsApp message with more instructions.

It takes only a few minutes to join up with Spotify Duo. You and your friend will start taking advantage of all the features the Duo plan has to offer in a matter of minutes. Additionally, Duo cancellation is free of charge.

Spotify problems, do you have any? Use these quick remedies for typical Spotify issues to iron out any hiccups before you sign up for Duo.

What Does the Spotify Premium Duo Plan Offer?

All of the standard features of Spotify are available with the Duo plan.

Make Your Own Awesome Playlists

You are free to compile your own playlists of any music you like and post them on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Skype, and Tumblr). You have the option of playing your songs in order or shuffling your playlist for a more random experience.

Follow Your Favorites

You can follow people on Spotify who have similar musical likes to you or your pals. This creates a social setting that any fan of music would enjoy being a part of.

Use Music Discovery to Find New Tunes

Based on your playlists and music preferences, Spotify will automatically suggest artists and songs you might like. Your “Discover Weekly” playlist, which is a weekly two-hour playlist formed from your past music choices, will also be created for you by the streaming service.

Enjoy Offline Music Access

You can download your playlists with Spotify Premium and listen to them anywhere. This allows you to access all of your favourite songs while travelling without using any of your mobile data.

On your phone or computer, download the following Spotify playlists:

Find the playlist you wish to download and open it. This function will utilise your mobile data unless you are connected to wifi.

spotify duo

Switch the toggle so it goes green if you see a switch labelled “Download.” The download of your playlist will take a few minutes.

Take as many listeners as you want to your playlist!

It’s a good method to get music on your phone without having to pay for each song. Check out this list of the top music download apps for Android and iOS if you want to test out another app that gives you access to your music offline on your smartphone.

spotify duo

Your favourite songs’ lyrics can be read and studied.

Genius and SoundHound have collaborations with Spotify for lyric websites. These enable the mobile application to display the lyrics for particular songs. To help you understand more about your favourite music, some songs even break down the meaning of the lyrics.

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Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth the Cost?

With the Premium Duo subscription package, Spotify is unquestionably presenting something new. You can connect with your buddy through your shared musical interests in addition to the standard benefits of a Spotify Premium account.

You will save some money each month by selecting the Premium Duo subscription option since one Spotify Premium account costs US$9.99/month. You can use the money you save on the premium plan savings on something else you enjoy doing.

Spotify Duo Is Music Streaming for Two Made Easy

Sharing music with someone you care about is affordable and enjoyable with Spotify Duo. whether your musical tastes are similar or diametrically opposed. Additionally, Spotify Duo allows you to take advantage of the best Spotify Premium features at a discounted price.

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