How To Use The Spotify Web Player? Master Your Basics Now!

spotify web player

Spotify is one of the most used services for streaming music and podcasts. The fact that the Spotify app is used by so many people is a big reason for this. It works on every kind of phone, tablet, computer, and web browser you can think of.

The good thing about the Spotify web player is that it works just like the Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop apps. You’ll need to keep the tab open if you want music to play in the background, which is the only thing it can’t do.

How To Launch The Spotify Web Player?

spotify web player

The Spotify web player is not just at, though you can find it there. The easiest way is to use a desktop web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari to go to

Technically, the web player works in some Android browsers, like Google Chrome. It also works on the iPhone and iPad in Safari. But the mobile web player isn’t as reliable as Spotify’s mobile apps, so you should use those if you can.

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How To Use The Spotify Web Player?

Using the Spotify web player is pretty much the same as using the desktop app.

Step 1: Use the “Search” tab in the left sidebar to find music and podcasts.

spotify web player

Step 2: Click “Create Playlist” in the left sidebar to make a playlist.

spotify web playerStep 3: From there, click the three-dot menu icon and choose “Edit Details.” Open the menu for any song and choose “Add to Playlist” to add it to the list.

spotify web player

Step 5: From the Search menu, go to “Made for You” to see all of the suggestions and playlists that have already been made for you.

spotify web player

How To Unblock the Spotify Web Player?

If your employer has blocked the apps or they are not available in your country, you can use the Spotify web player instead. If you want to use it or find content from other countries, you will still need to get around the geo-restriction.

A VPN is the best way to do that. A VPN just lets you connect to a server in a different place so it looks like you’re browsing the internet from there instead of where you actually are.

Today, you have a lot of great VPN options to choose from. Check out our list of the Best VPNs to find the right one for you. Don’t let anything get in the way of your Spotify music, whether you’re on the web or in the apps.

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