How to Check Spotify Wrapped from Previous Years?

Spotify Wrapped from Previous Years

The wrapped version of Spotify for 2022 will be released very soon, but how can you examine the wrapped versions from previous years?

The public has been expecting Spotify to reveal more information about the impending wrapped, but it appears that they will simply have to wait a bit longer.

You may be in good up to then because we have all the information on how to watch the previous years wrapped!

How to See Spotify Wrapped for Previous Years?

In 2016, Spotify Wrapped was created. Since then, individuals have had a chance to reflect on their musical preferences. Fortunately, there is a way for you to travel across time and examine the wrapping from earlier years.

Click here to check it for 2016. By clicking the link, you can see it for 2017 if you’d like. On this page, you can find the wrapped for 2018.

You may view your wrapped list for 2019 here. The 2020 songs are available at this URL, while 2021 finished can be accessed by hitting this link.

 Spotify Wrapped from Previous Years

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What We Know About 2022 Spotify Wrapped

Although we do not yet know the precise release date for this year’s wrapped, you will be happy to know that it is anticipated to appear at the start of December.

Although they have not officially verified any more specifics, the platform has been hinting at its arrival for quite some time.

The outlets stated: Wrapped is a comprehensive exploration of the podcasts and music that shaped your 2022. Keep listening to what you enjoy, and when it’s time, we’ll shout.

 Spotify Wrapped from Previous Years

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When Does Spotify Stop Tracking?

Spotify acknowledged on Twitter in 2019 that they stop tracking on October 31 each year. Additionally, this implies that this year’s feeds have already been recorded, negating any control people may have over them.

Since that time, Spotify has merely requested that customers listen to music while they wait. The company recently wrote in response to a social media user: “The only thing we end on Halloween is eating candy corn. We shall see you throughout the wrapped season if you stream (and munch) all year round.

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