5 Professional SQL Certifications to Boost Your Career in 2022!

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The value of professional SQL certification should go without saying if you are a technical expert, developer, data analyst, or database administrator.

One of the key abilities among technical experts used for database queries is Structured Query Language (SQL), also known as the acronym. In order to advance your career and increase your chances of success, a certification course may be helpful.

If you want to learn more about SQL, there are beginner-level to expert-level courses that you can enroll in. The objective is to learn fundamental database concepts, in-depth data analysis, database design, and business intelligence over the course of two weeks to six months.

Data analysts, database administrators, back-end developers, mobile app developers, machine learning experts, and data scientists are just a few of the additional skills that SQL can help people with. SQL can easily communicate with databases with technological uses.

The best option, though, is to be aware of the top SQL course certifications that can greatly advance your career and provide important knowledge of important database concepts.

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1 Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals

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Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals is a great place to start if you want to be an expert with cloud data. Introducing the fundamentals of key data concepts like big data, non-relational data, relational data, and analytics, aids in the development of a solid foundation.

The objective is to guarantee that the professional can have a fundamental comprehension of data tasks, roles, and responsibilities while obtaining a certification in order to obtain the ideal job.

Your career will get a boost and you’ll have access to technical opportunities involving Azure with the help of the certification. In order to strengthen Azure role-based certifications like Azure Data Engineer Associate, Database Administrator Associate, and Azure Developer Associate, to name a few, it is possible to master the fundamentals of data. A basic understanding of Azure data services and their concepts can be validated by the course.

2. AWS Certified Database – Specialty

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Start learning about AWS with the best AWS Certified Database – Specialty, then get ready for the test. The certification aids employers in finding candidates with the necessary abilities to support cloud initiative implementation.

Candidates who possess the AWS Certified Database certification can design, suggest, and maintain an ideal database for organizations. The exam can be completed in 180 minutes for a fee of $300 USD plus additional expenses.

There are 65 multiple-choice or multiple-response questions included. The following candidates are eligible to take the test:

  • Two years of knowledge and practical experience using relational, on-premises NoSQL databases powered by AWS.
  • Five years of expertise with database technologies.
  • The capacity to evaluate the fundamental requirements and recommend and design the ideal AWS database solutions.
  • Recognize and comprehend the essential components of the AWS database.
  • However, obtaining an AWS Certified Database is necessary for the passing score, exam content outline, and other information.

3. Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate

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With an Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate working on an Oracle Database server, you can gain a basic comprehension of basic SQL concepts. With the aid of the certification, candidates can learn how to update, insert, query, delete, and use data control and data definition languages. Additionally, it provides knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of the SQL language
  • Stories and indexes
  • The optimizer
  • Creating and modifying tables
  • data modeling
  • understanding of command-line interfaces
  • fundamental principles of computing

To receive the certificate, candidates must take and pass the Oracle Database SQL 1ZO-071 exam with a score of 63%.

4. Teradata Certification

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To learn SQL from beginner to expert level, obtain a Teradata certification. It provides candidates with in-depth knowledge of Teradata Vantage, including features and functionalities of machine learning, advanced SQL, and graph engines.

For all levels of experts, it is best to learn more about how to show off digital badges and increase competitive advantage.

Exams for Teradata Vantage 1 and Vantage 2 include:

  • Examining architecture
  • Developer Test
  • Associate Exam 2.3
  • Data Science Exam
  • System Architect
  • Associate Exam 2.3
  • Advanced Administrator Exam
  • Administration Test

It enables candidates to advance in their careers by providing better employment opportunities, salary increases, and market recognition. Candidates have access to two Vantage certification tracks, and if they already hold Teradata 14 certification, they can easily skip some of the Vantage 1 track exams.

5. The Administrator of MySQL 8.0, Oracle Certified Professional

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It is recommended to pass MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Exam Number: 1Z0-908 if you want to become an Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator.

Candidates may work on acquiring the necessary MySQL architecture knowledge. It assists in evaluating the extensive expertise of professionals, including MySQL database monitoring, security, and maintenance.

It is also possible to demonstrate using high availability techniques, backup implementation, query performance optimization, and recovering strategies. The experts need to have practical Oracle experience, covering key subjects like:

  • Secure the MySQL host environment
  • Configure MySQL Enterprise Firewall
  • Upgrade MySQL
  • Set up the cache and buffers.
  • How InnoDB stores data and logs
  • Launch numerous MySQL servers
  • control user and role permissions
  • Back up the binary log.
  • Set up multisource replication
  • The 30-minute exam is required to obtain the credentials of Oracle Certified Professionals.

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With the help of straightforward queries, SQL has developed into a universal programming language that can assist with database monitoring and tracking. The goal is to make sure that developers or experts can troubleshoot and address any issues.

It helps developers become more marketable, understand RDBMS better, and earn higher salaries. You might also want to find out more about SQL and NoSQL databases.

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