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What Is StepApp ($fitfi)?

A number of altcoin sector bull runs have been ushered in by the NFT economy. The domination of GameFi and metaverse products for the majority of 2021 has been the most notable of these. These sectors contain the assets that performed the best last year.

FitFi is the completion of a highly physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, using NFTs and geolocation technology. It sits at the nexus between making the physical and the digital. Step’s FitFi metaverse also has augmented reality for increased immersion.

Fitness Finance is a market economy where participants profit from the $100B fitness industry’s value creation. It is the web3 equivalent of online fitness tools and apps.


The Metaverse and GameFi market’s next combined frontier, Step App, is an expression of tangible experiences connected to the metaverse.

Many people’s lives include physical activity of any kind, including fitness. a blockchain product that makes use of everyday activity for many individuals at the height of cryptocurrency acceptance.

Get Step App to make working out socially and earning money fun. Build your step count by walking, jogging, or running to earn. Compete against friends or strangers, network locally or internationally, and take in the metaverse and your actual environment in a fresh, exciting way.

Step App’s products:

  • NFT & Digital Avatar combined with exercises in the fitness metaverse
  • Special Releases: Limited SNEAK Edition

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What Is the Project Trying to Achieve?


This app was developed by the protocol’s core team and is intended to accomplish a number of objectives: (1) become a mainstream FitFi app right out of the gate; (2) mass retail for Step Metaverse; and (3) create a vast network of fitness influencers and athletes who will serve as the app’s global brand ambassadors.

By ascending quickly and aggressively, Step has forced other teams and developers to view it as a partner in their success. Along with out-of-the-box technology, the ecosystem also offers a sizable user base, fitness advocates, and on-ramps.

An early sign-up promotion being offered by Step App gives users the chance to SNEAK (win) free NFTs. This is assisting the app’s pre-launch user growth by tens of thousands. Top athletes have also joined Step as the app’s worldwide fitness ambassadors.

Celebrities are delighted to be a part of this cryptocurrency movement since it promotes fitness and has a great social impact. The step also has excellent advisors, one of whom has successfully closed license transactions worth around $500 million.

To attract international fan bases of excellent intellectual property, we are using our network to buy intellectual property and brand rights from international firms.

What Is the Unique Selling Point?


The metrics are listed below from the whitepaper.

Buy-backs: FitFi tokens are purchased on the open market with 50% of play income.

Burns: Governance may decide to burn up to 50% of FitFi tokens that have been returned.

Staking Rewards: FitFi stakers can receive up to 50% of market-bought tokens.

Locks: Staked FitFi tokens have a 10-day cooling-off period for withdrawals, and doing so incurs a 12% fee on the initial stake.

LP tokens receive a 50% higher weight in staking rewards as a liquidity incentive.

As they don’t accept venture capital contributions, the Step App project also adhered to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) protocol’s goal of keeping the project as open-source as feasible.

The FitFi token is currently traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bybit, OKX, Bitget, etc.

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Gaming Economy

Revenue from the Project:

  • SNEAK for Users for Sale
  • Selling the skin for SNEAK
  • Fee exchanges on the marketplace

Technical Data

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Step App
  • Ticker: FITFI
  • Contract: 0x714f020c54cc9d104b6f4f6998c63ce2a31d1888
  • Decimal: 18
  • Blockchain: Avalanche C-Chain
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 FITFI
  • Circulating Supply: 250,000,000 FITFI

Token Allocation

  • Public Sale: 14% – 700,000,000 FITFI
  • Staking, Liquidity, MM, & Incentives: 25% – 1,000,000,000 FITFI
  • Team: 15% – 750,000,000 FITFI
  • Mining, Move to Earn: 30% – 1,500,000,000 FITFI
  • Marketing, Acquisitions & Licenses: 15% – 750,000,000 FITFI
  • Partners, Advisors, & Consultants: 6% – 300,000,000 FITFI

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