5 Things To Know About T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Before You Sign Up!

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t mobile 5g home internet review

You can be qualified for T-5G Mobile’s Home Internet plan if the company’s 5G network is available in your area. I’ll examine T-home Mobile’s internet package in-depth in this article to help you choose whether or not it’s appropriate for you.

I looked into the plan’s specifics to find out how much it costs, what speeds you can anticipate, where it’s probably available, any additional prices, and how it compares to other home internet plans of a similar nature.

Plan, Costs, and Comparisons for T-5 G Mobile’s Home Internet

Home internet choices are now widely available from cell phone service companies. T-Mobile, however, only offers one plan, in contrast to a majority of the competitors.

Through a router that transforms the signal to Wi-Fi, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet gives you access to fast 4G LTE or 5G service in your neighborhood. Even if you don’t have access to normal internet options, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet might be offered in your region since fixed wireless internet is typically targeted toward rural areas.

Switching to T-5G Mobile’s home internet service is now simpler than ever. T-Mobile Home Internet has a 15-day money-back trial period for new customers. To terminate service within 15 days of activation and receive a refund as a one-time bill credit, just return the gateway device.

T-Mobile is also prepared to help you cancel your current internet subscription by paying up to $500 in termination fees. The information is available on T-website. Mobile’s

You can learn more about T-5G Mobile’s Home Internet package below, including what to expect in terms of price, how to check for availability in your area, and how it contrasts with other wireless service providers’ equivalent offerings.

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Plan and Pricing

t mobile 5g home internet review

T-Mobile now only offers one home internet package, called T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. The same 4G LTE or 5G network that T-Mobile devices use is accessible through the fixed wireless service. Therefore, if you have a 5G T-Mobile phone connection at home, the home internet subscription should offer the same speed.

The monthly fee for the plan is $50 with autopay and $55 without. Although there is no discount for bundling the home internet service with a cellphone plan, T-home Mobile’s internet service is open to everyone. Most T-Mobile users have taxes included, according to the company’s website.

You can anticipate typical download speeds between 35-115 Mbps for $50 per month (with autopay). However, depending on the location, signal quality and availability, time of day, and other variables, speeds may differ.

The plan comes with 24/7 customer care from T-Customer Mobile’s Care Team and does not call for an annual service commitment.

Download Speeds

Customers of T-5G Mobile’s Home Internet will often see download rates of 35 to 115 Mbps, according to the company’s website. The speed predictions made by T-Mobile are based on an examination of both internal and external data; more details are available here.

Of all, even within the same area, speeds might differ significantly between homes. Weather, location, signal quality and availability, time of day, and more things can affect download speeds.

T-Mobile doesn’t currently provide speed-based price tiers, so you can’t buy a higher-speed plan. Customers instead automatically get the Home Internet service’s best speeds that are offered at their address. T-Mobile claims that subscribers will immediately receive faster speeds as soon as they become available, at no additional charge.

Fortunately, it might occur sooner rather than later. According to a recent Ookla research, T-5G Mobile’s network delivered the best availability and the fastest download speeds when compared to Verizon and AT&T.

Additionally, T-Mobile has added 10 million more households to its 5G Home Internet availability. Through the course of the year, I anticipate that T-5G Mobile’s network will continue to grow and advance for both wireless customers and home internet users. Customers of T-Mobile Home Internet may experience slower speeds when the network is busy because of data prioritization.

Customers should be able to anticipate full internet access and capabilities, notwithstanding the decreased data speeds. The service has no data caps, so you never have to be concerned about overage charges.


T-Mobile reported in April 2022 that more than 40 million homes nationwide already have access to 5G Home Internet. However, the majority of the United States is not even close to being covered by it.

T-5G Mobile’s network is still relatively new, and the company claims that it is actively being expanded. T-Mobile claims that their 5G Home Internet would eventually provide higher download speeds and availability in more places.

Check to see if T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is offered in your area before you spend too much time investigating it. On T-website, Mobile enter your address for the quickest result.

According to T-most Mobile’s recent list, 5G Home Internet is accessible in hundreds of cities and towns throughout the 48 states. The complete list is available here. To ensure sure service is accessible at your home, you need still to input your precise address on T-website Mobile even if your town is displayed.

Consider utilizing the 15-day test drive offer if T-Mobile Home Internet is offered at your home. You may test out T-Mobile 5G Home Internet with a money-back guarantee before switching from your current internet provider to see if it will work for you.

Contracts and Additional Fees

t mobile 5g home internet review

T-Mobile offers a flat monthly charge of $50 with no yearly commitments, data limits, or other costs. You can be confident that there isn’t an annual contract because of the information on T-website. Mobile’s Instead, you’ll just pay a monthly fee for your home internet connection. Anytime you choose, you can end the agreement without paying early termination fees.

I checked the T-Mobile Home Internet FAQ page to learn more about additional hidden fees and taxes. Here’s what I discovered:

“The majority of T-Mobile Home Internet users either have Home Internet as their only line of service or are on tax-inclusive phone plans. This indicates that the cost of home internet includes regulatory fees. Customers with voice plans that are tax-exclusive must also pay regulatory fees in addition to the $50 after-autopay rate.

With T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, you won’t have to be concerned about equipment rental costs in addition to taxes and fees for eligible accounts. You will receive a free 5G Gateway that combines the functions of a router and modem, which you must return when you discontinue your service.

You won’t have to pay any setup fees or installation costs because you can install the Gateway device yourself for free. T-website Mobile claims that the procedure is simple and only needs about 15 minutes.

How It Compares

I evaluated a handful of the most well-liked choices to see how T-Mobile 5G Home Internet fared in comparison to comparable deals provided by other phone providers.

You may find fixed wireless internet options from T-Mobile 5G Home, Verizon LTE Home, Verizon 5G Home, AT&T Fixed Wireless, UScellular, as well as more traditional home internet services from Verizon Fios and AT&T Fiber in the table below.

Prices in the table above include reductions for using autopay and for currently having a cell phone plan with the provider (if applicable).

As you can see, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet’s average download speeds aren’t the fastest. If regular internet isn’t offered in your location, 35-115 Mbps is unquestionably preferable to nothing. Additionally, your speeds can be faster than anticipated. In the first quarter of 2022, T-5G Mobile’s network provided noticeably faster download speeds than those of Verizon or AT&T, according to a recent Ookla research.

T-Mobile is more expensive (and possibly faster) than AT&T Fixed Wireless and UScellular, but it’s also twice as expensive as Verizon LTE Home or Verizon 5G Home. T-Mobile 5G Home Internet also doesn’t have any data limits or equipment rental/setup costs, unlike the latter two of those options.

Naturally, the availability of these plans in your location will have the most impact on how they compare. Before you spend too much time contrasting plans, it’s crucial to enter your address on each company’s website because certain service availability may differ from one home to the next, even within the same neighborhood.

Once you are aware of the options in your address, take into account the download speeds, data allotments, and, of course, the overall cost.

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Lastly, Should You Upgrade to T-Mobile 5 G Home Internet?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet can be a wonderful choice for you if you live in a remote place without access to traditional internet options or if you want to reduce your monthly costs by switching to a fixed wireless service.

Check out what’s available at your address to get started. Start comparing the costs and download speeds of each plan after that.

If you’re considering utilizing T-Mobile 5G Home internet, consider the following:

  • Does your neighborhood offer T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?
  • Can you survive on decreased data rates?
  • Have you compared the costs of the different plans in your area?

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet might be a good option for you if you can affirmatively respond to each of these questions.

Although the average data speeds provided by a fixed wireless service like this will be lower than those of regular internet plans, if it’s the best or only offers available at your home (or if you don’t require really fast download speeds), it can be the ideal package for you.

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