Tabs on Android Browser: Learn how To Arrange and Group Your Tabs in Chrome!

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tabs on android browser

When using Google Chrome, one of the first things everybody discovers is that tabs appear to increase. For the majority of us, opening new tabs is like breathing; whether we’re conscious of it or not, it just happens.

You may wonder if there is a better method to organise your browser when you have so many open tabs that you can hardly read the text next to each symbol. Fortunately for you, grouping tabs in Chrome is possible.

The Quick Response

Right-Click a Tab and Choose Add Tab to New Group from The Context Menu in Google Chrome (desktop) to Begin a New Tab Group.

On a Mobile Device, Touch the Tabs Button in The Top Right to Group Chrome Tabs. Any Tab Can Be Grouped with Another Tab by Long-Pressing It and Dragging It Over It. to Construct the Tab Group, Release It.

tabs on android browser

Things Can Quickly Spiral out Of Control with Google Chrome if You Aren’t Actively Monitoring Your Open Tabs. This Applies to Both Your Computer’s Chrome Web Browser and The Google Chrome App on Your Android or Os Smartphone.

A Google Chrome Version in 2020 Introduced a Brand-New Function Called Tab Groups. in Essence, This Enables You to Arrange Tab Groups in A Useful, User-Friendly Manner. You Have the Option to Move Chrome Tabs in And out Of Groups, as well as Give Each Tab Group a Unique Name and Colour.

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How to Organise Tabs Into Groups in Chrome (Desktop)

tabs on android browser

The Best Approach to Manage Your Browsing on Google Chrome Right Now Is to Group Your Tabs. to Do This, You Must First Create a Tab Group and Then Add Other Tabs to It.

  • Starting a New Tab Group in Chrome.
  • Right-Click Any Active Tab and Select Add Tab to a New Group to Begin a New Tab Group.
  • Enter a Name for The Tab Group in The Name This Group Field, Then Select a Colour for The Group by Clicking One of The Coloured Circles Below.
  • Incorporating Tabs Into Your Tab Group

  • You Can Include More Tabs in The Group After It Has Been Started. You Have the Option of Adding Already-Opened Tabs or Brand-New Tabs to The Group.
  • Right-Click the Tab Group and Select New Tab in Group from The Context Menu if You Want to Add a Fresh Tab to The Group. the Group’s New Tab Will Be Opened as A Result.
  • Right-Click the Tab You Wish to Add to The Group if It Is Already Open Add It to The Group.
  • Place Your Cursor on The Add Tab to Group Option. Click on The Name of The Tab Group You Want to Add It to From the Extended Menu.

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How to Group Tabs on The Chrome Mobile App?

tabs on android browser

  • Before You Begin, Make Sure Your Google Chrome App Is Updated to The Most Recent Version and That Your Android Version Is Current.


  • Tap the Tabs Button in The Top Right Corner of The Google Chrome Mobile App After It Is Open.


  • After That, Click the Top Right Button. Choose Group Tabs from The Dropdown that Follows.


  • The Top Right of Each Tab Will Have an Empty Circle. by Touching the Empty Circles to Select the Tabs You Want to Group, They Will Be Highlighted and Checked Off.


  • When finished, Tap Group in The Top Right.


  • A Quick Method for Aggregating Chrome Tabs on Mobile


  • Press the Tabs Button in The Top Right Corner of Google Chrome when It Is Open on Your Phone.


  • Now, Long-Press (press and Hold) One of The Tabs You Want to Group on The Tabs Screen.

Drag the Tab You Wish to Group with Another Tab While Holding It in Place. Release the Tab to Drop It Into Your New Tab Group when A Larger Box Appears Around Both Tabs.

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