The Top 5 Mac Apps for Downloading and Installing TeamViewer!

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Remote access has become more popular among organizations as a practical means of off-site support and virtual meetings, particularly in the wake of the current pandemic. With its all-in-one solution that can be easily installed and updated, TeamViewer has become a well-liked professional option for remote administration.

While it has benefits like remote printing, desktop sharing, and simple file transfers from online storage services like OneDrive and Google Drive, it also has some drawbacks such as proxies that are limited and potentially slow file transfers.

It could be overwhelming to choose the remote access software that best matches your needs nowadays given the wide range of accessible paid and free options.

With its integration of remote assistance, remote work, and distance learning, SolarWinds® Dameware® Remote Everywhere, a potent competitor to TeamViewer, offers what I consider to be one of the most comprehensive solutions available on the market. In addition, we provide eight additional remote access software choices to assist you in finding the best TeamViewer substitute for the needs and size of your business.

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  • Dameware Remote Everywhere
  • Dameware Remote Support
  • Mikogo
  • Ammyy Admin
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

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Remote Access Isn’t Going Anywhere

Remote Access Has Been Around for A While, Even Though Many Businesses only Lately Started Implementing a Work-From-Home Policy as A Result of The Epidemic. Users Can Connect to Devices and Access Files on A Network Remotely, as The Name of The Technology Suggests.

Tools Like Team Viewer and Its Variants Go a Step Further by Enabling Users to Connect to The Devices Remotely and Control Them as Has Traditionally Been Done with Remote Support.

For years, Companies Have Relied on Remote Support as A Go-To Method of Providing 24/7 Quick Response Times. More People than Only the Customers Gain from Remote Desktop Access. Additionally, Businesses Benefit from Being Able to Serve Consumers’ Demands Almost Anywhere Around the World for Less Money on Labor.

Today, It’s Even More Common to Establish a Reliable Remote Desktop Connection. According to A Recent Study, Approximately 80% of Organizations are Asked to Aim to Continue Offering Some Form of Remote Work in The Post-Pandemic Future. Employing a Remote Access Strategy Gives Businesses a Great Deal of Flexibility in Terms of Staff Cooperation and Productivity.

They May Eliminate Silos, Recruit Top People from Anywhere in The World and Encourage Cooperation Among Teams and Regions.

The Best Remote Access Alternatives to Team Viewers

The List that Follows Should Help You Choose a Team Viewer Alternative that Is Appropriate for Your Needs, Whether the Focus Is Holding Online Meetings with Several Participants or Intricate Remote Administration.

these Five Solutions Encompass Basically What Team Viewer Provides and More, from Free Editions to Free Trials. Businesses Must Comprehend how To Maintain a Productive Work Atmosphere Outside of The Usual Office Setting as More Workers Work from Home.

1. Dameware Remote Everywhere

team viewer download

Dameware Remote Everywhere (dre), a Cloud-Based System, Connects to Workstations Often in Less than Eight Seconds and Has Encryption Measures to Assist in Protecting Data During the Connection. Dre’s Security Features Alone Place the Program as A Potent Team Viewer Substitute with Two-Factor Authentication and Multi-Level Permissions.

Quickly Connect to Any Desktop or Mobile Device Running Windows, Mac Os X, or Linux via Remote Access—either Attended or Unattended Access. During a Remote Desktop Session, Dre Users Can Also Take Screenshots and Make Video Recordings.

For Further Troubleshooting, This Reporting Feature Can Be Saved to A File and Uploaded to The Cloud. Additionally, Dre Gives It Specialists the Ability to Reboot Uncooperative Machines Using Intel v Pro with Amt, Wake-On-Lan, and Kvm without Having to Wait for The End User to Be Present.

Voice Conferencing, Pre-Session or In-Session User Conversations, and Multi-Window Toggling to Operate Multiple Sessions at Once Are Further Capabilities of Remote Desktops. Through the Software’s Ad Administration Tool, Administrators May Also Add Users to Active Directory (ad) and Assign Them Specific Permissions.

Although Dre Is Not a Free Alternative to Team Viewer, It Gives a 14-Day Trial so That Customers May Evaluate how Complete, Strong, and Secure It Is.

2. Dameware Remote Support

team viewer download

Dameware Remote Support (DRS), an On-Premises Software, Interacts with An Infinite Number of End Users Across Linux, Windows, or Mac Os X for Slightly Different Use Cases than Dre. Over the Internet or A Lan, Secure Remote Connections Can Be Made.

The Software Simplifies the Windows Administration Process by Giving Users Access to Reboot Computers, the Ability to Inspect and Clear Event Logs, and The Ability to Move or Remove Files.

Remote Management of Active Directory Environments Is Facilitated by Built-In Remote Admin Tools, Which Also Provide Remote Support via iOs and Android Devices at Any Time, from Any Location. Drs’s Partially Remote System, Which Employs System Tools to Troubleshoot Issues on A Device without Needing to Start a Complete Remote-Control Session on The Host, Is One of Its Unique Features.

It Also Enables Connection with A Support Desk and The Widespread Distribution of Agents to Devices. Drs Also Provides Control of User Accounts and Permissions.

3. Mikogo

team viewer download


On the Majority of Common Operating Systems, Mikogo Works Immediately in The Browser without The Need for Download or Installation, Saving Both Enterprises and End Users Time. It Has All the Essential Elements of An Effective Online Meeting Tool, Including Chat Capabilities, Interactive Whiteboard Features, Recording and Playback Tools, and More.

Teams of Up to 25 Persons Can Access a Computer at Once Using the Mikogo Html Viewer, and Admin Responsibilities Can Be Changed Quickly and Efficiently.

Mikogo Makes Virtual Meetings Simple with High-Quality Vo Ip and Teleconferencing Lines for Many Nations. the Ability to Handle up To Four Screens and A Data Transfer Capability that Allows Users to Securely Communicate and Exchange Sensitive Files up To 200 Mb Would Be Appreciated by Users.

4. Ammyy Admin

team viewer download

Users Can Quickly and Easily Share a Remote Desktop or Manage a Server with Zero Configuration Needed. Simple Security Features Are Provided by The Absence of Complex Firewall or Network Configurations, and Each User Is Given a Unique Id to Prevent Unwanted Admission.

Ammyy Admin Is a Straightforward yet Capable Multi-Tasking Team Viewer Substitute that You Can Use Anywhere, at Any Time, and Is Ideal for Remote System Administration, Distance Learning, Remote Help, and Data Isolation.

This Remote Desktop Software, Which Is Free for Personal Use, Supports Basic Chat Features as Well as Direct Data Transfer. Unfortunately, Full-Screen Mode Is Not Supported.

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5. Chrome Remote Desktop

team viewer download

Chrome Remote Desktop Functions as A Browser Extension for The Google Chrome Web Browser and Is Arguably the Most Basic and Easiest Alternative to Team Viewer on This List.

To Access It, You’ll Need a Google Account, but Because Many People Already Have a Gmail Address, This Shouldn’t Be a Major Barrier. on The P Cs You Want Access To, Just Add the Extension to The Browser, and You’ll Have Immediate Remote Control Over an HTTPS Connection.

Although This Chrome Extension is free to use, there are restrictions as with most “you get what you pay for” situations. Unfortunately, Chrome Remote Desktop is not the best remote access solution if you’re searching for features like screen-sharing, video conferencing, and chat.

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