The Top 5 Wireless iPhone Chargers to Purchase in 2022!

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best wireless charger for iphone

Apple is notorious for showing up late to events, therefore wireless charging capabilities were also not included until after Android devices had been around for a while. Fortunately, the tech giant relied on the Qi standard, which is the most commonly adopted one for wireless charging.

Maybe you’re wondering what all of this implies. Due to the widespread acceptance of the Qi wireless charging standard, numerous manufacturers have already introduced their wireless chargers for iPhones.

It is safe to claim that wireless technology is the future because there are already rumours that Apple aims to equip its iPhones without ports in the future. Because of this, we have put together a list of the top iPhone wireless chargers that you should take a look at today.

What Is a Wireless Charger?

Let’s First Examine What a Wireless Charger Is and How It Functions Before Examining the Top Wireless Chargers for iPhone in 2021. Don’t Worry; I’ll Keep It Straightforward and Prevent You from Regretting Neglecting Physics in School.

Your iPhone Has a Wireless Charging Coil that Enables Wireless Charging. a Coil Is Also Present in A Wireless Charger. the Circuit Closes and Wireless Charging Starts when You Place Your iPhone on A Wireless Charger and Line up The Coils.

best wireless charger for iphone

You Don’t Necessarily Need to Spend More Money on Peripherals with Quicker Charging Rates Because Apple Has Limited the Wireless Charging Speed of iPhones to 7.5 W.

Mag Safe Is Also Supported by More Recent iPhone Models, Including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Series. with Mag Safe, a Strong Connection Is Made Between the Wireless Charger and The iPhone by Properly Aligning the Coils, Which Leads to Quicker Wireless Charging Rates.

There Are Many Different Third-Party Magnetic Chargers (MagSafe Chargers) that You May Buy in Addition to Apple’s Proprietary Magsafe Charger. in This Essay, We Shall Discuss Them All.

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Best Wireless iPhone Charging Pads

1. Anker Powerwave Pad

best wireless charger for iphone


When It Comes to Making Chargers, Anker Is One of The Oldest and Most Seasoned Companies. the Business Offers a Wireless Charging Pad Called the Powerwave Pad. All iPhones that Can Be Charged Wirelessly Are Supported by This Qi-Certified Pad, Which Can Charge iPhones at A Maximum of 7.5 W (as Opposed to Up to 20 W with Wired Charging).

Additionally, You May Charge Your Airpods Pro Using the Wireless Charger. Although the Pad Is Charged via A Micro-USB Cable Rather than A USB-C Connector, This Should Not Be a Deal-Breaker for The Majority of Users. My iPhone 13 Mini Swiftly Charged Me with Up to 7.5 Watts in Either Landscape or Portrait Configuration, Despite Having a Very Thick Cover on It.

There Are Three Official Colour Choices for The Anker Powerwave Pad: Black, White, and Navy Blue. the Ac Adapter Is Not Included; if You Do Not Already Own One, You Might Need to Buy It Separately.

2. Yootech Wireless Charger for iPhone

best wireless charger for iphone

Are You Trying to Find a Stylish and Modern Wireless Charger? if So, You Ought to Look at Yootech’s iPhone Charging Pad.

This One Has a USB Type-C Port as Opposed to The Anker Powerwave Pad’s Micro-USB Port. Android devices May Be Charged at 10 W and iPhones at 7.5 W Using This Charger. Furthermore, Yootech Asserts that Smart Protection Technology Gives Your Smartphone Improved Temperature Control, Surge Protection, and Short-Circuit Protection.

There Are Numerous Colour Possibilities for The Charger. the Straightforward Alternative Is to Go with A Black Colour Scheme or A Black and Blue Mix. if You Like Red and Black, the Charger Is Also Available in That Colour Scheme.

3. Tozo W3 Mini

best wireless charger for iphone

The Tozo W3 Small Is an Intriguing Option and Is the Following Wireless Charging Pad on The List. Many Users Would Appreciate the Charger’s Simplicity and Minimalism, Which It Appears to Have.

Additionally, It Has Led Indicator Lights that Make Different Parts of The Charger Easier to Understand. for Instance, a Blue Light Indicates that A Gadget Is Actively Charging, and A Green Light Indicates that The Charger Is Ready for Use. This Charger Can Charge Android Devices up To 10 W and iPhones Up To 7.5 W, Much Like the Other Ones on The List.

Officially Offered in Six Different Colours, the Wireless Charger May Be Purchased With A $4 Discount Using the Amazon Coupon.

4. Spigen Wireless Charger for iPhone

best wireless charger for iphone

One of The Most Well-Known Companies for Producing Accessories for Our Cellphones Is Spigen. the Company Is Renowned for The High Calibre of The Goods It Produces and The Selection It Provides to Consumers.

Because of This, It Would Be Lacking in A Wireless Chargers Article if We Left out Spigen. the Cable that Is Included Is Where the Spigen Universe Begins. While Most Manufacturers only Have a Type-A on One End of The Cable, This One Has Type-C on Both Ends.

The Type-C End Can so Easily Be Plugged Into Your Apple Adaptor, Which Apple Does Not Supply (nor Does Spigen with The Charger).

The Charger Is Advertised as A Quick 15 W Wireless Charger, but That Is only True for Android Devices Since iPhones Can only Receive 7.5 W of Power. Additionally, at $25, You Do Spend a Little Bit More than Its Competitors.

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5. Belkin True Freedom Pro

best wireless charger for iphone

Imagine Leaving Your iPhone on A Wireless Charger at 1% in The Evening and Waking up To Find It Completely Dead. how Is that Even Doable? Because the Gadget Was Not Correctly Aligned with The Coil, Charging Never Began, Which Affects Many Users.

The Belkin True Freedom Pro Seeks to Permanently Fix This Wireless Charging Issue. According to The Manufacturer, the Wireless Charger Has Numerous Coils that Enable Full Surface Charging. Technically Speaking, This Implies that Your iPhone Will Begin Charging Regardless of Where You Set It Down on The Pad.

However, You Are only Permitted to Use the Pad with Two Devices at Once. in Order to Avoid the Smartphone and Pad from Overheating, Charging Will Not Take Place if a third device (such as the Apple Watch or an AirPods Pro) is accidentally placed on the pad.

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