The Top 7 TV Shows to Stream in September on Apple TV+

best apple tv shows

1. Acapulco (2021–)

best apple tv shows

the curls the swimwear in neon. Acapulco is an ’80s fever dream soaked in hot pink and vibrant green, with the resort crooners singing a Spanish interpretation of “Walking on Sunshine.” An older, rich Máximo tells his nephew about his early years as an entry-level employee at a posh Mexican hotel in (you guessed it) Acapulco in a frame narrative a la How I Met Your Mother.

The hilarious sitcom follows Máximo and his team as they con the resort’s affluent American visitors while attempting to improve their own lives. This is a fantastic program to check out if you purchased an Apple TV+ membership for the soccer juggernaut and are searching for similar content to watch in the timeless, feel-good style of Ted Lasso.

2. The Afterparty (2022–)

You need to look no further than this eight-episode whodunit if you want to see a STACKED ensemble of comedians working out. Sam Richardson from Veep, Ben Schwartz from Parks and Recreation, Jamie Demetriou from Fleabag, Ilana Glazer from Broad City, and Ike Barinholtz from Blockers all appear as partygoers who become suspects in murder after Dave Franco’s pop star-actor Xavier is killed at the afterparty of his high school reunion.

Tiffany Haddish and John Early from Search Party portray the detectives who are looking into the crime. The fact that this program is produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the team behind Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, would be enough to convince me to watch it, but in addition, each episode focuses on a different suspect and is shot in a different movie’s aesthetic. a love story.

An action movie in the vein of Fast and the Furious. a movie from a black-and-white arthouse. a musical comparable to Hamilton. The plot is revitalized and gives the characters a brand-new perspective in each episode. Really vibrant and delicious.

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3. *Bad Sisters (2022—)

best apple tv shows

Big Little Lies is it. If Irish ladies were the subject of Big Little Lies. And they were all sisters. The show, from the deliciously funny Sharon Horgan (who stole scenes in Game Night and starred in the underrated queer masterpiece Dating Amber), follows five sisters in the wake of the death of their terrible brother-in-law.

However, no one dressed up as Audrey Hepburn (although one of them does have an eye patch, so I guess that’s sort of like Reese’s sleeping mask?) Did he pass away naturally? extremely unlikely But it’s unclear how he passed away and who, if anyone, will be held accountable.

The breakout star of Good Luck to You Leo Grande, Daryl McCormack, portrays an investigator from a life insurance firm who is looking into the tragedy, and Sex Education’s Anne-Marie Duff is flawless as the teary widow.

It’s a bubbly comedy mystery that will grab your attention and hold it throughout the crazy adventure. And did you know that bones can be found in corpses? Yep. That’s something I discovered through the program, and it’s only one of many benefits of watching.

4. Big Conn (2022)

best apple tv shows

If you’re anything like me, just hearing the words “Social Security disability claims” almost puts you to sleep. Therefore, if you had told me I’d be fixated on my television for a four-part documentary on the topic, I’d have responded, “As if.”

Nevertheless, Scamageddon has just received its most captivating series about a seasoned con artist who defrauded the American government of millions of dollars through Social Security checks. Eric C. Conn is a larger-than-life character (similar to Joe Exotic, but without the tigers) who practiced law in Kentucky before being discovered defrauding the government of money.

With only four episodes, the narrative is a good, quick weekend binge. It’s fascinating. It also gave me the confidence to advocate for Conn’s “one week off a month, but maybe two if I feel like it” vacation policy.

5. Black Bird (2022–)

best apple tv shows

All of us have watched a lot of jail sagas. Living inside a prison, escaping from prison, or having a relationship with a prisoner Hell, in Prison Break, inmates were breaking into facilities solely to escape. This is a novel kind of jail narrative that is based on actual occasions.

James Keene, played by Taron Egerton, is an athlete-turned-drug dealer-turned-inmate who was approached by federal agents in an effort to coax a confession from a fellow prisoner in order to receive a lesser sentence.

Despite Keene’s smooth-talking appeal, he rapidly finds that this mission might be riskier than he anticipated because the other prisoner, Larry Hall, is a serial killer played by Paul Walter Hauser. Due to the late superstar Ray Liotta portraying Egerton’s father, the real crime program is given an emotional lift (who also happens to be in prison). Every time he appeared on screen, I started to cry a little.

6. Defending Jacob (2020)

best apple tv shows


Yeah, yeah, yeah. The one thing you don’t want to show up in the evidence if you’re an assistant district attorney looking into a schoolboy’s murder is the possibility that your own kid committed the crime. However, this Apple TV+ miniseries illustrates the point.

Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, portrays the father of the ADA/Jacob, who must now defend his potentially homicidal son (played by his Knives Out costar Jaeden Martell).

Jacob’s mother is portrayed by my Lady Mary, Michelle Dockery, and I’d like to remark that all three of these outstanding actresses deserved a lot more recognition from the awards community than they really received. With a compelling narrative, they are turning in outstanding performances. Please and thank you, let’s pass around some Emmy nominations.

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7. Dickinson (2019–21)

best apple tv shows

Since she was a hermit, you probably haven’t seen Emily Dickinson much, but here is her like you’ve never seen her before. With its bonnets, corsets, and sideburns, this witty comedy may be set in the 1800s, but the characters could not be more contemporary.

The anachronistic comedy, which is entering its third and final season, imparts current sensibilities to characters like Edgar Allan Poe and Louisa May Alcott and has them talk about historical subjects with a contemporary slant, like the plot of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House.

While her parents want to marry her off, Emily (played by Academy Award contender Hailee Steinfeld) is no longer a recluse. Instead, she is harboring romantic feelings for her best friend, Sue, and navigating the New England social scene. Reading “I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain” was a vastly different but equally delightful experience (in a very different way).

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