Thop TV: Free Live-TV And Video Streaming App, Is Thop TV Legal? [Detailed Overview]

Thop TV is essentially an IPTV that can be used to stream live TV and download movies and series. Thoptv’s IPTV and content delivery network (CDN) allow customers to stream and download material in their desired format and quality.

There is a video streaming app (app) that provides access to more than 3,000 TV stations for no charge. In order to view any of these TV stations, you do not have to register or even log into the app.

Numerous platforms, including Windows and Android, may run the software. If you have a Smart TV or Firestick, you can use this. To find out if installing Thoptv is safe, read the information provided in this guide.

Is ThopTV legit?

Thop TV

In order for ThopTV to be listed on the Google Play Store, it must be a legitimate application. Even said, the original version of the program can be installed on any device, even Android TVs. Despite this, Third-party APK files may be tampered with to include malware that could expose your device to a variety of risks.

Before installing an APK, be sure it has been scanned for viruses or other harmful code.

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What Are the Advantages and Downsides of Each?


  1. The premium version is required for downloading, However, there is no charge for the content itself.
  2. The premium material like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hotstar can also be seen for free.
  3. More than 3000 live streaming channels are available.
  4. To download content, you must sign in to this app; however, viewing content does not require any form of registration.


  1. Copyright Infringement is illegal so ThopTV might be shut down at any time.
  2. It now has a lot of advertisements.
  3. There are a lot of flaws and frequent errors.
  4. Malicious codes such as trojan horses can be found in this software.
  5. Get permissions you don’t need to get

Is The Thop TV Safe?

Thop TV

That said, Thop TV has some security and privacy vulnerabilities that you have to compromise on. Thop TV requests for unneeded permissions such as contact, location, camera, and accessibility permissions, all of which are not necessary.

Because of these loopholes and extra permissions, this app does not appear in the Play Store. Aside from not having a valid license, this program runs illegally as well.

Anything worth having comes at a cost; there are no freebies in this life! In this instance, you’re sacrificing your privacy.

For the past six months, I’ve been using this app to follow live cricket matches. However, when the program requests access permission, I have to remove the app.

Without reading the terms and conditions of any app, the app can get complete control of your device if you grant it permission.

Your confidential information will be compromised for the sake of a small gain from the app’s developer.

If you open the app, you won’t discover a privacy policy or disclaimer page, terms, and conditions page. I don’t think it’s open to scrutiny.

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Is There a Substitute For Thop TV?

Yes, there are various alternatives to Thop TV, such as couch tuner, which is a movie streaming website.

It’s recommended that you utilize the apps listed below at your own risk.

A few Thop TV-like applications include these:

  1. Show Box (Available on The Play Store)
  2. Tea TV
  3. Playbox HD
  4. megaboxHDc
  5. Cyber Flix TV