3 Ways to Transfer Files Between an iPhone and a Mac!

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You can’t avoid doing this on a daily basis, especially with the development of technology. Perhaps you require additional memory for your iPhone or you merely desire a backup of your files.

It’s excellent to know that all of these tasks can be completed quickly if you need to move data from your iPhone to your Mac or want to know where your iPhone backup files are kept on your Mac.

How can I transfer files from my iPhone to my Mac without using iTunes? These have all been made possible by Mac computers, which have exceptional performance capabilities. You can copy files from an iPhone to a Mac in a variety of methods with only a few clicks, and vice versa.

Choosing apps that operate as efficiently as possible is the better choice. We’ll look at the top three methods for moving files from an iPhone to a Mac.

Part 1: Using MobileTrans to transfer data from an iPhone to a Mac

Part 2: Instructions for using AirDrop to send files from an iPhone to a Mac

Part 3: Using iCloud to move files from an iPhone to a Mac

Part 1. How To Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac with Mobile Trans

transfer file between iphone and mac

MobileTrans is an effective solution that functions well with all Android and iPhone smartphones. It contains functions for retrieving files from backups, transferring files between phones, and much more.

This alternative will undoubtedly provide you with a solution if you have been wondering how to transfer files from a Mac to an iPhone without using iTunes.

Step 1. Download MobileTrans and Connect iPhone Mac

A USB cable can be used for this. The computer will identify a new device once it is attached. To choose the transfer option, use the MobileTrans program.

Step 2. Select the files you need to transfer

You may view all the files stored on your iPhone after completing this step. Accessing iPhone files on a Mac has been made simple by MobileTrans because the whole list will be filled in. Choose the specific files you want to transfer to Mac.

Step 3. Start Transfer

To start the transfer procedure and enable the transfer of your files to a Mac, click the “Start” button. Then, if you want to save them for later extraction on your Mac, you can. The files will soon be backed up to Mac.

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Part 2. How To Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac with AirDrop

transfer file between iphone and mac

Another excellent method to use when transferring or copying files from an iPhone to a Mac is through the usage of this Apple technology. Your iPhone must be awake in order for AirDrop to function at its peak. File transfers from one device to another or from one Mac to another may be done quite easily using this.

Step 1. Activate AirDrop on your iOS device

From the command center, this is accomplished. The menu for activation airdrop settings is accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Open up the Airdrop. You should also be able to choose whether to accept transfers solely from contacts or from everyone by doing this:

To access Control Center > AirDrop > Select Contacts Only or Everyone, slide up from the bottom. then pick a few files, maybe some pictures. When you transmit a photo or file, the recipient’s device will show as “Sent” in your AirDrop row.

Part 3. How To Transfer Files from iPhone to Mac with iCloud

transfer file between iphone and mac

For all of your iOS devices, iCloud serves as an online storage service.

You could argue that iCloud is a potent application that backs up your data and contacts and allows for direct syncing to Macs using the same Apple ID.

Step 1. Open iCloud on iPhone

Activate the following on your iPhone: Open Settings, choose iCloud, then click Turn On iCloud.

Step 2. Open iCloud on Mac

Open system preferences on your Mac, select iCloud, ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled and checked in the Desktop and document folders, and then click Done.

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It has been beneficial to learn how to view iPhone files on a Mac rather than a Windows computer. This is because Mac offers more features and is more compatible overall. This is the reason why, as long as you select the best transfer methods, it is now simple to move data from an iPhone to a Mac and vice versa.

In addition to these top three methods, there are a plethora of different ways to move files from your Mac to your iPhone and put them all back where they belong. These include copying files utilizing Walter, Emai, Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, and other services.

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