Twitter Is Shutting TweetDeck for Mac in Favor of Its Online Interface!

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Every day, new tools are created to make life simpler for internet users. In addition to monitoring hundreds of accounts, digital marketers and social media experts may need to manage ten.

One of the many apps that can be very helpful for managing various social media platforms is TweetDeck. This post will save your day by introducing you to what TweetDeck can accomplish if you are just starting out in social media marketing.

What Is TweetDeck?

One of the most used social media management tools by both individuals and companies is TweetDeck. It used to support Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well, however, at the moment it just supports Twitter accounts. As stated on Twitter, it serves as “your own browser for staying informed of what’s occurring right now.”

Since TweetDeck is a browser-based application, there is no need to download or install it. It is created specifically to assist in managing more than one account. The ability to add an infinite number of accounts without having to log out and move to another one is therefore its most crucial feature.

All tweets, mentions, and direct messages from various accounts may be monitored simultaneously and in one location. You can also decide which account should be the default one.

You can select the account you want to send your tweet from by highlighting it from the list of accounts you added when you wish to tweet. If you’d like, you can send tweets from multiple accounts.

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How to Log in To TweetDeck?


Getting started with TweetDeck is easy. All you really need to get started is a Twitter account. The second item you need is a browser because the web tool is browser-based. Visit after opening a browser to find the login page.

You may access the TweetDeck dashboard by simply logging in with your Twitter username and password; you should be directed there automatically. The social media management tool is not only simple to use, but it is also freely available to everyone.

There are four distinct columns in this panel: home, notifications, messages, and activities. Your typical tweet stream would appear in the home column if you were using the standard Twitter browser. It will display everyone you follow along with any new tweets they have posted.

All interactions can be found in the notifications panel. This displays information about followers, likes, and even retweets of your tweets.

The following column displays all of your direct messages, and the last feed is activity, which displays a continuous stream of all of your followers’ activities. You must navigate to the accounts settings in the side control panel on the left in order to add an account to TweetDeck. You can enter information about other accounts here for TweetDeck.

The first account can be given administrative control over all other accounts added to TweetDeck. Additionally, you can add new people to the “team” without revealing the account passwords. For organizations and enterprises like ProfileTree, this is fantastic.

The TweetDeck Columns

The numerous column kinds you can add to your TweetDeck dashboard are listed below, and they can all be beneficial in different ways. When you add single message columns for certain accounts in TweetDeck, you can view columns from all connected accounts on your dashboard if you have numerous accounts connected to TweetDeck.

Many of them are simple to comprehend; for example, the home column links you to the timeline of your Twitter feed. You will see all of the posts from people you follow, etc., here.

Notifications provide notifications of all new likes, follows, and retweets for your content. While some elements may be unfamiliar to users, other sections like Messages, Likes, Followers, and Search are very self-explanatory.


For the accounts you want to monitor, you can make different lists. You can group them into various lists and give them titles, whether they are accounts that belong to your rivals or ones that inspire you because of their excellent content. To ensure you don’t miss any significant tweets, this column will display all tweets from the persons on your contact list.


You can create a timeline of tweets you hand-selected and want to share with others by setting up a collection column. A chronology of memes, significant articles, and much more can be saved. It could be for amusement, for the job, or for personal reasons.


You may view a complete list of everything that occurs with you and your followers/following on Twitter in the activity column. It is typical to see comments, likes, and retweets on your posts from your followers. Here, you may keep track of certain users and their posts while also seeing what other people are doing.


The user column resembles the home column, but it updates with information from your personal Twitter account. Here, all of your tweets and retweets will be displayed in chronological order. This stream is relatively simple because it only focuses on your actions.


You can decide whether to display tweets about you from one single account or from all of them. TweetDeck automatically replies with the account that was mentioned if you select all accounts to be shown.

Any social media manager is aware of the importance of knowing what is being said about their company and who is saying it. You can stay up to date on the conversation surrounding your company thanks to this tool.


Even when you are not online, you can plan tweets to be sent at a specified time and date using this tool. If you administer accounts for viewers in a different time zone than you, this feature can be especially useful. While completing other duties or away from your desk, you can continue to stay active, which will help with the overall organization.

Here, it would be wise to pay attention to when you receive the most retweets or likes and constantly plan your tweets accordingly. You do not want to miss the prime period of the timeline.

A trending column is used to keep track of the most recent and well-liked subjects discussed on Twitter. It’s a terrific spot to join the global popular topics’ bandwagons. Participating in these discussions also increases the likelihood that more people will see your tweet, particularly if you utilize the popular hashtag.

How to Add a Column to TweetDeck?


On Tweet Deck, You Can Add Extra Columns to Display in Addition to The Default Four. for Messages, Followers, Scheduled Tweets, and Many Other Things, You Can Add a Column. These Ultimately Greatly Simplify a User’s Experience on The Site.

Simply Select the Addition Icon at The Left-Hand Bottom of The Control Panel to Add a Column (this Can Be Seen in The Image Below). the Feature You Want to Add to Your Dashboard to Increase Accessibility Can Then Be Selected.

You Now Have a General Understanding of Tweet Deck and How It Can Make Managing Many Twitter Accounts Easier. Take Full Advantage of The Features; They Have Been Carefully Thought out To Provide You With A Professional Twitter Experience.

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Tweet Deck Is a Tool that Makes It Easy for You to Keep an Eye on A Variety of Twitter Accounts. The Application Tweet Deck Might Be What You’re Looking for If You Handle Social Media. the Browser Is Also for You if You’re a Small Business Owner Attempting to Market Your Startup on Twitter.

TweetDeck Is Designed for Everyone, Including Those Who Are Very Active on Twitter to Support a Cause or Advertise Their Site.

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