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You are aware of the size of video clips if you work in the social media marketing or create videos. You require a lot of storage whether you’re saving videos as a backup or posting them to media sites like YouTube.

You can utilise programmes for compressing films to conserve this storage space without sacrificing the quality of your videos. Let’s grasp the advantages of utilising a video compressor before we start our selection of video compressors.

What Is a Video Compressor?

video compressor

Video compressors are pieces of software made to cut down on the number of bits required to display a video without sacrificing quality. Depending on your needs, you can utilise these tools online or offline.

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Benefits of using Video Compressors:


You’ll save up a lot of storage space on your smartphone because video compressors shrink the size of your video files.

Quick Transfer:

Compared to huge files, smaller video files can be sent utilising a variety of sharing sites.


Although the quality of the video may not be significantly affected, video compressors reduce the size of the video file. However, depending on the level of compression needed, many tools offer choices to alter the video quality.

Video Format:

You may convert videos from one format to another without losing quality with the use of video compressors. The fact that several platforms and gadgets support video formats like MP4 makes it useful. MKV, for example.

Fast Loading:

Your website cannot have any 50Mb videos because doing so will slow down page load times and harm SEO. Small-sized videos on websites load quickly, and you can use video compressors to shrink the size of the video.

After learning about the advantages of video compression tools, read on for our selection of the top video compressors.


video compressor

For Windows and Mac users, VideoProc is a simple-to-use video compressor utility for compressing HD, SD, 3D, and 4K videos without sacrificing video quality. It enables you to achieve 90% compression with just 2% quality loss.


  1. More than 420 video output formats are supported by VideoProc.
  2. advanced video editing tools to remove extraneous video segments.
  3. It has features for screen recording, extracting subtitles, and extracting music.
  4. Support for a variety of widely used audio and video encoders, including MP4, MPG4, MOV, and OGA.
  5. To compress tiny files, download the free version of VideoProc. A lifetime licence with a tonne of video editing features is also available.

Wondershare UniConverter

video compressor

One of the best video programmes for compressing videos and converting, editing, and burning DVDs is Wondershare Uniconverter. You can use their free programme to compress or convert files that are less than 100MB in size before deciding whether to upgrade to their commercial version.


  1. unrestricted file upload solution that works across platforms.
  2. function for video conversion and compression in one click.
  3. It supports more than 1000 formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, and MOV.
  4. includes a screen and webcam recorder that is simple to use.
  5. You are only able to convert a third of the video’s duration and record for a short period of time using their free trial edition. If you’re a skilled video editor, you might want to think about their everlasting plan.

Last Cut Pro X

video compressor

Apple specifically created the Final Cut Pro X compressor as a video compressor for Mac users. You may download compressed videos in high-resolution formats like HDR, HEVC, and many more. It is strong and provides a wide range of editing options.


  1. Export videos with ease in high-quality formats including 4k, 360, HEVC, and HDR.
  2. multiple camera support.
  3. features for editing 360-degree 3D videos.
  4. Final Cut Pro X is the ideal tool for video compression and editing if you use a Mac.


video compressor

You can quickly compress mp4, Mkv, MOV, and many other video formats with the internet programme Veed.io. Since it is a cloud-based platform, both Windows and Mac users can utilise it.


  1. Videos can be compressed online without the need to download any software.
  2. a tool that is independent of platforms and supports the newest video formats.
  3. Filters, bitrate, CRG, and resolution compression settings.
  4. Features for free text and subtitle encoding.
  5. You can compress videos that are under 10 minutes and 250MB in size with the free version. If you’re a frequent user, you can choose one of their paid plans since they have a monthly fee schedule.


video compressor

One of the greatest offline video compressors you can discover is Handbrake, which is free and open-sourced. All popular video file types can be compressed, and you can even convert them to HD quality formats like 4k, BlueRay, etc.


  1. Presets for devices are already built in and are versatile.
  2. advanced video filters including scaling, cropping, Edgecomb, and colourspace.
  3. Popular video file formats like MP4, MKV, and WebM are supported.
  4. Encoding videos at a constant quality or average bitrate.
  5. A free programme with adequate video editing tools is Handbrake. Additionally, it runs on both Mac OS and Windows.

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Are you unsure of which video compressor is best for you now that you are aware of the top ones on the market?

Professional video creators should choose versatile video software like Adobe Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro. Any online video compressor from the list above can be used to simply compress a few video files.

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