6 Strategies To Increase Battery Life On Windows 10 Laptops 2022!

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ways to save battery on windows laptop

When looking for a new laptop, battery life is an important consideration. The truth is that your battery life will eventually run out, regardless of whether you choose a high-end or mid-range model, especially if you don’t properly care for it.

When you have a deadline to fulfill and your adaptor is miles away, nothing is more frustrating than having your laptop die on you owing to poor battery life. What if, though, you could extend the number of hours your laptop can run on a single charge?

Here are a few quick techniques to increase the amount of time your laptop may be left unplugged.

1. Always Monitor Your Battery Health

You’ll need a new battery once your current one has aged. Monitoring your battery’s health is the only way to determine its age. You can clearly see what’s happening with your laptop by keeping track of the health of your battery.

To check your battery level on a MacBook, click the battery symbol while pressing and holding the option key. When a device displays a “service battery” or “replace now” message, it is operating significantly below its potential.

You can find out how many charging cycles your battery has gone through by going to the power tab. You may determine how many cycles are left by comparing the cycle count value of your laptop to the rated maximum listed on the manufacturer’s website.

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2. Close Power Draining Apps When Not in Use

ways to save battery on windows laptop

Some programs and operations are significant battery hogs and can quickly deplete your battery. Even though you might not be using some of these processes directly, they are draining your battery in the background.

To discover which apps are using their batteries the most aggressively, Windows users can launch a battery saver by typing “battery saver” into the search box. These are frequently the earlier-opened background applications like Adobe Reader or Spotify. Close any apps on the list that you aren’t using if you notice they are consuming the majority of your battery life.

Click startup in the task manager to view the processes. You’ll see a list of the applications that run as soon as your computer boots up. Any that you don’t use frequently can be disabled as they merely use up your battery.

Select “Login Items” under Users and Groups for Mac users. You should see a list of the apps that launch automatically when your Mac turns on and use battery power in the background.

3. Check Your RAM

Did you know that your battery life might be impacted by the size of your RAM? A faster processing speed and less strain on the hard drive with more RAM will both prolong battery life.

As an alternative, you might switch to a solid-state drive from your hard drive (SSD). In comparison to a hard disc drive, an SSD uses flash memory and uses less power. Additionally, you’ll have quicker access to data and a faster-running system, both of which will increase the lifespan of your laptop’s battery.

4. Close Unused Tabs

Make careful to close any tabs that aren’t being used. The battery life of web browsers like Chrome and Firefox is significantly reduced when many tabs are active. A less power-hungry browser like Microsoft Edge, which features a sleeping mode for browser tabs to conserve battery, is another option.

5. Reduce the Number of Full Discharges

ways to save battery on windows laptop

Reduce the number of full discharges or the number of times your battery is completely discharged, which is another strategy to conserve battery that most people are unaware of.

Every battery has a certain number of charge cycles, therefore letting it charge and discharge entirely each time merely has the effect of hastening the deterioration process.

People frequently drain batteries, which shortens their lifespan. A few instances of clearing your laptop are acceptable, but doing so frequently is overkill. Completely depleting the batteries eventually prohibits them from charging. Make every effort to reduce those full discharges.

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6. Cool It Down

Any laptop’s worst enemy is heated. It not only has an impact on the battery’s short-term performance, but it also shortens the battery’s lifespan. Consider purchasing a cooling pad to keep your laptop from overheating while in use.

An excessive amount of thermal shutdowns can quickly harm the health of your battery if you let your laptop get too hot. The circumstances of storage also apply here. Avoid leaving your laptop in a warm car.

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