What Happens When You Block Someone on Discord?

Unknown users pinging you on Discord might turn your perfect experience into a nightmare. Direct communication is possible with people on the Discord servers you frequent. Despite the benefits of interacting with community members, some users may irritate you with their constant messaging. On Discord, it’s simple to ban these users. This is what occurs on Discord when you block someone.

What happens when you block someone on Discord?

A couple of things happen right away when you block someone:

The individual will be deleted if they are on your list of friends.

All of this person’s communications will be buried if you share a server with them.

As an aside, messages sent by someone can still be seen by selecting the Blocked Messages tab in the mobile app or clicking the Show message button on your laptop after they have been hidden.

The “Blocked Messages” tab is highlighted in the Discord mobile app.

Anytime you block someone, you can always access their communications.

It will also be impossible for that user to notify you via “pinging” or @mentioning your username on shared servers.

You can still see when you’re online and read your messages even if someone has blocked you.

A user who has been blocked will not get an alert or notification from you. When they attempt to message you, they will be met with a generic error message indicating that they can only receive messages from friends.

How do you block someone On Discord?

Using Discord on a PC or mobile device, you can ban users.

Using the PC or Mac app

what happens when you block someone on discord

Choose Block from the menu that shows when you right-click the name of the person you want to block. Click Block in the pop-up to confirm your selection.

The “Block” option is emphasized in the Discord desktop software.

Select “Block” from the pop-up menu.

A quick tip: Right-click someone’s name in the Discord desktop software and choose Unblock to remove their block.

On the apps for Android and iPhone

When the menu appears, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner after tapping the user’s profile image. When it shows up, tap Block.

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In the voice channel, what happens to a blocked user?

The person you’ve blocked on Discord won’t be muted if you and they end up in the same voice channel.

They can still hear you and communicate with you. If you would like to cut off all communication, you should think about leaving any voice channels that you both participate in.