What Is Android System WebView and What Does It Do?

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what is android system webview

A key component of Android that makes it simple for apps to display web content is WebView. But anything may go wrong. What you should know about WebView is as follows.

Android System WebView is frequently one of the main offenders when various Android apps crash for no apparent reason. This is because many Android apps make use of this component. What is the Android System WebView from Google, what does it accomplish, and why is it so crucial?

What Is Android System WebView?

What Does Android System WebView Do?

A system component called Android System WebView enables Android apps to show web material without launching a separate browser. In other words, Android System WebView is an embedded web browser or web browser engine specifically designed to display web information for apps.

Android System WebView is powered by Chrome, a widely used browser from Google.

Most Android smartphones come with the Android System WebView software already installed. Every developer that uses it to generate online content inside their program will be able to do so without being informed about potential compatibility difficulties.

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What Does Android System WebView Do?

Many Android apps, such as Gmail, Twitter, or Reddit apps, typically show online information. Through the Android System WebView, Google has made it simple for developers to render internet information in their apps.

The time that would have been spent programming hundreds or even thousands of lines of code from scratch is now saved by Android developers. Instead, all they need to do is add a few lines of WebView library code, and they are ready to render web content inside their programs. How awesome!

Is It Safe to Disable Android System WebView?

No. And the quick answer to the question “do I need Android System WebView?” is “yes.” Even if WebView isn’t as integral to Android as it once was, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still helpful. With Android 10, Google decoupled WebView from the core OS. Despite the perception that it is not necessary because it is a distinct app, it is.

There is one exception, though. On Android 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0, you can disable Android System WebView without it having a negative impact. Chrome served as the primary engine for operations involving WebView on these Android versions. It is safe to leave WebView enabled on both older and newer Android versions.

WebView can be disabled, however, you cannot remove the application. Remember that some Android apps may perform worse if WebView is disabled.

Similarly, if WebView contains a flaw, any Android app that uses the component would malfunction.

There is generally little need for concern with Android System WebView, unless your apps are crashing, of course, as it is neither spyware nor bloatware.

How to Resolve WebView System Crashes on Android

Numerous Android apps crashing simultaneously is uncommon. However, if you encounter this, there’s a good likelihood that WebView is to blame. Here is how to fix the issue if your Android apps are crashing.

1. Update the Android System WebView App and Chrome

The first thing you ought to do is upgrade Chrome and Android System WebView. Google updated the System WebView app in March 2021, which caused all Android apps utilizing the component to fail suddenly. Fortunately, a subsequent update fixed the problem.

How to update Android System WebView is as follows:

  1. Visit the Play Store page for the Android System WebView app.
  2. You are already using the most recent version of WebView if you see Uninstall. Tap Update if it appears to update your app.
  3. Restart the computer.

what is android system webviewwhat is android system webview

Clearing Google Play storage will help if the manual update fails to finish, which is a possibility on Android 10 and 11.

Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Play Store > Storage & cache > Clear storage to accomplish this. These actions could differ slightly depending on the device. After doing that, manually update Android System WebView by doing the procedures listed above.

To make sure you’re using the most recent version of the browser, you should also update Google Chrome.

Continue reading if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

2. Uninstall WebView and/or Chrome Updates

WebView updates can be uninstalled to resolve the issue. Uninstalling could be helpful if you recently upgraded System WebView and/or Chrome and noticed that multiple programs started to break as a result.

  1. Visit the Play Store page for the Android System WebView app.
  2. To uninstall WebView updates, tap Uninstall.
  3. Restart the computer.

what is android system webviewwhat is android system webview

For Google Chrome, you ought to take the same action.

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Fix Crashing Apps on Android

Most software contains bugs. Apps on Android can crash right after you launch them. Update Google Chrome and Android System WebView first. If the problem still exists, consider removing Chrome updates or the Android System WebView.

One of the many Android issues you could experience that is reasonably simple to fix is apps that crash.

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