What Is Cross-Platform App Development & Its Significance?

In today’s world, when mobile technology is continuously getting advanced, it needs businesses to think properly to gain a competitive edge. These days, we spend more time on mobiles to browse the internet, watch videos and purchase things. Therefore, businesses require creating mobile applications that are compatible with different Operating systems to ensure that they are able to get the attention of a growing customer base. Cross-platform app developmentis getting increasingly popular as it ensures creation of mobile applications that can run seamlessly on different operating systems.

The continuous change in lifestyles has led to making mobile devices increasingly popular. Over 67.1% of the world’s population uses mobile devices. Everybody has a smartphone or tablet from where they browse their requirements. According to a survey, both Android and iOS platforms hold a huge 99.22% of the market. Therefore, creating cross-platform mobile applications From a successful SaaS product development company would be a significant investment to get into the competitive market.

However, there are businesses that think of investing in hybrid applications where the developers create particular mobile apps for specific operating systems. Even though it is equally beneficial, choosing cross-platform app development has a multitude of benefits for organizations. In this guide, we will take a look into cross-platform development And some of the major advantages of why this approach has become increasingly popular among businesses.

What does cross-platform app development mean?

Cross-platform applications are those developments that enable developers to seamlessly create mobile applications. The one thing that differs is that these mobile applications can work seamlessly in different operating systems like iOS and Android. So, rather than creating separate applications for different platforms, businesses can seamlessly choose a company that specializes in cross-platform app development to ensure success. This is especially beneficial for those projects that are in the discovery stage.

Hence, for cross-platform applications, developers will only require creating code once and can make use of these codes multiple times. Therefore, the entire process of creating such mobile applications becomes much more efficient and faster. When choosing a SaaS product development company for developing cross-platform applications, it is important to make proper research work. Remember that developing these apps needs to make use of proper technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It helps companies to seamlessly create mobile applications that run on different devices without spending much.

What is the difference between native and cross-platform application processes?

Mobile applications can be developed in major ways, namely cross-platform and native app development. Each process has its own set of pros and cons. So, it is important that you choose an approach efficiently. Depending on your requirements and understanding the advantages will help you to eventually decide on the right approach.

Native mobile applications are those which are typically developed for one specific platform. These applications will only work perfectly on those platforms but will not be able to work on others. Hence, companies require separate applications for iOS and Android, which means two development teams are required to have knowledge of separate operating systems.

However, cross-platform app development is one that works seamlessly on different operating systems. It becomes more efficient in terms of reducing development time and maintaining affordable costs.

What are the benefits of choosing cross-platform applications?

Companies that have recently stepped into the market and are not ready to invest a huge amount initially can choose a reliable SaaS product development companyto complete their app development. However, before you decide on choosing cross-platform applications, let us take a look into some of the most common advantages of these applications.

  • Improved market reach: One of the first and most important benefits of choosing cross-platform development is that it helps businesses reach a broader number of customers. As this is one application that can be accessed from different platforms like iOS, Android, and the Web, it has the ability to reach more potential customers. Therefore, it can increase the market presence Without spending a huge amount.
  • Less investment in development: Unlike native apps, where you are required to create two different apps for different platforms like Android and iOS, cross-platform development is not the same. It can greatly reduce the cost of app development, as creating one app will help you reach customers from both platforms. Therefore, all you need is to invest in one development team and continue creating a high-end cross-platform application.
  • Reusable codes: One of the major reasons why cross-platform applications are able to become the finest choice is that they can be completed seamlessly within the timeframe. With cross-platform app development, developers can use similar codes multiple times. Therefore, it reduces the overall time spent and creates a great application.


While there are drawbacks and benefits for everything for businesses who are going to start, nothing can be better than choosing cross-platform app development to reach a broader audience in less time. Choose a reliable company to create high end applications and increase your reach.