What Is Tap Tap App? Is Tap Tap Better Than Google Play Store?

Google does not exist in China. Although I’m sure that comes as no surprise to the majority of you, there are still a lot of individuals who find it difficult to imagine traveling to China and being utterly unable to access YouTube. I know, it’s crazy, especially with Android being by far the most popular smartphone OS in China.

But just because the Google Play Store and Google are synonymous with Android doesn’t imply China needs or even likes Google. They pulled an Epic long ago and said, “Forget that, we’re building our own storefronts.”

There are many Chinese-specific apps and shops available in China, like TapTap for downloading new apps and games, QQ and WeChat for payments, and AliPay for instant chat. Who needs Google and the monopolies of the West, huh? China, on the other hand, doesn’t, and TapTap is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about mobile game life without Google.

So what happens if you stop using Google and start using TapTap instead? I did some research, and my story of suffering is true.

How To Get Tap Tap?

What Is Tap Tap App

Even just installing TapTap will be more difficult than what you are accustomed to when arriving through Google Play. For starters, TapTap isn’t available on Google Play; you’ll need to get an alternate.apk file. Already, we are in a somewhat dubious area.

I, therefore, Google TapTap. Give me a break; I’m not exactly going to trust Bing with this. I know, I know, if I were in China, I couldn’t do this.

The first result is TapTap.com, which looks interesting and has a download button at the top of the page. Not at all awful. Then Chrome flashes a red screen, alerting me that I’m about to damage my gadget, right after that. It didn’t look as familiar as I’d like for the.apk to download from, so I trust Chrome and back out.

Consequently, I choose to download the TapTap app from UpToDown, another external app shop, I assume. Honestly, even when an app is region-locked, I’m not used to having to go through so many hurdles.

But ultimately, I succeed, download TapTap, and when I launch the app, everything is functional. I presume success.

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Utilizing Tap Tap

What Is Tap Tap App

I had a lot of expectations for TapTap. It was typical first-time app use stuff: a tonne of apps I had never heard of, a few more Chinese characters than I could reasonably understand, and an initially perplexing design. I didn’t anticipate that TapTap would offer some social features that I would like on any other platform.

When you click through to any game in the shop, you can see screenshots and gameplay videos that the TapTap community has submitted. This is similar to how they share screenshots and achievements on current consoles before posting them to Twitter or YouTube. Since I’ve never seen this on a mobile device, it’s nice.

Why Tap Tap?

What Is Tap Tap App

TapTap does, however, succeed in presenting a strong case for itself in spite of the problems. For certain publishers and developers, the Google Play Store can be constrictive, whereas TapTap gives creators access to a completely different market.

Additionally, the little details are amazing. A lot like Miiverse, if I were truly into a game, I wouldn’t need to go join a community Discord or fiddle with the in-game chat and community settings; instead, I would just click onto TapTap, check at my most recent applications, upload videos, and screenshots, and speak with ease.

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There is also the issue of language. We’ve already mentioned that you’ll see a lot of Chinese characters even if your app is set to English. But it’s not only those problems and system warnings; the community as a whole is, of course, largely Chinese, and many of the comments you’ll see will be in that language.

Now, this might be a great tool for language learning. Along with a sizable online Chinese community, TapTap’s community is one of the few sites you can easily visit if you are already learning and need some practical reading experience. On Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you won’t find the same folks.

However, that is a remote possibility, and if you’re just searching for a convenient location to download games, it isn’t the best option for non-Chinese speakers. Storefronts like TapTap provide an intriguing and maybe great community experience to go with your games, but unless you can simply join in and connect with that community, it’s all for nothing.